They just see green numbers. They hear stories of a hundred x. They think that, just by throwing money around, they can land themselves in the opportunity of a lifetime, because their buddys buddy did it and well they heard about it. A lot on twitter. The reality of crypto is that there are dire mistakes that everybody makes here, and the hope of this episode is that i can prevent some of you. I know i cant do it for all of you, but at least for some of you. I hope i can prevent you from making these horrible mistakes that will leave you wrecked. First of all, this is the number one mistake you can do, which is failing to do your own research, dyor isnt, just a motto, its, not just a rule. Dyor is a lifestyle, so just because you hear about something on twitter, just because you hear about something on youtube, just cause you hear about something from someone that is someone. You know someone you might even trust in the industry. The reality is, if you dont do your own research on it, then you are failing to do the rule number one that will prevent you from getting wrecked. Now. Here is a general guideline, not a law, because the reality is that really good tokens can pump and pump and pump some more if theres, a huge amount of momentum behind a project or theyre in a niche or they have a massive product coming up or theres.

Just something really big on the horizon, then something can continue to pump ad nauseum, and so this is more of a general guideline that you shouldnt be buying something just because it pumped the main takeaway of this rule is that you in general, want to buy the Red and sell the green now micro caps are the magic of crypto because they go 1000x gains. However, micro caps are also the ones that die and go to zero, and you can never get your money out. You should only be risking a small small amount of your portfolio in these types of assets, or at least thats. My strategy is that anything under 100 million dollars is a micro cap. Everything from 100 million to a billion is essentially a small to mid cap and everything over a billion is a large cap and then, of course, you have the majors. The micros have the potential to give astronomical gains, but they also come with a significant set of consequences in that as soon as bitcoin starts dipping or the bull market momentum fades, those will crumble to the tune of 90 95 or more so you need to know How risky the play is now, finally, selling your entire position or buying your entire position? Is this new rule? The reality is, is that most amazing moves in crypto happen in layers. You want to layer into things and layer out, and this is because its impossible to time the market, nobody knows when the ultimate top will be, and nobody knows when the ultimate bottom will be so layering in buys as you get lower and layering out cells.

As you get higher, knowing that you want to keep a little bit of those coins just in case just in case theres, another leg up in this bull run, you never know eth could go hit 10k. A lot of people will be selling there, but then it might just rock it right up to 20k kind of, like bitcoin did in 2017.. So for all the people who sold their entire positions at 10k, they would have missed that clean double up up to 20k and that stuff does and continues to happen. So understanding that you should be thinking incrementally im going to sell a certain percent at certain levels and keep laddering up and laddering down, essentially laddering your bias down and laddering yourselves up. That is the way to think about this, essentially hitting a one. Click sell on everything or a one click buy on everything is a very, very neanderthal way to go about buying and selling crypto. It usually leaves you without getting the best results. If youre able to avoid horrible mistakes, chances are over the long haul. Youll have an amazing experience here in crypto land today were going to be talking about the macro bullish catalyst for bitcoin here in q4 over the next few months, and i believe its going to set off a chain reaction of events for the entire market and that Of course gives massive massive opportunities to absolutely everyone. This is just getting started. This bull run is really really going to hit another leg, because weve just had a massive fundamental catalyst.

We have the price inflation jumping 8.6 in october, matching the largest year over year, increase on record so inflation, despite the fact that there is some talks around tapering. Inflation is very, very real, and this is, in my opinion, not a real judge of inflation. If we look at property prices, you look at the prices of things that you desperately need for your life property food, these types of things, education, inflation – is going crazy and uh. What we really know is that the money supply is getting weaker and weaker, and this is, as weve just had the approval of a over one trillion dollars in spending for the new infrastructure bill. So what we know for sure is that the macro landscape for bitcoin is absolutely ridiculously good. Does that mean that it guarantees that bitcoin will immediately jump up in price? No, what you need to understand is that a combination of on chain, metrics, external macro analysis, as well as just downright good old fashioned fomo, are going to be the things that propel bitcoin to new highs. However, if youve been following the story that weve been telling here, pointing to amazing, you know on chain metrics analysts like willy woo and specifically my new favorite or has been my favorite, which is will clemente, who really just distill, how important the dwindling supply of bitcoin On exchanges is to the macro bull structure of the market, the less bitcoin on exchanges, the more bitcoin into whale wallets or diamond handed wallets, whatever you want to call them.

