If you are new to the page, go ahead please and hit the like subscribe and notification bell lets just get right into. It were not going to talk about charts or any of that or where anything is. I just want to talk with you guys tonight, because theres some things that need to be said and things we need to look at first lets talk about uh saitama. You know they had the big uh cedar mask event last night and in uh vegas, and it was a big fat, nothing burger and now theyre, trying to clean house theyre, trying to redo things and say that this was this, and you know they said that the Launch of the app will be next uh in two weeks and for for most people to even get the coin is a nightmare. They got to go through seven steps right, and so they had this app thats supposed to the satom sata mask. That is supposed to literally be its own ecosystem. If you look at everything its supposed to do smart, it sounds like a great idea right and it was just a lot and last night i posted a video im gon na leave a link right here and um, and i posted a video that i had some Concerns about it and one of the concerns is, you know you couldnt find the app, and i do understand that this was announcing the app but the app um you know speaks about these other major platforms, uh listing it should, i say the event and what they Were talking about now, im not saying that if you hold it that the coin is a rug pool all right im, not saying that um and um im praying that no one loses any money, because i dont take uh.

I i dont take joy in anybody losing any money um, i believe its a good platform. Everything ive read about it and i just personally didnt get in it. I shared with you guys why i didnt get in it, because there were a lot of us youtubers that they were offering money to. Okay, when i say they i mean coins like that and um, and for those of you that think us youtubers are late to the game. Youre, sadly mistaken we hear about these coins. They come for us to talk about these coins before you guys ever get it, but you know i saw somebody say: oh larry was late to this atomic game number one. You guys my audience. You guys have been asking me to cover it forever in a day, and there was a reason why i choose not to cover it. Okay and so um – and i explained it ill – leave it in this video here im not going back over that, but theres a lot of stock and crypto that i dont cover and im fully aware of them, and i just dont cover them. If i think something is risky, or i think that um i need to do a lot of a lot more deep studying to it, then i wont bring it to you guys. I dont want to be talking about anything thats going to cause you guys to lose any money. Okay. So if you have the coin, i hope that you got it.

Those that had fomo actually bought it at a higher rate and it dropped. I dont know where it is at the time of this video im not going to pull it up im not going to pull up a chart um, but if you bought it at the high. You just need to take this as a learning lesson not to have fomo. You know so, for instance, last night im going to take my time with this one good people, sunday night, if you listen and youre new youll, learn something. Somebody commented on my video last night that i made about satama before the event started and they said well. Um after i, you know, posted my video someone said you know: keenan didnt get in any either and hes talking about the same thing youre talking about, but i bought it anyway. Im like okay and so um, so uh i go over and i look at keenan graces, video and hes having the same concerns im having okay. So this person, who said that keenan, has reservations and you have reservations and i bought it anyway, its like you did you buy it based on some study that youve done thats fine, but if you are just full mowing in thats, never a good reason to buy A stock or crypto good people im never going to come on for that hill, because all youre going to do is find yourself in a mess. And then the person comes back and said.

I should have listened to you, okay, which means that he bought it at a higher rate and the floor dropped on them and so um. Whenever someone brings you news, like i brought you last night, its not to say, dont buy a coin or a stock, its actually to add to the research that youve done. But unfortunately, a lot of people have done. Zero research and theyre just chasing the hype and im going to tell you good people dont, take your hard earned good money and invest it into any stock that any youtuber, including myself, is talking about. Unless you do your due diligence, okay, good people, remember anything. I say is not a suggestion for you to buy, sell or hold a stock. All i do is i do research ive been doing this almost 27 years and yes, im older than a lot of people. Think and ive been doing this longer than most of the people that think theyre that they are somehow professionals now and theyve been trading for three weeks and it just doesnt work that way: okay, good people, so um um, im gon na come back to that lets. Get to some okay! Now when was was going down, i brought the news to the family. I said: hey ship is going down. Heres whats happening right, because i want you guys to know the downside as much as the upside. So if you just want me to hype and only talk positive about any stock or any coin, youre in the wrong place, im never going to do that.

If i see fear im going to bring it to you guys and im going to say, hey, have you seen this or have you looked at this all right, so i do see some positive things about shiba inu, which is another speculative coin. It is highly shiba. Inu is speculative, saitama is speculative, amc is speculative game, stop was speculative, these are all speculative plays, meaning you should only invest the money that you are willing to lose okay, but i will tell you out of the two satami and sheba e knew im way: more Bullish me personally on shiba inu than i am on satama, based on my research now i know satama has this whole ecosystem that sounds great okay, but im just going to say me personally: im rolling with the ship game and im personally not buying satam, okay, so Heres some good things, thats happening with the sheba e new coin, um theres, two more platforms that have listed it over the last 24 hours. All right, one is called change, hero and um um thats one thing and then the other one is um gemini. Now gemini is a major platform. Uh change hero. I never heard of him, but gemini is a a big boy in this space they so thats more people that can actually purchase the coin. Right now, people people in india, which is the second largest populated country in the world. Now they could buy ship coin.

