Today we have a video about the central land or mana and were going to talk about the next price targets for the price of this coin, as well as my mana price prediction. So if you saw my previous video on this coin, i gave you these targets on the fibonacci guys. Look at this. We was finding resistance in here thats. What i put the swing high in here and look at the golden pocket guys. The 618 matches perfectly with the box that we had in here, which was the previous support and the previous resistance on mana, okay um. Also, we had the 786. We had this line in here that acted as resistance back here. If you see what happened guys, we came below the 786, which was the previous resistance in here in this area right here, okay, we came below it and then we retested it as resistance. After that, we had a continuation to the six one, eight guys golden packet of the fibonacci okay and after coming to the six one, eight we, which also matches with this um box, that we have in here between 3.19 to 3.10, which i told you guys that It was going to be a great support target now that we was trading above it. You can see that this level has been resistance, resistance, resistance, supporting here resistance back here and also when we were starting to come back up. It was resistance and support in here before having a continuation to the top of the range okay, um and right now you see that in here it acted as resistance.

I mean no resistance at support right now, and we see that, after that we are trying to come back up now. Okay, so the six one, eight guys the golden pocket. So if you didnt buy in the first pump that we call a mana, we call this breakout guys. A few days ago, i gave you this descending wedge on mana and we was trying to break out at the time that i did the video the other day. Okay right here, if you got on here, you will have made that around 40 42 percent of profit on mana. Okay, on my call now, if you got your binds on at the 618 golden pocket, you will have made already 11 in just a couple hours. Okay, so very, very, very good. The only thing that i see on mana right now, if we talk about the next targets in the short term, we have this huge resistance in here located at three dollars and 45 cents. Okay, you see that it was a huge resistance in here we didnt even close the candle, the candle close to here to this area. Look where we closed the candle. We had a big tail in this candle, so this means a huge resistance and after coming below it, it acted as resistance and now look at the tail in this candle is acting as resistance once again. Okay, so getting above 3.46 3.45 cents will be good for mana in the short term.

After that, my next resistance will be the swing height that we have in here anything at around three dollars and 78 cents to three dollars and 80 cents. Okay and after that, your next target for mana will be four dollars and 32 cents, four dollars and 61 cents and five dollars and six cents, that is, for the short term. Okay, of course, we also have this huge resistance area that i have a mana look at here. It was a huge resistance, huge resistance in this candle, this candle, this all the candle that we have in here and also in here. It was resistance. Okay, so anything inside this area from 3.85 cents to around five dollars will be a huge resistance area for mana. And if i can give you a straight line, it will be at around four dollars and 18 18 cents, because we had the tail of this candle right here: okay, but yeah. The thing my point is that anything in this area is going to be a huge resistance for mana and, of course, i do think that we can maybe start coming up here and consolidate inside this area before breaking out and having a continuation to the next targets. That we have for mana for the long term. Okay, this is for the long term for mana. So for mana for the long term, my first title will be 8.49. The second one will be 11 and 27 cents and the last one will be 17 for mana.

Okay, if we oh shoes hold on guys, this is a little bit off. Okay, okay. Lets move a little bit in here, okay, so for mana, if we put it from swing low in here to the swing high in here you see, the 8.19 will be the first target 10.87 and 16.19. Sorry about that guys, but this is for the long term. Okay, of course, in order to have a continuation to these levels, we have to break above this huge resistance area that i that i was just talking about. Okay and in the short term, this will be your targets, as i said, and right now lets talk about the support levels in case that we end up finding resistance in here and coming to the downside, and we see that at around at around this area, we Can put a new target at around three dollars and 31 cents, because you we have seen a lot of resistance in this level, support and resistance in here, okay below that target, then your next one will be at around the six one. Eight, of course, the previous report, anything in this box, three dollars and nine cents to around three dollars and twenty cents, and after that level in case that we end up dropping below it. We might be a little bit dangerous because in this area we also have the 50 moving average of the two hours short right here, this green line, but if we drop below it, then your next target for mana for support will be anything at around three dollars.

Okay, where we also have the 0.5 of the fibonacci, and this level has been resistance and support previously before having a continuation to the upside um. The volume of mana is starting to get back up a little bit guys, but we need some volume. I mean look at the difference in the volume look look at this volume compared to the volume that we had on mana back here. Okay, so if we can get some spikes in the volume like the one that we had back here, it would be very good for mana um but thats. Basically it guys. Thank you so much for watching the video. If you like it, please subscribe, leave a like and put in the comments any coins that you guys want me to check and thats.