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I will be answering your questions throughout the week, thanks again for all of your support and make sure to check out my stories on instagram in order to ask your questions and for those time, sensitive details and alerts make sure to follow me over on twitter. I will also be doing my giveaways on twitter that youre not going to want to miss out on and now before i get into the rest of this video on some new metaverse projects. I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your support. Our last metaverse video got more than 300 000 views and 18 000 likes, and many of you have a lot of questions from that. Video which i will be addressing in this video but im also going to be sharing with you new metaverse projects that i believe have massive upside potential. So lets get right into the first project. Im going to be sharing with you called ufo gaming now ufo gaming is creating something called the dark metaverse, and this dark metaverse is going to serve as a virtual universe, built within a closed loop ecosystem, as games are added to the economy. The value of the token and the ecosystem increase exponentially and ufo gaming is also going to have an ever expanding realm. The dark metaverse is a closed loop ever expanding ecosystem that will consist of p2p games with breathable in game, nfts and virtual land. That will entitle collectors to in game revenue.

All of these games will funnel through ufos mothership gaming launchpad, with the ufo token, unlocking everything now heres how youre going to be able to earn some sweet money with this metaverse. One of the first ways is with the metaverse virtual land. This virtual land will be an erc 721 and will be treated as nfts. The virtual land is also a dedicated supply of land available to be minted, while some can be purchased through the open auction with ufo tokens. Ufo gaming also has a dao which stands for decentralized autonomous organization. The largest holders of the dao will receive the most voting rights for the entire metaversus direction. The largest land owners of each planet are considered, eternals and eternals are all knowing and will profit from the entire metaverse. And if you inhabit a planet, you will have access to the games, launch, sale and revenue will be earned as the game and the ecosystem grows. All nft characters can be traded and loaned through our partnered marketplaces. Now, right now, at the time of this recording, there is only one game right now with ufo gaming, and that is called super galactic. This is an rpg style game where you use the ufo token to mint characters and complete quests, but thats, not all with this project. They are going to have in game nfts, where you will be able to open loot boxes by burning the uap token to randomly generate in game assets such as skins, armors weapons, which will help you complete in game quests, and you can also upgrade your weapons by Burning the uap token now ufo gaming is also going to have an nfc marketplace.

This is where you can trade your nfts via the marketplace using ufo and uap rare items can be exchanged via the marketplace and used in the game. Now another thing that really caught my eye with this project is that they are going to be multi chain. Ufo is going to be launching games on some of the most reputable chains, covering the board of all different games and niches of l1 and l2s one game. One planet, interoperability – and you can see here that they might be coming to polygon, avalanche, binance, smart chain, cardano, solana, cosmos and potentially many others. And if we take a look at ufo gamings chart you can see it is definitely moving towards the upside and the market. Cap right now is sitting at approximately 625 million dollars now. This is definitely a little bit of a bigger market cap, but the truth is the universe. Is the limit for this project? Basically, the more games that they create the more revenue that they can earn so give more players more options to play more games, use different chains, bring in more people, and this could see this token skyrocket and another thing about ufo gaming is that this is very Decentralized ufo token does not have a large amount of investors that are holding a lot of this token and the founder of this token, even burnt 50 of his supply after this cryptocurrency was launched. So this to me shows that there is not a lot of greedy vcs behind this project, looking to take profits all the time on new investors and if you wanted to buy this token, simply come over to coingecko and copy the contract address.

Then, once you come over to uniswap click, the select token button then paste in the address you can see. Ufo, the truth comes up, go ahead and click import, then click import again and you can see the time of this recording one ethereum would get you approximately 188 million ufo tokens. So the fact that ufo gaming is going to expand going to be multi chain. It also doesnt have a lot of cell pressure at the time of this recording could be a metaverse project to keep your eye on, and this is why it is my first metaverse project that i believe has massive potential and is currently undervalued. Now the second metaverse project that i believe has massive potential is going to be the smashing of the like button, altcoin no im just kidding, but if youve enjoyed this video so far lets smash up the like button to 10 000 likes. If this video does get 10 000 likes at any time throughout its existence, i will do another very special metaverse giveaway for you here in my community, so make sure to smash up that like button. Follow me on instagram and follow me on twitter. So you do not miss these time sensitive alerts, but your second metaverse project that i believe still has some massive upside potential – is going to be one called wilder world now, while the world is an immersive 5d metaverse built on aetherium using unreal engine 5 and 0.

