So, even though the market has been a bit volatile recently with bitcoin pulling back from that 69k area and many of the old queens in the market also pulling back along with it. There are some good stories out there. So in this, video were gon na dive down into five coins that are pumping right now, as we get into this video. If you do find it useful and informative hit. That, like button, really do appreciate that, if you happen to be new to the channel, why not go ahead and subscribe tap that bell select all notifications, and in doing so you will be kept up to date with absolutely everything that we do here at cheeky. Crypto right with all that said, done and out of the way lets jump on down to the desktop and take a look at these five volt coins. That are, you know, defying the odds and actually pumping right now, okay guys. So, as i said earlier right, the market has been quite volatile. We have seen bitcoin pull right back um into some interestingly low areas again, a bit of an accumulation going on the same with ethereum cardano pulled back, for example, xrp and many of these other altcoins in the space. Now for the weekly numbers, theyre. Actually, looking pretty good, i mean solana, obviously uh did have quite a heavy pullback, but again its understandable, considering um its quite a nervous space to be in considering so many billionaires are involved with solana.

I do feel thats a bit of a ticking time bomb, but polka dots also pulled back on the weekly, but uh todays been a relatively green day, and i think that was a bit of a given um. But there are some key winners that we kind of want to talk about, so the first one is avalanche right now, its up, 14 right and avalanche are doing some really cool things. In the background for those who do not know, i do insist that you guys do some more research on this one and ultimately, the the snow protocols and everything else going on with avalanche is quite key and theres. A lot of things that theyre working on in the background that could see this thing being one of the key players in the future so definitely worth keeping an eye out on avalanche. Now, when we actually dive into the charts for avax, we can see this thing. Actually, going up quite nicely todays a good green day again taking out or on the cusp of taking out some new all time highs. Let me just check the all time. High that was set from a couple of days ago was 96.92 and right now were at 95., so were on the cusp of new. All time highs. Again we can see the 4.236 extension of this one being 225 and thats on the conservative side. So again, um avax is performing well and theres still plenty of time to see some gains with this one.

In my opinion, and again you know if we want to be more uh, i guess um in line with the way that we actually see the ball round running. We can see this thing potentially going up to 250 254 dollars. Okay, so avax has some pretty interesting things going on and the charts are looking pretty good and i do expect this thing to be one of the uh most interesting projects. I guess of 2021 in terms of everything that theyre trying to get done so really cool stuff going on there. The second coin that should be no surprise really to you guys, is obviously and the cro token again, theyre doing some interesting things in the space. Weve obviously seen chronos go, live as well and were basically theyre, looking to wrap up pretty much most things that are currently running on the ethereum network. This again sees us with uh some interesting price discovery here for the coin, the cro now obviously theres a link in the description we are im actually affiliated with They do sponsor the channel and theyre in the link to it down in the description down below. If you do sign up for their debit card, youll get an additional 25 for free to gon na get you going now, thats, actually something that we talked about. Quite a bit on the channel, because we use that debit card that uh prepaid debit card to basically use our everyday expenses right chris bought his car.

I bought a kitchen, i use it pretty much for most of my day to day shopping and, as a result, i actually earned three percent cash back paid in the cro token, which actually three percent you know last week was actually a lot less than what three Percent would be today so again its an appreciating asset that i dont mind earning with my everyday expenses. So again, if youre not familiar with theyre doing a lot of fantastic things, matt damon obviously did the the uh. I guess the ad um that basically starts gon na start, seeing some mass adoption for for crypto as a whole, theyre, obviously sponsoring uh, the aston martin formula, one team, the ufc kit sponsor and a whole host of different soccer teams as well, so theyre definitely definitely Moving mountains in terms of uh, getting the crypto name out there in front of millions upon millions of people, so theyre definitely moving the needle in that regard, but theyve also got their nft platform as well and theres. Some really interesting things going on with fan tokens too. So, ultimately, i do think that uh is going to be an interesting place to kind of watch out for not only just with their app thats the most downloadable crypto app. That ive, seen with over 10 million downloads, i think on the uh and google play store alone, let alone everything thats going on with ios, but above them beyond just that.

Uh theyve obviously got the exchange as well. So again, if youre a trader – and you want to actually get into that kind of stuff – then they have to have that. So i think this is interesting reasons. Why were starting to see some um price discovery with the cro token, obviously, its moving up quite nicely. If i actually go down to this chart here, we can of course see the all time high weve been having right now right. This is again, i think, coming from the back of the fact that kronos is going to utilize the cro token for pay and fees and those fees are significantly less than what youre going to find on ethereum, so that kronos network, i think, is enough a fantastic Addition to the um, i guess suite of applications that theyve kind of got running for them, so thats, the second coin, thats performing really well at 8.4 today in the green and the other one that i talk about quite a bit on this channel is api. Three now api three is basically a spin off or thats, probably not the right way of phrasing. It api three is an oracle platform. Now the eight team behind api three were the top validators for chain link. So when were talking about uh oracles this, obviously the kind of go to place is chain link right. They do a fantastic job of bringing that real world data on chain in an immutable way right, which is absolutely key when it comes to blockchain tech.

