Well, you might be rich right now talking about it right here in this video, so make sure you guys stay tuned whats going on guys, patrick here today were gon na dive into this cryptocurrency. That has made a massive move in the last few weeks. Theyre, making a major marking push they are taking over the world were gon na talk about it right here in this video, if you guys are not already subscribed to the channel hit that subscribe button lets get into it. So what is the coin? Patrick whats? The coin whats the coin thats going to make me richer, or am i already rich from this coin – lets talk about it. The coin that were going to be talking about today is cro and thats crypto.com native cryptocurrency, and you can see here on the chart in the last. What, since, in the last few weeks since the end of october, we have went from 20 cents to a high. So far of 43 cents, i think that, oh all time, high is yeah. 43, 9., so point 43 cents there on cro, and you can see the chart right here. Whats interesting is ive, been talking a lot about crypto.com here on the channel for the last few months, so hopefully somebody out there might have loaded up on some crypto.com coins, as this thing has just went to the moon recently and, like i said from back there In september, the low was around 14 15 cents, so yeah youre up about what is that the gain lets just say you somehow lets say you bought down here on this last dip: youre up 183 percent, not so bad.

In 49 days 50 days there and just lets just say in the last week, what are you up if you bought here at the 20 set area? You are now up over 114 in the last 18 days on crypto.com coin. Now, first off, should you buy crypto.com coin? If you look here at the chart, you can see the last few days its rallied back from this previous dip down here to the 32 cent area and pushed up above the highs there. We had a lot of selling pressure coming there again at that 40 cent area, but it has now kind of reclaimed that and pushed up higher to that 43 area. Well, talk about the supply and talk about the company and all of that, but at the end of the day, the idea here is for you guys to get this on your radar to keep a lookout for it. Crypto.Com cro coin, definitely something you should have on your radar when the next cryptocurrency pullback happens, or we get a good pullback and see our o coin, because ill talk about kind of why. I believe this could go much higher from here as well, just based on what the company is doing and with their overall idea. Now, if you go to the website crypto.com, you can see actually right here. Uh matt damon matt damon just did a big media push with them a big advertisement. The idea here behind their advertisement is that fortune, favors, the brave and well matt damons a big deal, and you can see this was kind of featured all over the place on variety magazine.

Basically, if you put one of hollywoods, most famous actors into an ad for your company, youre gon na get a lot of publicity behind this and youre gon na get a lot of people talking about what in the world is crypto.com. What in the world is cro. So that was the recent big push and i think a lot of the move that were seeing in cro is coming from this big media push and all the hype around it and then also you know having matt damon. You can also see back there in july. The ufc and crypto.com announced a historic partnership. We talked about this on the channel as well already so theyve got the ufc, theyve got matt damon and then theyve also got formula one as well. They released this in the beginning of july as well. Crypto.Com is a global partner of formula one theyre, all over the headlines, theyre all over the media, everyones talking about them and thats what moves the price on these markets? If we go over here, we look at some of the fundamentals like the total supply. What is the total supply of cro? The total supply ever will be 30 billion point two six, so 30 billion well say therell, be a total supply of 30 billion cro coins. A lot of this is going to be used for staking a lot of this is used on their website when you buy things on their nft website when you, when you buy things on their nft marketplace, youll use cro coin its very easy to transact and to Send it back and forth and obviously crypto.

com is going to be pushing having marketing money like having an actual business behind a cryptocurrency and having people that are actually like. You know working like these are real people, employees that are working to grow, the crypto.com brand and then obviously grow the cro token coin in the future as well and whats interesting is. It was recently listed on coinbase.com. You can see right here. The news came out that crypto.com coin hits all time high after listing from rival coinbase, which is very interesting because ive never really seen something like this before. I guess. Maybe they have binance on coinbase but very interesting to see that you have crypto.com listing on coinbase. If that makes sense, so so the story here is that coinbase has been aggressively listing crypto assets. Lately they added the token here, cro coinbase announced yesterday. The trading of ethereum based cro would immediately the listing has been a boom for cro, which reached an all time. High of 29 cents and then obviously went higher from there so very interesting to see that coinbase.com is like hey, i guess were going to list our competitors cryptocurrency, which hey good for us good for the holders and good for people out there that are holding crow. You know id want to pull back. We did get a nice little pullback from there. Maybe this pushes to like 50 60 cents from you know the next kind of leg higher after that, its already above all time highs, were basically at all time highs.

