24 laps to come around Interlagos on this Saturday, afternoon. Its lights out and away. We go. Bottas does get away well, Verstappen is moving over to cover him, but I think Bottas is away and into the lead. Into Turn. 1 goes Valtteri Bottas ahead of Verstappen on the inside. There is Carlos Sainz ahead of Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc. And then the McLaren, under pressure from Pierre Gasly., Lando Norris, going wheel to wheel with Gasly, and we see Yuki Tsunoda ahead of Antonio Giovinazzi.. Already Hamilton has made up four places., But so has Carlos Sainz. Also on those soft tyres and Verstappen goes wide comes back on in front of his team mate.. The soft tyres were brilliant away from the line. And Verstappen getting a hefty hit over the kerb. As he came back onto the track., So Bottas leads then from Sainz. Then Verstappen and then Perez then comes Leclerc, Norris, Gasly, Esteban Ocon and then Vettel ahead of Ricciardo, who has dropped back a few places. As we can see what happened down at Turn, 1 locking up Kimi Raikkonen on the inside was his team mate. They probably made contact the Alfa Romeos sent Kimi facing the wrong way., Who was it That was Antonio. With DRS? Here comes Max Verstappen looking to make a move on car number 55 Carlos Sainz, and that is a move that he makes with great aplomb into Turn. 1. Max Verstappen up into second place now chasing after Valtteri Bottas, here goes Hamilton on Tsunoda.

This is a battle for 13th place Hamiltons made. It goes right. The way around the outside. Im watching Hamilton on the main straight with DRS, I think, into Turn 1. Lewis Hamilton has got past Fernando Alonso.. That Martin is a crucial move for him.. There goes Lando Norris birthday boy, putting on the show with Charles Leclerc, going into Turn 1 Leclerc defends mightily against Lando Norris through the Senna Ss.. That Ferrari is sliding all over the place.. That will give Norris hope then that he can get him going into Turn. 4. Leclerc moves over to the left. Lando Norris stays exactly where he is. Leclerc tries to cut him off. Lando Norris has already moved past. And thats a super battle going on there. Lando Norris up to fifth.. Look how hes almost pushing the McLaren across the line. As they do cross the line. Theyre wheel to wheel at the moment, Hamiltons ahead by a car length. Hamilton on lap 13 finally gets ahead of Daniel Ricciardo.. Now hes into the top ten. Hamilton is gaining, as you can see. On Pierre Gasly gets a lovely, slipstream gets DRS as well powers past the AlphaTauri of Gasly, and now he is up into 7th place. Were on lap 17 of this race.. The Ferrari no match for Hamilton. Little unsteady into the braking zone into Turn 4.. But that is a very good sight for fans of Lewis Hamilton.. There goes the rear wing open of Lewis Hamilton.

Hes a long way. Back. Itll be a big lunge from there. And hes going to try and make that lunge, And he does make that lunge down the inside Lewis Hamilton. That is the best move of the lot. Hamilton on Lando Norris, the crowd, absolutely love that.. You can hear the cheers ringing out of your TV set.. They appreciate good racing at Interlagos. They got it right. There. Bottas is going to pick up pole position for the Sao Paulo Grand Prix.. He wins the Saturday Sprint Mercedes pick up three points. Verstappen the Championship leader extends his Championship, lead by picking up two points for second place. As Sainz finishes. Third Perez. Fourth, and that is a mega sprint drive from Lewis Hamilton to come home in fifth place. Pole. In Brazil Well done Valtteri., the tyres were kind of dead.. It was just the right amount of laps. Great job, Valtteri. Great job. Bottas will take pole. Verstappen will be alongside him. Hamilton, will start 10th on the grid.. Hes never won from 10th.