Today we are going to be diving into dayton arena and exactly why. I think fate and arena has absolute massive potential as a mobile, ios android and a desktop game, a moba battle, royale game. That already has the infrastructure of a successful game that has been on the google play store well get into everything you need to know about dayton arena and their upcoming game launch one week from today on november 20th, lets go ahead and get into it and lets Not waste time in this video, if you are new to the channel, be sure to drop down and hit that subscribe. Button were coming out with brand new crypto gaming and all coin videos here every single day on the channel, and we just hit 25 000 subs. Today, i cannot, i mean, were growing at an absolutely rapid rate and i cannot thank yall enough uh for the absolutely massive support uh that has been shown on the channel and be sure to like the video. If you enjoyed the video and if you are bullish on crypto gaming, just like i am so lets, go ahead and get into it quickly. Uh last night we went over guild, uh good games guild again and we covered it at three dollars. We covered it at five dollars and here it is at seven dollars and its still around a ten million dollar market cap, and why is it only a ten million dollar market cap youre asking uh when it has a 700 million dollar market cap diluted, theres only 1.

29 million tokens in circulation theres not a lot of tokens in circulation, the tokens in circulation times price is the market cap uh. So right now. This is why this is such a low cap project and these tokens dont unlock until january 11th. You can ask the team themselves, they say the next token unlock is january 11th. A lot of people are asking about the diluted market cap on good games guild. I think this has a long way to go because of the low supply and the eventual high demand, especially if this gets listed anywhere else. Uh good games guild is going to fly d race. I always its always an undervalue. If you look at the all time chart it just it just goes in swings guys. So if this thing dips buy up d race, i keep telling you every time it dips that d race is a value, buy its up 15 today and theres a lot of other horse racing platforms popping up as well, and these horse racing platforms, these peg axes And i think theres one called oli sport, um theyre, not like animoka brands, is backing d race uh. I will be backing with d race, the amount of legitimate backers they have with mintable chain link, ac capital, ac capital, au21 hill rise ventures; reblock. They have a ton of legit investors and their niche market and everything going with uh. This project is absolutely bullish and d race is my horse from the race uh that i am definitely backing, and i am big time invested in to d race and then, as again, you can see here top animoka brands projects d race, firmly in the midst game.

Swap once again, uh up 15, today 3.70 41 million dollar market cap and, like i said they have an in game asset announcement coming up as far as what project is on their marketplace and theyve been previewing games, theyve been previewing assets weaponry so very bullish on Game swap and its still very undervalued at 41 million dollar market cap uh, it did pump recently with the metaverse pump. We told you about game swap at one dollar uh. A lot of people say you talk about coins that are pumped no. I dont. I tell you about these coins early go watch the channel uh. We got into plenty of these very early uh. We got in here on like a 11 million dollar market cap, one dollar at 3x and now were sitting at 3.69 above a 3x uh and right now its still undervalued guys, look at market caps, market caps matter so much more than just the price uh look In the work heading into an alt season, if its pumping right now and it pumped with the metaverse wave, why is it not going to pump with the crypto gaming bull run, especially if they land a top tier gain on their gaming deck? So keep that in mind and then nft champs still undervalued, 14 million dollar market cap uh. If you havent seen my nft champs, video go go check that out because i cover it all there now lets get in to dating arena.

Now. Fayton arena, like i said, a multiplayer online battle arena guys this game is hot. I mean 157 000 followers on twitter. You take a look theyre having their loot. Are there a fate and box sale on the 15th of november as well on their marketplace? Uh common box for 100 usd busd epic for 200, usd and legendary for a thousand and thatll be on their marketplace, and their game literally comes out next week, guys you take a look blockchain games with the most engaging social community, axi pharah, land, step, heroes, binnymon Or yeah bennymon ulti engine faten, rivamon starmon and my neighbor alice, that is pretty good company to be among and their game hasnt even released yet uh once their game releases theyre going to be higher up this list without a doubt and as you see their social Engagement 690k, updated on the 11th of november just a couple days ago. So you take a look at fayton arena. It is an esports game based on the blockchain technology and you can gather your friends form a team battle with others and earn money just with your skills and experience game developers in the mobile department as far as wolf fun, games and cardiac chain. Take a look here at the character sets theres a like: they have three different types of character sets well get into the total white paper, but you see the clean gameplay battle, royale style. You see the circle closing in on the outside and if you arent aware in the, if youre, like only investing in crypto gaming, because its hot and its making profits battle, royales are hot, and this has a fortnight feel to it right here.

Battle royale games, like warzone fortnite apex legends, are the biggest games across the entire gaming spectrum right now, if you go on twitch and see how many people are watching, those games, its actually crazy, uh and their game modes are right up that alley. They have 2v2, 3v3 and solos, i believe, for their battle royale. So you can team up with your friends and play this game on mobile devices and on the desktop and play to earn, and why am i so bullish and they have deathmatch 3v3s, and why do i love this so much so you take a look at this Hero strike game back uh and its on the mobile app store right now. So when i say that this has a history of putting out blockchain games, take a look at this and tell me how similar or unsimilar this looks ill get into some action. Sequences like yeah here we go um, so this looks exactly the same right, its its the exact same overlay, its the exact same format, its just kind of different character sets, and this is why i completely believe in dayton arena. They are completely rebranding. Hero strike, their old mobile game, which is on the google, play app store right now: 82, 000 reviews, 4.25 stars, or so i would say, um and what i love about this right now they have five million plus installs uh and its still being updated back in It was their last update was in june, which makes sense, theyve been transitioning it into a blockchain game, putting the blockchain mechanics into it, so, basically its going to be essentially the same game uh, but whenever we get into it youre going to be playing to earn.