. Now let me share with you more about what this metaphor is going to have and just looking at the graphics of this, i think it looks absolutely beautiful. While the world is going to have something called wilder wheels, this is going to be a unique collection of generated 5d nft vehicles to race in the metaverse. They are also going to have kicks. This is going to be unique lines of rare 5d metaverse kicks with dynamic gameplay abilities also going to have cribs. This is going to be your home in the metaverse, with futuristic condos, with spawning views of wyoming and just taking a look at this, it looks absolutely beautiful and while the world is also going to have land, this is where youre going to be able to build And developer in wyoming, with your favorite crypto communities and allies, and while the world will also have a guild, this is where youre going to be able to interact with in world creators by leading artists in the digital art and nft space. Now, while the world is also going to have a metaverse marketplace, this is where youre going to be able to buy and sell and trade things in the metaverse and theres a few details right now that are absolutely blowing my mind. You can see right now that there are close to 5 000 items already in the domain, but there are only a total of 1500 owners. There is a floor price of three wild and the amount of wild and volume is absolutely insane.

You can see, 19 million dollars has been traded hands, and this is a lot of volume, especially for a brand new metaverse project. If we take a look at the price of wild the world at the time of this recording, you can see its sitting at four dollars. But if we take a look at the max chart, you can see it is definitely moving up and to the right again. This is because of this metaverse narrative and, i believe, still sitting at a market cap of only approximately 300 million dollars. If, while the world continues to develop and more and more people start to figure out these metaverses, this is one you definitely want to have on your radar again, you can see the trading volume is over 10 million dollars, thats a lot of money. Now there is so much more to cover in this project. I could probably do an entire dedicated video alone on this metaverse, but i just wanted to wrap up and show you exactly how to buy this crypto in case youre interested. If you click on the buy button here over on wilder worlds website, itll take you directly to uniswep with the correct links, then just click import and at the time of this recording one ethereum would get you approximately 1154 wilder world tokens. Now, if you want to learn more about how to actually buy and sell some of these new cryptocurrency projects, i have full tutorials down below teaching you exactly how to use uni swap pancake swap and many other of these decentralized exchanges in my online class.

Many of my students have learned this skill and have multiplied their money exponentially. One student actually made 90 000 in the last pre sale and another student made over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars by getting into an early project and again they were able to do this by learning exactly how to use these decentralized exchanges. The course is sitting at a 75 discount and we have a vip chat and community that now has more than 1500 members and many of which have multiplied their money exponentially. So click the links down below in the description and we cant wait to see you in class. So the fact that this is going to be an immersive metaverse with unreal engine 5 and youre going to be able to hold and buy unique nfts that are going to actually be a part of this metaverse shows me that wilder world is here to stay, and This looks absolutely beautiful and i do think that aesthetics play a very big role, especially in something like a metaverse lead me to believe that wilder world could be your next big metaverse play, and this is why it is your number two undervalued all coin. At the time of this recording now your third metaverse and gaming cryptocurrency that i believe is undervalued at this time is one called my neighbor alice now. The reason why i believe this cryptocurrency gaming metaverse is undervalued is because of the price you can see right now.

One token is fourteen dollars, but you can see its all time. High was forty dollars back in march. This was literally a minus sixty five percent from its all time high and you can see overall, my neighbor alice has been trading sideways for the last couple of months. If you take a look at the volume, you can see, 83 million dollars in volume has traded hands in the last 24 hours, and the market cap of this project is only 246 million. If you dont know what my neighbor alice is its a farm and building game just to show you how much hype and demand this game had when the pre sale launched on dow maker, if we scroll all the way down – and you have to scroll down quite A little bit because my neighbor alice has actually been out for quite a while. You can see here that my neighbor alice and that raise was 2.2 million dollars, but it did more than 327x and right now you still have the opportunity to become one of the first to own land in this game. My neighbor alice is divided into sections of land called plots, a certain percentage of the plot and the game will be made available for ownership to the public, and here i am on my neighbor alices marketplace. This is basically your one: stop shop for land animals tools, cosmetics, ranging from common to legendary nfts. This marketplace basically has all the wonderful things that you need to nurture your plot of land, as you always dreamed of now, while the pre alpha access has been closed.

