This isnt one of those stupid videos with the lambo behind me. I dont, have a paid course. This is free alpha. This is fun stuff. This is crazy stuff. This is how some people become crypto millionaires but understand there are some risks involved which were going to discuss everything in todays video on how to get started. How to get these crazy returns? What to look out for when to take profits and everything in between and just some exciting alpha leaks right, but first im gon na show you the alpha. This wolf pack well alpha junior tails, the resident shiba, inu and doge here, shes, the owner of the vosscoin youtube channel. My name is vosk im. The janitor here make sure to slap that boss coin subscribe button here on youtube and uh lets jump into another crazy video. This is gon na, be another video update on how to grow your crypto portfolio youll, see what i did there shortly. If youve ever wanted. The benefits of mining bitcoin, but you didnt, actually want to go to the hassle of setting up your own mining rigs and building your own mini mining farm. Then youre probably going to want to mine bitcoin with compass who will not only help you acquire bitcoin miners, but also connect you with co location facilities to operate that bitcoin mining hardware learn more with our link out in the video description below earning money with crypto Is so exciting, its kind of how the whole voss coin journey started and blah blah my background, bloke bro bloke broke you bloke, thats.

Its good night lets restart that one from the top okay. So going crazy, my friends thats. What happens you drink too? Many coffees in one day you just you just get full blown weird, and sometimes you get a headache making money with crypto its so fun, its so exciting and its just its truly life changing and i feel bad for the people that hate on crypto. Well, sometimes, i feel bad if theyre like real, mean im like well. Honestly, servers are right and uh whatever so cryptocurrency earning passive income earning active income make making money right so theres a lot of things you can do. You saw the background. Weve talked about mining, a ton in the channel, but what about getting your money to work for you right so yield getting yield yield farms. So we have actually a full video guide on what wheat is and how to start yield farming and all that stuff. But im going to cover the basics, real quick, if you dont totally know if you do know, then go down and click the time stamp. That will bring you to the next section. That gets you past. The metamask finance mart chain and avalanche avax tutorial piece. So for this youre going to need metamask or another wallet really i just recommend metamask here: metamask is a chromium based. Browser means it works in google, chrome, brave opero and any other chromium os based browser there. So its a crypto wallet gateway to blockchain, apps and and honestly, by the way, you definitely want to use it for numerous reasons, including their swap feature here.

So let me just show you what a quick swap looks like, so you just do yeah. You know any amount here, long story short: all signs are pointing towards a metamask token airdrop leaks buzz this and that its air drop season baby. So you dont want to miss out on free money when it comes to that, but back to the point right, so you download you get it set up. It sits up here, its kilo fox, you love it. You also add binance smart chain to it and to do that, all you need to do its best to expand the view and then from there you can go in add a custom rpc and put that information in there. You can just copy this bsc mainnet information. I have and thats how i use the same wallet, the same address on binance smart chain and its the same thing. If you want to get set up and get started with avalanche, but theres one key difference right, you punch this stuff in and then you have avalanche. Then you have binance smart chain and you have ethereum, but the kicker here is. You need to get bnb finance coin thats on the binance smart chain, which is different from the binance main chain. You also need to get avalanche in here avax. If you want to use that blockchain so whats really cool is you can use the app to withdraw all these coins right into your wallet on the correct blockchain? So you want to deal with the theorem you withdraw ethereum on ethereum or erc20 right.

You want to what you want to do something on avalanche, which is, you know, been booming. Lately you withdraw it on the avalanche, mainnet c chain sort of confusing, but just thats the one c chain youre good. Then you want to do things on binance, smart chain. You want bnb on well the binance smart chain or a bep 20 token, and by the way, use your boys link or use the code bosco and get 25 bucks for free. When you complete, the signup bonus its a shameless plug and its not the point of todays video im, sorry, wheat has been booming recently and its been really exciting and its not just a hollow pump. You see these volume levels are basically nuts growth defy, has experienced a lot of growth as well. Didnt even mean to do that one right there. Wheat is a token out of the growth defy ecosystem. Wheat is a yield farm that has been on the finance smart chain has a you know. I dont know this hundred percent, but i do know this over. One hundred thousand dollar audit, completed by consensus, diligence and their first notable audit on the binance smart chain is wheat and grow or trendsetters launching on there. They also launched their own over collateralized stablecoin on avalanche and support for other blockchains. Basically, they got a lot going on and they are launching wheat on avalanche in just a few hours. By the time you see this video, we get it through the editing chamber.