Okay, all of this happened in the last week, so those are three major catalysts, um change, hero, gemini listing ship going and then india being able to purchase it. Now. India is not a wealthy company country im. Sorry, like the usa, so you have to put that in the mix, but those are three positive catalysts now theyre, not so positive that theyre going to send ship running through the roof, no theyre positive enough to keep it up and give you some good um um Um, upward movement, and, and so sometimes good news is just enough to hold a coin where it is when you have other coins hitting the market, because its the same group of people that are in shia that are chasing satama, now, remember its not just con consolidated To chart reading, but we have to see what the herd is doing. I do a lot of psychology trading all right, so heres another good catalyst for shiba inu. We are soon to hit 1 million holders, so over a million people will be holding and theyre holding longer, so people are holding longer and more and more people are uh buying into the ship and heres whats really cool over 70 percent of everyone that has balch Shiba inu are positive, theyre actually in profit, that is humongous. So if youre in profit, you have more uh, i believe youre gon na hold the coin even more because its a speculative plate, a lot of people uh just have fear and they just start selling out, which is not a good thing all right, and so they Have fear and they start dumping all right, good people, so those are some good catalysts for shiba inu.

Now um in two weeks, well see what the satama coin is going to do well see if the sata mask actually have a successful launch, and i hope and pray that you guys that got it make good money and so thats. What we are about here – and i hope everything comes to you know – to to fruition or what it should do and so thats what im rolling on now. I only have a certain certain amount of money allocated towards speculative plays im, going to reiterate good people and say this very commonly. If you only have shiba inu and you have amc and now youre chasing uh saitama and you have no other stock. And you have no other crypto, you are a target looking for an arrow. I want you to think about that. If you never heard that term before now, if you are getting bad, if someone brings you news just to raise uh shine, a light on a situation and you dont want to know the truth. You know my dad was a carpenter and i used to i used to think i i would figure things out better than he would and theres some times where i messed up and i said dad im, sorry im, sorry, dad, im, sorry and hes like youll. Never you know you dont, learn and im going im, sorry and he looked at me and he said something that some of you will think is brutal.

He said, i know youre sorry, but you dont have to stay that way. Son and i used to think that was really mean, but now that im older, i get the message change your ways. So if youre just change chasing these speculative plays and you dont have fundamental stock, then its its something is wrong. So im going to leave by saying this in my coinbase account when shiba inu was going down. You know what happened to my overall account. It pretty much stayed the same. You know why, because my boat was balanced, because i had aetherium, because i had bitcoin, because i had tezos, because i had all of these because i had solano, you know i had these other coins that were more stable. So when ship was going down, they were actually going up, especially bitcoin. If youve seen my other videos, it kind of plays the opposite. So my portfolio in my coinbase literally stayed the same while she was going down and so thats, where i want you smart investors to be at the and thats where smart investors are at, and i want you newer investors to learn how to do. Okay, dont! Try to run with the hurt uh, i will tell you: ninety percent of the herd will lose money to people, so we wan na be well balanced check out that coinbase link below download it deposit, a hundred dollars to start trading and then weeble – is where i Do my swing trading, i do it on stock and i also do it with crypto, including shiba, inu and um there.

You can download five dollars there, its not enough to really buy enough stock, but you can literally download five dollars. Theyre gon na give you two free stock worth up to twenty three hundred dollars: hey thats! What pays the bills? Listen im, always gon na. Tell you guys the truth. Just like i said yesterday, theyre offering us youtubers money to talk about these coins im. Never ever ever gon na talk about a coin that they are offering or crypto that theyre offering to pay me money to only talk positive about it. Now, if a company wants to pay to say, hey, do a honest look at this coin and tell us what you think, thats different im, still not gon na! Do that, because theres, so many rug pulls going on right now, im not gon na risk. A dime of you guys money all right, im, just gon na keep it real hey if youve been rolling with me, go ahead and hit the like button and listen. I want to tell you: i am not puhooing on uh the satama coin: im not im just puhooing on the way some of the fomo chasers are literally chasing because soon as it doesnt work out, youre going to be chasing the next one and then the next One and then the next one, while those of us thats learning how to not just load the boat but balance the boat were balanced and we only have a small portion of our entire portfolio in the speculative place.

So were going to continue to make money. Whats going to happen is youll, get burned enough and youll say the whole thing is a scam and we call you you weak leaves because youre going to shake the tree and all the weak leaves will fall off and that will be those speculative chasers and the Fomo chasers and youre done youre out and it does you and it does not. Do you any good? So if youre new im telling you get some fundamentals and learn how to invest as well as trade all right, i love you. Good people im gon na leave. It right there were gon na talk about some stock tomorrow. The president is going to be supposedly signing the infrastructure bill. So look out for all of the infrastructure stocks uh some may uh cool off tomorrow, like evie go. It could continue to run a little bit. Lets see, but there could be some profit taking on it. Its called buy the rumor sell the news. So what happens? Is people buy it low and then you buy the rumor that somethings going to happen. So this the bill will actually be signed tomorrow, monday. Some people may take their profits and leave and if enough of them do that the stock will start going down, even though the president is signing a bill so be aware of that and uh so keep an eye on all of those those charging stations. Evie gold volta, you know plug all of those, even the evs, so keep also keep an eye on lucid motors theyre having their earnings called tomorrow.

Also, good people well talk more about stock tomorrow.