There is still going to be a lot more coming because if you click on the go to the marketplace, you can see that it is still coming soon. But, as you can see, land will be a foundational asset in the my neighbor alice game. It will be the space in which much of the gameplay will take place in total theres, going to be approximately a hundred thousand pieces of land available, spread across six different islands, snowflake island, medieval plains, lumestid natures, rest sandy coast and submerged islands. Now they are going to have a lottery for the first opportunity to acquire land in the my neighbor alice game. The lottery is going to give everyone an opportunity and a fair chance of acquiring a piece of land and not just the highest bidders and according to their medium article, you can see the rusty peaks land sale. Three has already happened in september, but i do believe theres going to be more land sales in the future, and i do believe this is just the beginning for my neighbor alice and the fact that this was incubated on dow banger went over 300 x from the Launch price and the price is still sitting at minus 64 from its all time. High with a smaller market cap of only 250 million shows me that, if this game ever really takes off, this could be a cryptocurrency. That absolutely goes to the moon, and this is why my neighbor alice is your third and final cryptocurrency altcoin metaverse gem.

Now, as i promised you, we have a bonus, altcoin gem, so make sure to smash up that like button click, the subscribe button and hit the notification bell, because theres going to be even more updates with this next project. That im about to share with you – and i think this project has 100x potential now this coin has not hit the market yet and it will not come out for a little while longer. So if you see anyone trying to say the pre sale is open, it is not. It is a scam. Do not fall for this. I will link the correct links down below in the description in case. You want to do your own research, but your bonus altcoin is going to be meta. Vpad now im going to share with you some breaking updates and then teach you even more about metavpad and why i do believe it still has 100x potential. According to their latest update, you can see that the initial market cap is only going to be a hundred and seventy thousand for this token, and it is going to be launching on the following: launchpad via cpad etapad nft, launch game zone, velas pad and tron pad. Now, as you can see, we still have some unknown things about this project, like the tiered system. Everything to me is lining up for this one to absolutely explode. The reason why is because, at the time of this recording metavpad, has over 60 thousand followers on their official twitter, that is absolutely insane now.

Let me share with you more about this project and why i believe it has 100x potential and metavpad is going to be fueling the metaverse now without going into more of the details, if we scroll down to just a few things here. What i want to point out is a few of the tokenomics. You can see that theres going to be rewards for stakers and the initial market cap is only going to be a hundred and seventy thousand dollars which, if you look at the market cap for pulse pad, is the exact same market cap and they have very similar. Tokenomics and theres going to be a tiered system. Just like you guessed it pulsepad now, pulsepad, we still dont even know the tiers or the staking eligibility yet, and i think when this is announced and when new products are announced, pulse pad still could make its way to the upside. Now. The reason why im saying this is because there was not very many tokens that were actually released at the token generation event. So if you want to get into these tiers, youre gon na have to buy them on the open market, and it can at the time of this recording you are now seeing pulse pad. It was just at 22 cents, its now at 30 cents. So, if youre, looking for the next pulse pad well, metavpad to me, is going to give you that opportunity and the fact that it is going to be incubated by the blue zilla ecosystem shows me that, yes, something similar to pulsepad could definitely happen.

And so i would star this write this one down. I would also make sure that you are following them on twitter, so you get all the time sensitive details and alerts. So the fact this is going to be incubated by blue zilla and the fact that its going to be incubated with the following launch pads that i just mentioned. Weve seen coins like pulse pad and many others do more than 100x, and i believe that this coin will help you get into new metaverse projects and also being that coin. That is deflationary itself. I think that this one is absolutely set to explode, and this is why metavpad is your bonus, cryptocurrency all coin gem in this video. So if you have enjoyed this video – and you found it helpful – smash up the like button to a new all time high of 10 000 likes. If we do so at any point of this video, i will do a very special giveaway and make sure to follow me over on instagram and twitter for these time sensitive updates and if you want to learn exactly how to get into this pre sale with metavpad Click the links down below for my online class. I have multiple tutorials teaching you step by step, exactly how to get into these incubators and launch pads, and many of my students have multiplied their money exponentially doing the exact strategies that ive taught in the class. In fact, with pulse pet, i had one student earn more than 90 000 within the first few minutes and many others earn thousands of dollars within that pre sale.

If you are interested click, the links down below in the description our course is sitting at a 75 discount and we are now accepting cryptocurrency as payment, but in order to pay with crypto make sure to email us first at info joeparris.com and title the email pay With crypto – and we will send you all the details, if you want to continue learning for free here on youtube check out my cryptocurrency playlist, i have multiple 100 x jam videos, three coins to three million educational tutorials and so much more thanks again for all of Your support smash up the like button on the way out click the subscribe button and hit that notification bell, so that you are notified every single day.