Well, the race will be on because once this hits, the returns are going to be crazy. Look nothings guaranteed in this life recently covered this, among other things, but the the core principles here remain the same of basically getting your coins working for you. So you can see, ive got some grow right now and these grow tokens are just in the single asset grow staking, and this is earning me 40 percent or really 41 returns annually. I this does not auto compound if it auto compounds. That means that simply put all the earnings go right back in my wheat, auto compounds. It goes right back into wheat, so i never have to perform any actions here, its really nice, its really simple and overall, when youre auto compounding it literally increases the percent returns. Youre getting because all your coins are going right in, for example, in this scenario with grow, i had 100 worth of coins that were just sitting there, not earning interest and thats going to be the same with their other farms if theyre not auto compounders. So you can see im earning more the usd here and ive got 500 bucks in there. I can harvest this and i can basically get those tokens get them available and im going to throw them into something and start you know earning with them right. Im also staking my cake here and im earning returns with that ive kind of skipped, a step here havent i like okay, were talking about my earnings this that whatever.

But how do you start earning? Well, one thing you can do is sort by apy and be like whoa. Look at these return. Okay, would you just look at them, so ive already done wheat bnb before so let me show you wheat, bnb, on ape swap so first we need to get wheat and a bnb liquidity provider. Token. So well just click that and well go exactly where we want to go. This is bnb plus wheat and i already have bnb and wheat in my wallet lets say you dont have the wheat token. Well, then, you need to get it, so you can just go to ape, swap or pancake swap you can punch in the token, for example, im literally just gon na put wheat in there just keep it simple lets just say: i want one wheat and binance smart Chain and really crypto in general is experiencing a lot of use right now, and so a lot of services are just simply slow. Youll see like right here kind of waiting waiting, rub your eyes waiting and it seems like its just not going to populate. So maybe we flip the tokens around. Can you hear me now hello, sir doesnt? Look like anythings happening there, so lets hit the good old refresh. Well punch that token. In again this time it loaded our balance so looks like this is going to be a different story. So lets say we want one wheat token.

It gets built out right there. We swap it and click click and then we can go ahead and you know complete that trade and and get that token from there. Then we can add equal amounts of bnb and wheat to liquidity, and this is where a lot of the incentivized liquidity or basically these big returns in crypto, is where they live. The transaction just completed binance smart chain is pretty quick here. Lets see if that populates looks like its not pulling my new balance so ill, just refresh it make sure it gets that and completing that one decentralized trade there. You know no kyc, no intermediary. Just me out here doing whatever i want with my stuff, beautiful, absolutely beautiful thing. This cost me only 37 cents which is honestly pretty expensive, except its incredibly cheap, compared to something abysmal, like ethereum. Doing that on ethereum would have cost over 100 thats disgusting thats thats broken. So now you can see that the address the balances have updated here so lets say i want to put in a liquidity for 10 wheat tokens right now worth 200. You know one dollars. Roughly im gon na need a matching b and b amount. So finally lets add that liquidity, so we can start earning some crazy returns right so lets say i want to just drop 10 wheat tokens in here. It automatically matches my b and b amount. I have enough, b and b in my wallet and i have two b and b in here and i have the wheat tokens i could put 10.

628. It really would make sense to put everything i have and put a matching amount, but im just gon na go ahead and keep it simple round numbers here: im gon na go ahead and throw 10 wheat in there understand when you provide liquidity, youre exposed to permanent Loss, basically, if wheat skyrockets in value like, i hope it will and you know full disclaimer transparency here right, like you see on the screen, i have some of these tokens im not trying to come off chili and whatever else and all that stuff, but like i Clearly have some of these tokens, so i dont think im trying to like you know, chill and pump and dump on you or whatever im doing my thing. Okay, im doing my thing and so ive provided that liquidity now were done with the initial step. Then we have to go back to wheat and we enable we enable them to spend our ape lp thats our ape swap liquidity provider, tokens lp tokens. So once we enable wheat, which is a smart contract here, its a dap, a decentralized application, a yield farm. Once we basically enable them to be able to go ahead and grab our stuff and put it in their farm start utilizing. Those funds then, which once thats confirmed, which you saw as im talking here, is pretty quick. You click the plus click max and you click confirm, and then you have another transaction and transaction fee to pay here in your wallet.

You see all these different transactions, transaction fees thats. Why defy yield farming and everything is broken on ethereum everything ive shown you today. So far i probably would have spent 1 thousand dollars in gas fees on ethereum thats, not okay and youre, like theres, no way theres no way. Man look at my gas fees. You think im playing around. I lost 24 grand because ethereum sucks its ridiculous. So you see that transaction completes here on the binance smart chain and just got rugged. Obviously im kidding so the funds – just you know, repopulated right in there and what youll see is you instantly start earning interest? Ive already earned, you know 0.001 usd. I could harvest that, but obviously im going to lose out on the transaction fee and thats, not thats, not the right play to make, and so just like that im earning 373 annual returns. These returns vary. There are multipliers at stake. For example, this has 18x multipliers represents the amount of wheat rewards each farm gets. So if one x was getting one wheat per block, a 30x farm would be getting 30 wheat per block. These things can change, however. In my experience, ive noticed that wheats actually pretty straightforward, theyre, not bored theyre, not bumping these numbers around every day this and that um. So if you see a farm, thats super appealing and youre, like oh 25 x, rewards on cake and wheat. Let me let me jump in that, then its not going to be like its most likely, the its not going to drastically change tomorrow.