If you look at bitcoin, you look at the overall cryptocurrency market. Right now were kind of at that point where either bitcoin is going to go to the moon or bitcoin is going to pull back and consolidate for a little bit and then go to the moon. So its kind of like a question of do you want to load up on cro now. Do you want to wait? Obviously, i think at the end of the day you know, after having these big green candles to the upside, there should be some type of pullback. Some consolidation here on cro in the longer term, but you should definitely be keeping this one on your radar for some good pullbacks. You know we get a pullback this area here that 31 cent area kind of going across there. It kind of already bounced out there. So if we do get a pull back, you know into this area. It could be a really good buy opportunity, especially with the downside here, and you know not being a ton of downside. I feel like when youre buying. You know on this pullback here on cro, especially with all the hype going into the holidays. Theyre going to be doing more and more media pushes more and more marketing for their brand and trying to build crypto.com coin and get this out there to the mainstream everythings everywhere in the media. So very interesting, like i said this is more just an idea for you guys to really keep cro coin on your radar for the next pullback.

Like i s, you know said earlier in the video i dont know if id be going out and buying a truckload of this right now, but there is possibility for an upside. You know some serious upside here on crypto.com coin, and the thing that i like, like i said, was the maximum supply being 30 billion. You know their fully diluted market cap right now is only 13 billion dollars which puts it like 22. You know on terms of the cryptocurrencies and total market cap. So if you go down here, you look at total market cap. Youve got crypto.com polygon bitcoin cash is just slowly just dropping down the list here, but very interesting to see crypto.com making this a big of a move in the space that we are, because you can look up here, bitcoin its green on the day, but its only Up about 2.5 percent in the last seven days you got aetherium pretty much negative on the last seven days and you know pretty much everything like very, very red, pulling back here, the last few days, the last seven days here. But if you go down here, you look at crypto.com. Crypto.Com is up 23 in the last seven days, percentage wise. So looking at the current looking at the current market cap and comparing crypto.com with lets, say binance coin, so binance coin. Right now, market cap is 108 billion dollars and then, if you compare that to crypto.com being 11 billion dollars, you know theyre still a very very very very i would say very, very, very good possibility that cro coin can still go up two three or four times From here, just based on the market cap alone in the supply, because looking at binance coin, the total supply on binance coin right now, i think, is whats binance coin.

Their total supply is 166 million. Obviously, you got to compare the overall amount of supply thats out there, but just looking at market cap alone, i think at 11 billion dollars, theres still room. You know for a 20 to 30 billion dollar market cap on cro. A 30 billion dollar market cap would put cro coin right around a dollar and being at 40 cents. Now, thats still about 100 return, and you know possibly one dollar a dollar you know possibly moving to, like you know: 40 50 billion dollar market cap about half of what the binance market cap is. You know if you look at that in terms of market cap versus crypto.com and binance, and all that there is still, i would say. Maybe you know one to two: maybe three times return here to come on: cro its not too late just yet, especially if you get a good pullback youll, pull back that you know 20 to 30 area in the future, and then you get that move to a Dollar, there should be some some good upside there on cro. Obviously this is not financial advice and i would not suggest that you go out and you sell your left kidney or your mortgage. You know mortgage or house to buy cro. You know it could go to the moon tomorrow, but at the end of the day, lets be lets. Be smart lets have some type of self restraint here, and you know be adults right.

We can all make our own decisions here. I dont need to warn you guys that there is obviously risk involved with trading and buying and selling really anything in life. Theres, always that risk of things you know losing value in the future, so there it is cro. I would definitely keep this one on your radar check them out. Crypto.Com, you could buy all the latest and greatest cryptocurrency right there on your phone on their app, really easy to use ive been using it for the last few months, and i like it, i love it. I like it a lot.