That is the force that is making this particular moment so powerful. The on chain story being told just continually, gets more and more bullish and thats whats so exciting here, but its also worth understanding that this late stage of the bull run might very well be a sort of quick, fast, dirty big pump with a blow off top. If we keep grinding up one thousand dollars at a time over the course of the next four or five months, and we get to 100k at the end of december and then 120 by the end of february um, or something like that. That would be fine right. That would be totally fine and it feels quite, i guess, sustainable right – that trend if we go from 60k to 120k within a week, not fine, not sustainable, and probably time for you to really understand that were in the final act of this bull run. Most of the audience needs more than just generic hints and strategies, so today were going to be giving you a list of projects that i have invested into or plan to invest into in the next few weeks, and these are all gaming and metaverse projects. Now a core thesis of this channel is that gaming is taking over the internet and that crypto will take over gaming. Thus, the crypto gaming sector is one of the biggest potential gainers over the next several years. Do you know about sandbox its the closest thing to a real metaverse? We have um, we also have decentraland, but sandbox to me is the one that is going to hit more of a broad audience, because its really a controlled and curated digital experience.

Its more like a game than a metaverse right now, even though you can own land and do all these things im a big fan of the team over there at sandbox. As you can see, theyve had a massive jump in price, since the metaverse train really hit because of facebook. The reality is that this ones already at very high prices, so just understand uh. Just a few weeks ago it was at 73 cents now its at you know a couple of bucks. I understand there could be some retraces here, but in the end, sandbox is one of those where, if the market crashes pretty hard, this is one that i think is definitely going to have a nice recovery. Next, we have uh sidus here and cytus is actually a really interesting project. I met with the team and their whole focus on situs is creating browser game experiences that are as high fidelity as like unreal engine game experiences, and they were talking to me a lot about. Not only do they have like hundreds of people working on this project, which is actually crazy to hear, but they actually have been focused. A lot on the technology of having browser experiences be super high quality. With the goal of reaching, you know, places that might not have the newest uh devices and tech and tablets. So this is a very interesting thing because if they accomplish this and they have a sort of leading browser experience that can allow for emerging nations to really access and play the games, this could be a real, a sleeper here, theyre in pre release phase.

So they will have an ido again if you dont get in these things can probably over pump. So the way to play this one is probably to wait for a massive dip after release and then get in at that point. Next we have this one. Also doesnt have a token yet im meeting with the team pretty soon to get a more in depth analysis, but i know becca really likes this one and it does kind of feel like their art is a little unique. They went for this sort of shader approach to their art and it does look like the gameplay is a little bit of a cut above the others. Again, i havent played it myself um, but this ones on my list of something im sizing up to potentially invest into in the near future, uh, depending on what options are available. Next, we have phantom galaxies uh. This is one that is actually part of the animoka family, so ive been talking with anamoka a lot about this one um. You can actually get a free nft just for connecting your wallet to the website, so this is a little bit of an alpha leak here that theyre gon na have a free, nft drop to anyone who connects their wallets. I actually went and connected all my wallets to this. So id get one each one of my wallets um a little cheeky, but you guys could probably do the same um and then what is kind of interesting here is again its kind of like a mecca space game here, im looking into investing into this one and Potentially advising it as well and finally, immutable x is something worth looking at here.

This is one, of course, that is still on its early sort of fomo wave from ido. As you can see it hit like a 10 billion fully diluted. I happen to be working with the immutablex team and i have some visibility into some of the partnerships they have coming up, and you know the tick tock thing is very emblematic of what they have going on uh. These guys launched the tiktok nfts theyre, a scalable layer, two built on zk rollups here in the crypto space, and so essentially they allow you to have ethereum based nfts, with no gas uh. No gas fees theres a lot of potential blue chip stuff coming through immutable x and, of course, big projects like tick tock, so um keep your eyes on immutable x again. I would let this thing settle out still because its still coming off of this uh sort of fomo, wave and kind of bouncing around uh, who knows where this could go um its already quite expensive, but keep your eye on it if theres a dip.