Now, ultimately, api, three being a top validator at the time for chain link, could understand exactly what was going on now. Api three ultimately cuts out the middle man right and goes directly to the isps now. This is really cool because, basically, it makes it a little bit more affordable and a little bit cheaper to actually bring in real world data on chain and again. Api three is again linked up with cardano as well. So i think this is project thats going to do well. It has done well today, at 11. point seven percent in the green, which is fantastic, but above and beyond that i think longer term. I think theres a lot of work still to be done with api. Three in terms of getting a lot more integrations um, but once all of that kind of happens and gets across the line, i do anticipate that api 3 is going to be a front winner in the next ball run. I think theres going to be some serious price discovery for this particular altcoin, so one im keeping a keen eye on it is in my portfolio and its not a huge position, but i have got a position in api 3 that i do expect to basically build Over the bear market in a really strong way, i do see api three as a good player in the space and some interesting price discovery on the horizon for this one. In my opinion, okay and so obviously, as we come down to the chart here, we can also see the all time area we havent reached the previous all time high and things are going to get heating up with api 3 in the very near future.

So definitely one, i think that uh you might as well might want to do some more research on and keep an eye on as well now theres, two additional um. You know alt coins that were going to talk about now. The first one should be no surprise to the channel, which is multivac right today. Its moved up, seven point: seven percent now multiback. When we first got into it, was half a cent. It was a nice hidden gem that uh are definitely doing some interesting things. Theyre. Basically, all about multi, dimensional, sharding and ultimately kind of bringing you what each 2.0 promises in a couple years time. But you know here today and now now they have recently launched their main net, which brought staking they have smashed past their one, two, three billion um. You know stake in targets. There has a four billion target uh currently out there and then, of course, they have also launched their nft platform as well, where weve seen its a flowy of uh, basically like kind of a cool little um niche – i guess um, you know nfts for the multivat Chain now some of those already been you know, put up for sale. There was mystery boxes, etc, etc. So some pretty cool things going on with multivac in these very early days now today, obviously 7.7 in the green at 2.1, isnt too bad its a little bit short of its all time. High. But again i do see multivat moving quite nicely to the upside.

As i said, a huge amount of the supply is staked. The total supply is 10 billion. Circulating right now is 3.75 billion, whether thats an accurate number. I know that it is uh. According to coin market cap, a verified piece of data, whether that is actually a little bit shorter than where it is im, not 100 certain, but we are over 3 billion in state. So there isnt a huge amount of supply actually out there readily available. For many people, this actually means that when we start getting demand, the price of the mtv token is going to rise significantly and very very quickly to the upside. It would not take a lot of money to move this needle. Currently, the market cap is 80 million dollars, so very, very small and with huge potential growth to the future. So one im keeping an eye on is progressing nicely today and i do have some pretty good expectations of multivac in the near future. This then brings me on to the fifth and the final altcoin that has performed really well, despite the current market volatility, and this is one that i keep buying up and i keep investing in because i really do think. The use case of this particular altcoin is something that is very much required in the future that is going to be silo. Now silo is still a fraction of a cent currently trading at 6.7, as well 0.0067 of a cent right 14.

8 up in the green today, which is a fantastic move for this micro cap coin. That is only 16 million dollars in market capitalization. Currently, there are, of course, a 4.2.4 um billion silo actually out in circulating supply with a maximum supply of 10 billion, so the supply is actually really small, now ultimately silo its a encryption, app thats designed for communications, which basically means that you can communicate with your Friends and family uh using the same kind of technology, that is behind um signal, which is basically end to end cr encryption, which is not what you get from things like whatsapp, for example, and obviously that data is completely private and its basically yours right. So when you have these conversations with your friends and family, you can rest assured that no advertiser is going to be getting hold of those conversations and trying to sell you anything and also about them beyond that. You can send cryptocurrencies via their multi asset wallet, which basically means you can send cryptocurrency to your friends and family and i think thats something thats very much needed in this space. If we want to see mass adoption – and i really do like the team behind this project – its been around for a while um – i would like to see a bit more marketing etc from them. But i do think this is a project that is going to start getting a lot more momentum and as more and more people actually get introduced into the space, it certainly does simplify the process of a communicating uh with your friends and family and also being able To send cryptocurrency to your friends and family in a really secure way, so i do think this is a project that many people might want to do a lot more research on and, as i said, its been around for a while.

If we go to the all here on the chart, we can see that we did actually reach some pretty interesting levels up in may of about 1.3. We pulled back and we are still expecting this thing to push up to about five cent in this particular ball run. So it is a pretty nice uh roi, just short of 10x, really um in my expectations on this one now, even if it does fall short of that im perfectly happy. I do have a pretty good position, but i still continuously build my position here with scilab, because i do think this is a project thats going to perform incredibly well in the future and specifically because of the ease of communicating with your friends and family and being Able to actually hold all your crypto assets in one wallet and then, of course be able to send that to your friends and family via the contacts that you actually have held within the app. It makes it very, very simple: theres no need for wallet addresses, or anything like that, so i do think this is a project thats going to perform incredibly well in the future, so guys those are my five crypto assets that have been performing incredibly well, despite the Fact that theres a lot of volatility in the space at the moment.