We covered this in another video, but just to recap: theres a really cool opportunity here on wheat and you can literally farm stable coins. So previously it was 275 percent, but people have piled in since the video. However, the rewards are still 167 percent returns on two stable coins that are supposed to be trading at roughly a dollar per token. Do you understand that you probably get less than one percent in your savings account what you were lending out? Your stable us dollar right? The dirty dollar, the fiat money, do you understand that this is 167 returns that is 167 times better, most likely its over 400 times better than what youre getting, but there are risks involved. I get that. I understand that i wouldnt put my life savings in here, but clearly im having fun, and i have put a lot of coins into this farm because the returns have been fantastic. There are some interesting decisions you can make here right its like well. Why would i put grow and to just grow when i could put it in grow, b and b? You get way better returns there. You could also do grow bnb on ape, swap and get way better returns there. So theres a lot of factors that come into play here as far as the multipliers, how much liquidity is in there because more liquidity, its more people taking a piece of that pie? It reduces your potential rewards.

The big takeaway for me is with the incoming grow. Airdrop, which we fully covered recently, basically about uh, staking uh your ex joe on avalanche, and they did release the uh, the metrics here so youll get between 500. and five dollars in the grow token on the avalanche. Blockchain, if you dont know any of this stuff. Well, this is what the video looks like and ill link it down below, and you can learn about this. This was really exciting, guaranteed air drop and all the more reason why you should be subscribing to your boys channel. Please were chasing half a million subscribers and were getting close. Its really exciting, but my point is: is that when you get into these liquidity provider, pairings youre exposed to impermanent loss and permanent loss can eat up your potential gains. A lot of people think that grow and wheat are going to skyrocket with this incoming avalanche, launch, im really excited and i dont want to be obliterated in permanent loss. If grow is skyrocketing and bnb is sitting stagnant. Basically, it will reduce your potential gains. If you dont know what impermanent loss is. You should definitely do some research on it before you jump into any of these liquidity provider. Pairings, if you dont have time to do that, but you still want to get into it. Id recommend doing a single asset token staking, which would basically be putting your grow in here and earning wheat, or putting your wheat in here and earning wheat again.

Whatever tokens and things you you want to do, decide and chase, and everything like that. One quick note as they enable avalanche. You see me click that and im going to go ahead and cancel that, and so you can see that this vault is here waiting for their launch initially theyre. Only supporting a wheat auto compound here on the avalanche, blockchain, but again its just exciting, to see the way they pivot and expand so well more coverage on that in the future. But this is really my my backgrounds broken. I use the other one god. I need to fix that now. Yeah. That really covers everything we want to talk about today. This is honestly like without the chili hype, fomo nonsense that some people like to gravitate towards this is the real deal on how to get started and how to earn. You know over 300 returns on your cryptocurrencies. Obviously, rates vary theres risks associated. This is not financial advice, but you can see you know im putting my money where my mouth is: im excited and uh. You know, above all, people want to like sit in bitcoin and, like oh, come on. Bitcoin 70 000 come on come on its like dude im earning 370. Here i can like deal with a much smaller bag and have a huge upside and get a bigger percent return. Obviously, im not saying this is better than bitcoin, but im just saying that bitcoin is boring and stuff like this is really exciting and interesting to me, so thats thats.

What i gravitate towards one things for sure, though, with all of this, is the simple fact that these aprs and prices change dramatically. I shot this last night woke up this morning to work on the edit and guess what yeah um were looking at it and were like okay um prices dumped it good, but thats. Okay, you got to be ready to ride some waves. If you get into this. So again, its not financial advice, its not for the faint of heart and just understand what youre getting into it can make a pump or it can make a dump. As always, i hope you gravitate towards smashing that subscribe button hit the thumbs up, leaving a comment below. Let me know your thoughts on this if youre going to jump in it with me or not, and why uh but seriously. I really appreciate all of you that take the time to tune in watch the videos posting daily, its intense ill, see you tomorrow, please be advised. There are scammers impersonating us on multiple platforms. I dont want your money. I just want you to smash that subscribe button. Everything in this video is for entertainment purposes. Only that means its not financial advice.