I was mentioning before to a very specific price level i was talking before. But now the question is: is this the beginning of a big waterfall down to even lower price targets, or was this already the shakeout? I have something i want to show you in the chat something i talked about before, but something where i think people are missing out on so make sure youre watching this video. Until the very end, you are smashing up the like button. This video is shorter than other ones, because i really want to nail it down for the most important thing. So if you want to give me the feedback to make more of these second videos of the day, which are shorter, but in a compact manner, like this video share this video with your friends and make the comment section to go on fire. Because i need your feedback, it is a feedback function and i want to see if you want to see more of that here. Going forward in the future. Now lets talk about the bitcoin price. I will start you on the immediate short term before i am actually going higher on the time frames and, of course, talk about everything necessary right now. Also, you know my crypto punx here on the wall. I just wanted to show you something i have now my crypto punk, also on my wrist, just a quick, fun fact and now lets talk about the bitcoin price.

So what you can see is on the volley candle we actually broke the w pattern to the upside. We hit the price target and then broke lower. I was actually talking about yesterday when we were kissing the support that this might be the beginning of the furthermore dump towards the downside. Well, let me show you this. I was telling you right here that there is going to be significant support coming in in this support area, and you know what guys, let me show you this little video here from yesterday. I was talking about that listen very very closely and let me see where the mouse is listen very closely guys for our canvas. We can see at 61, 60, 600 to 61 000 us dollars significant support coming in and what you can see is there was significant support coming in and we are supported exactly at this area right now. The question is: what is the next move for bitcoin? Well, let me talk about that because, on the daily we just broke support, so what you can see here is, of course, this daily channel is not even close to be finished yet, but if we are closing below, i am expecting another retest of the 55 to 58. 000 us dollar levels. Yes, you heard me right. I would still stay bullish, because this is the most important support to hold. It was resistance throughout multiple months and the last previous uh bull season in february march and april.

Now it is going to turn into significant support and i dont expect it to break after, like one two touch points, after basically rejecting 20 candles back in the days earlier this year. So this is strong support. I expect it to hold. I do not see the bitcoin price going below 55 000 usd. I could be wrong. I dont see it happening, though lets wait and see what unfolds here on the monthly canvas. We are still severely severely bullish. Actually, what you can see is we are coming to the apex and within november or december we are going to break this, to the downside or to the upside. Well, i am betting big on the upside, because on the rsi we are not even close to be overbought, yet usually we are hitting in every single cycle massively overbought territories. Before we are going down now we have a higher high on the monthly. However, a lower high on the rsi, which is obviously here, not really treated as a divergence. It furthermore just shows us that the bitcoin price is not even close to vba to be overbought right now. So this is very important, and this is why i am still in my 10 million dollar trades, my bible trade being under water right now, of course, full transparency here, the femax trade. Still, let me know what let me just show you. It makes a little bit easier, the femax trade. Still, oh, no, i have to load you always im, not logged in okay.

I will show you no. I should be logged in right. Let me quickly select market contract boom, bad preparations. So now it should show up. Yes, the femax trade is still 1 million us dollar in profit, and the the chaining trade is slightly in a profit, youre, 12, 000 us dollars and well. If we are going over to the bible trade once again, full transparency. It is here right now, 30. In a loss overall, im still more than a million us dollars in a profit, and i am keeping these trades open. As you know, in the pin comment down below by the way, 9 000 likes lets get 10 000. Today, guys, you will find not only the telegram group which you have to join, not everyone joined, yet i mean its the most active telegram group in the world, the fastest growing community in the world, and if you are joining, you are getting your free spot for A free idol location for v launch: you want to get your free spot for a free idea or a location, its just 25, 000, 26, 27, 000 in within a few hours by the way perfect. But we were almost 70 000. So every single one of you rejoin this new group here in the pin comment down below, and obviously you also get less than a ten thousand us dollar bonus. You know what less than a one million us dollar bonus in the pin comment down below by clicking these links, making your own account after your initial deposit.

You will get these bonuses credited completely for free. Thank you so much for watching guys.