Instead of the normal heroes strike, which was just a simple moba battle, royale type of game – and this is what makes me so bullish about fate and arena – it is by the exact same developers uh by wolf, fun, game and wolf. Fun. Game is basically rebranding overhauling and bringing this thing to the blockchain, which makes me super super optimistic that they can carry over the success. If you can get five million downloads on the google play store. If you bring this game over from mobile, put keep it on the google play and put it on ios, along with the desktop and its play to earn youre playing to earn the fate and tokens. This is going to be a major step for mobile games, and this is why i think payton right now has the mobile game edge in the market because of their experience and success. You cannot deny that five million plus downloads on the google play store is definitely a landmark to hit, and that is good for dayton arenas potential. In my opinion, with how hot crypto games are and with the need of a game that is actually fun to play. Right, none of these games out here actually like you, want to hop on a game and play it to play to earn most. The game is kind of like well im doing it to earn not really to play. This is one of those mobile games. If youre bored, you might hop on and its play to earn and its battle royale – and you can hop on with your friends and its definitely fun – to play uh and lets get into more about fayton arena here, and i want to get into uh their backers And as usual, animoka brands is backing a project with the ambition like dayton arena, animoka brands, cardia ventures, spark digital capital, au21 capital and ive mentioned this multiple times across the channel.

Dont go against the grain. These investors anamoca uh, spark digital capital, au21 capital. They get involved with winning gaming projects. I am willing to back animoka brands any given day and with wolf fun game behind it, successful mobile game on their back that theyre completely rebranding. I definitely believe in this project we have decided to bring our already successful son hero strike, with nearly 10 million downloads to the blockchain. For the above reasons, hero strike is a game that we have spent a lot of time on for three years, working every day from 14 to 16 hours, with nearly 20 members to bring exciting experiences in terms of gameplay. The games feel to global users, and today, hero strike will be wearing a very new coat, allowing it to fly high and very high in the future. Its dayton arena dayton arenas mission is not just to create an esports game, but a platform that connects crypto owners and gamers and streamers. These three components will create a sustainable ecosystem that makes gaming sharing and an in game peer to peer exchange famous worldwide. Well, gameplay must be attractive and entertaining keeping players interested every day for many years, so they have this year long ambition. They are not trying to just get your attention now. They want to make this thing a long term, app that you get on and play to earn dayton. Arena is look to insert themselves in the esports and streaming scene as well.

Uh streaming system supports directly to popular platforms such as facebook, twitch and youtube, and players can use their fate. Coins to reward streamers and the digital assets. Owners have a deeper connection with the players, they can be a player and they can be someone who works with the players to create the perfect team, thereby creating an outperforming winning team. Their roadmap is very clear and their game literally comes out next week, guys their team is completely doxed. You can take a look at all their linkedins theyre, backed by animoko, like ive, mentioned uh and theres, three different, like types of characters, theres tanks, assassins and marksmen, and they have a free to play way to get involved where you basically earn up to be able To get involved in the marketplace im in on theta arenas coin – and i am also trying to get involved on the fate and box release on the 15th uh, and i think that overall fate and arena everything about it from the teams history to their ambitions. As a blockchain game and their community is so strong, like you just look at their community uh sitting here at 157, 000 followers. If you go in their discord, if you go in their telegram there are people so hyped to play this game and be able to play to earn on a game that is actually fun. So all in all, i love dayton arena and even at a market cap right now of 250 million, take a look at other successful blockchain games and take a look at where they are market cap wise.

I think that this has three to five x potential here. In the bull market, especially whenever crypto gaming starts running up with alts, i think that dayton arena is going to really blow up, especially with players participating in the in game economy actively. I love dayton arena for this bull run. If youre new to the channel be sure to drop down and hit, that subscribe, button be sure to like the video if you enjoyed the video, i just wanted to come over with a quick market update some projects that are doing well, and then i wanted to Cover exactly why dayton arena is so bullish in my opinion, and why i love this project to really take over the mobile gaming market as far as crypto gaming in the short term, i think that they have a clear path to assert themselves as the clear winner In this sector of mobile crypto gaming uh, while they have this first movers advantage – and i think that on the 20th theyre going to see a lot of players flowing into the economy to play this game im very excited and ill, potentially, if its in demand. I know a lot of people are like: can you do some play to earn? Um fate in arena might be something where i could screen record on my phone and i could maybe put it on the side, and we could talk about it. So, if thats of interest, let me know down below in the comments, because a lot of people have talked about the play to earn side.

So that is a way to talk about that as well and ill talk about the fate and box drop as well. Whenever those come around on the 15th on twitter uh, if you, if you dont, follow me on twitter, my twitter is johnny hi rola right here, uh and i post crypto nft stuff, like that every single day so follow me. There ill be back tomorrow with another video guys.