So hopefully you took my warning that i talked about in the previous videos. I was warning everyone when everyone was moon boys. I was the only one saying again that i think that were topping out and im going to show you that warning where i sold all my positions. So big! Congratulations! If you followed, i did re, buy some of those, but only with small portions of my capital and again i want to point this out. I called the top at 55 000 back in may or april of this year. I called the bottom at 29 000.. I called that 54 000 local cop that we had a few months ago, and i called the top four days ago, which is amazing. Its im do on fire with these calls, which is beautiful, im going to show you that video, where i called the top four days ago, theres some altcoins and im going to show you a warning. There is a warning that im seeing across the markets again were overbought on a lot of weeklies on the charts and im just seeing top signals again now we havent had this blow off top, where the prices go crazy and we have 50 spikes in a day. Thats always a warning to get out when we have some ridiculous, so, unfortunately, that has came true and were just getting destroyed in the market if youre, holding olds, bitcoin theyre, just getting annihilated, were going to jump into the charts for bitcoin and the total market cap Of all cryptos, i gave a big warning video on ethereum yesterday and that warning also came true.

So remember that make sure you hit the subscribe button, the bell the thumbs up button. I was the only person pretty much in the markets or on youtube. That was talking about this potential dump, lets jump into the technicals and see which bloodbath is going to end now. So now were into the charts and, as you can see, its just red markets, all around um weve got 16 down on dyd theyre, also just getting destroyed. Crv. I closed all my positions if you followed my live trades and i closed most of them four days ago, which was an amazing cause. Look at this some of these olds coming back to where they were before the entire run up so were really pulling back very strongly here, so im so glad that i did close out positions. Hopefully, you followed my warnings and you got to remember when i give these warnings its its, not in my best interest, its actually very difficult for me to do because im telling everyone sell when im a youtuber thats making videos about cryptocurrency. So its very difficult. For me to do, and i usually get a lot of hate and a lot of heat when i do it, but as usual again, i was right when i made that video giving that warning. It was on the 10th of november. We were actually here when i gave the warning at 68. 000. now were sitting at 59 000. So exactly called that top, and the reason was that he was a double top.

We had a double top formation and also on all the old coins and all the um. We had just overbought on everything, and that was the reason i pulled out most of my positions, which was an amazing amazing call. Unfortunately, i did open some trades that were in the negative that closed out, so i did lose some of the around ten percent in those positions. Unfortunately, i should have heeded my warning more and not get gotten back into room. I need to keep reminding myself because thats the same thing that happened back in april at 55k, i sold exactly near the top and then i did re buy some positions again, the same thing here i sold the top, but then i was opening smaller trades, though Here but i got ta remember not to do that and just trust, my gut, because everyone else, sometimes i get convinced by other people, but usually im right on the money with that with my calling tops and the bottoms, which is very hard to do im. One of the only youtubers that is able to do it so we are dropping um and whats were coming strongly out of this big wedge. Here we have a giant ascending wedge that should have broken to the upside this one here, usually they break to the upside, but its broken to the downside. So it builds pressure and breaks to the downside and thats where were dropping, so the target is actually forty.

Eight thousand dollars before we have any major major support. Now. Sorry, we have this very strong support right now at 59 000, but look at this we had, we should have had more holding here. There was a lot of support that was around this area, but we just weaked straight through it and broke through it, so thats a bad sign. Unfortunately, it means theres a lot of panic in the market and 48. 000 is the point that i will start buying. A lot of the cryptocurrencies back – and this could be a very, very big drop. Everyone 48 000 is in bitcoin. So can you imagine whats about to happen to the altcoins um? So hopefully you took my warnings the last few days again calling it um. If you did take my warning, let me know in the comments section so 48 thousand is the target of this giant ascending wedge. The base of the wedge is the bait the target so thats whats, taking us to this 48k. We have right now were on that blue line that big support line, and it really needs to hold here if it doesnt hold here and its not looking like its going to then 48 000 is going to be that quick target were dropping down quite strongly on The hourly were also coming down strongly with a lot of selling volume um the market got very spooked with this drop everyone, if it doesnt hold at this 59k, its going to be bloody, and it looks like its trying to go through it right now.

We already broke that 59 000 support and that blue line that 59 000 support is an old one. It goes back to when i called the drop last at the beginning of this year back in april, when i called the drop here thats, where that blue line support is because that was a strong resistance, so that should have been a very strong support, but its Not it just pierced through that support right now, unfortunately, and on the daily we have much more to drop but coming into the ema ribbons now, where we, this daily candle smashed through the ema ribbons, but it hasnt broken the ema ribbons. Yet if we can get a bounce here, then we could have a recovery, but its just not looking like that were getting panic in the markets. Our assigned stochastic have more room to drop 48 000. Is the big big support of this giant symmetrical wedge this one? Here that was meant to take us to 92 000.. The base of the wedge was a target, build explode to the direction of the trend 92k, but this candle is just annihilating all these gains. We really need it to turn back if we can turn back today and close this daily candles back above then we can remain bullish and start moving to that 72k going into december, but at the moment, its not looking too good and we have a double top. The first one forming on that all time high in october, then the second one forming here on the 10th of november, when i called that big drop coming and now its playing out so again.

The target of this bloody math. If we dont hold here at the 59 000, the main target to buy but be buying, where i will look to pick up most of the positions again will be at this 48. 000.. So a lot of potential dropping area, we still got a lot to go. If this doesnt recover very soon, if it doesnt recover in the next few hours, 48 000 will be the target again its looking like its trying to hold on this 58 000. We had a big week all the way down to 58 000 and a big bounce. So it is trying to hold, but lets see if it manages to do it currently im out of all my trades. Um now were going to look at the total market cap and in the total market cap you can see we just dropped 218 billion dollars and now were through this. This one is unfortunate everyone. So this is the total market cap of all cryptos and, as you can see, weve been in this channel for the last few months, climbing up this channel, then we broke out of this symmetrical wedge and we came to the downside. That was that first support at that 2.6 trillion now were broken through that one and that i did expect that we would break it and come to this 2.29 trillion down here. So we have another 200 billion 240 billion to wipe from the markets before this bloodbath.

Could be over, in my opinion, unless we get a strong bounce here, 2.29 trillion is the main trend line this one here that weve been climbing up since july. So if it does come down its quite healthy to come down to 2.29 trillion and still move up, so we could have another 200 billion wiping from the markets, everyone its and were destroying the ema ribbons on this as well. The rsi and the stochastic on the daily still more to drop down and the alts are just blood baths right now. Look at these numbers down. Sixteen percent dy dex one. Sixteen percent crv fourteen percent ar thirteen percent engine. Fourteen percent the market just getting annihilated radium down ten percent. I will try to buy some of these on their extreme fee. Spikes um, so im going to set alerts at radium. I would be buying here at the eight dollar mark, so ill set and look for it. There im going to set alerts, but again this bloodbath is not yet done so im going to get rid im going to quickly post out this message and just alert everyone and release this video quickly. Hopefully you paid attention on the 10th of october november in the discord and then the day after when i announced it on my videos, because it is playing out as i expected and again, if you want to follow im the only youtuber and the only person that I saw online that was calling this drop again, just like i was back in april, hit the subscribe button, the bell the thumbs up button.

Unfortunately, this isnt good news, but remember now, were in usdt and our goal is to buy the drop wants to fear. Extreme fear, i mean extreme fear, were not in extreme fear right now. I want to see spikes down to unbelievable levels and then i want to pick up some of the alts on the extreme cheap. So i am waiting on the sidelines you can follow. My live trades. The join button down below. Thank you for watching this james from stockroom hit the subscribe button. The bell the thumbs up smash up the like button comment in the comment section: did you heed my warning? Did you listen? Did you sell your positions? Let me know: did you sell your positions? If you sold say i sold if you didnt, say say you didnt sell.