I see the entire market is flash crashing. Everybody is scared about cryptocurrency. We were all wrong about this bull market. It is not going to break new. All time highs, it is not going to inevitably get to 100 000. We were all wrong. The market is gon na, do what the market wants to do and the bulls were absolutely wrong. The bears were telling us this entire time from 30k that we were in a bear market and that there is going to be no continuation to the upside theres, never going to be a hundred thousand dollar bitcoin. We are all just moon boys and we have been proven wrong. That is what is going around right now on social media, on mainstream media, as everybody is panicking about what were seeing in cryptocurrency right now, we are experiencing a flash crash. We are sitting at 61. 000 for bitcoin right now were experiencing an overall crypto market pullback and everybody is wondering what in the world is going on and im going to show you two charts about bitcoin that make me extremely bullish and why im not worried, and i also want to go Ahead and give you this disclaimer, if youre worried about volatility, then this is not the market for you, because what the volatility that youre seeing today is the same volatility that gives you the possibility to change your financial situation. The same volatility that youre experiencing on the downside, price action is the same volatility that you can experience on the upside price action and thats the volatility that gives you the chance to change your financial situation for the better.

So volatility is something that youre scared of. This is not the market for you and you. If you want to continue to save your ways to wealth and watch inflation, continue to ruin, your portfolio continue to decrease the value of your spending, then go ahead and do that. This is for people that understand on a macro environment. What is taking place? What is transpiring around the entire world? Economically and globally, that understand the fundamentals are not going to be shaken out, because i am not im actually more bullish right now than i was earlier in the day and ill. Tell you exactly why? Because in this market we are going to see the market do what mark what the market wants to do were going to see the market do what its unexpectedly doing, if everybodys thinking that were going up, usually the markets going to do the opposite? If everyone thinks were going to continue to go down into a bear market, the markets gon na do the opposite and im gon na be showing you in these two charts. The time is now to understand that pullbacks, the volatility that flash crashes are going to be a part of this game. I told you earlier today that all these pullbacks all of these um consolidation modes are going to happen. We are going to see extreme volatility, and what this is actually showing me is that we are maybe possibly entering these late stages.

Where were again seeing increased volatility to the upside into the downside. That is going to show us that we might be experiencing the boys scenario about to play out now that the market has been freshened, it has been cleared of liquidations and it has continued to uh get get rid of all the over leverage in this market. So, if youre bullish on this market go ahead and smash the like button, if youre not worried about this dip, you understand, on a macro environment, that inflation and other scenarios are taken across on a macro environment around the entire world and that inflation is a hedge Or in crypto is a hedge against inflation and continues can to build your portfolio out. You are going to be successful in this market. If you are bullish on this market, um go ahead and subscribe. The channel, as we show up and we show out every single day, while all the bears are telling you its over – that theyve been calling it since 30k theyre going to have been proven wrong. Once again, theyve been saying we were in a bear market since 30k. We broke new, all time highs, going about the 69 000 and now theyre, claiming its a bear market once again, theyre gon na cry wolf every single time when we get to a market peak when the market feels overheated when the market feels overvalued, i will tell You, when im exiting this is not the time to this is the time to buy the dip, in my opinion, not financial advice, but we are going to see the extreme volatility that were seeing to the downside happen on the upside and, in my opinion, were seeing This insane volatility, where bitcoin is having a six percent move to the downside, is telling us that the late stages of this market could be unfolding and the volatility is going to be increased.

What youre, seeing today is what you can see on the upside when im telling you that ten thousand dollar candles we can come for bitcoin in the overall market. You are understanding exactly how this could happen and the exact same time that were seeing this pullback. We can see a major break to the upside, so if youre bullish go ahead and smash, my butt go ahead and subscribe. The channel and, let me know your thoughts and comments down below – i am more bullish now than i ever have been seeing the market getting clear of all the liquidations get rid of all the overs leverage and now lets see what this market can do as we Go into the late stages of this market where were going to see extreme volatility like were seeing right now, but lets take a look at the overall market. Let me show you two charts that is making me extremely bullish and why i believe that we have not seen the market peak yet overall market coming in at 2.65 trillion valuation, roughly a 7.4 percent move to the downside, bitcoin down roughly 7 sitting just above 61, 000 now a 1.1 trillion dollar asset ethereum pulling back seven percent here sitting at 4, 300 finance down 6 tether, stable coin right. It gets a little bit of green, though hey. Maybe you should just tether up right, so solana coming down six percent card donald down. Five percent xrp down six percent polka dot down nine percent dose going down.

Five percent shes been down six percent. It has not been a fun day in the market unless youre going shopping unless youre, taking advantage of this dip and continuously allocating continuously building your portfolio out as we are going into the late stages of this market, and i want to show you these two charts And i believe that you are going to be more bullish than you have been ever since we are looking at these charts and if you are embarrassed, i know youre going to call me a moonboy, youre going to say im going to be proven wrong once again. Its okay, i dont, need you to have the same opinion as me: im going to back my opinions up my data and tell you exactly why i have my stance and why i am more bullish than ever and we will see what this markets going to do. If youre a bear, go ahead and comment down below, go ahead and hit a dislike button, i want to know your honest feedback and opinion, because i dont believe that we have seen the end of this market, even though all the bears are coming out of hibernation And are trying to scare you with this flash crash or trying to tell you it is over. So i showed you this chart earlier today and were seeing in the 2013 market, the 2017 market and now on the 2021 market. The same scenario playing itself out and history is likes to repeat itself in cryptocurrency.

So in 2013 we got a weekly two week, close above the 1.618 fibonacci extension. That was the first scenario where we saw the initiation of the massive move to the upside, where we saw the market peak happen in roughly six weeks. Here you can see how quickly we went from roughly 200 all the way up to over 1200. Okay. Now, 2017 same scenario played. We got a break above the 1.618 with a two week close above and then followed by two four six, eight ten weeks of madness to the upside, going from roughly just above four thousand all the way above twenty thousand in just a short matter of time, where We see crazy, crazy volatility entering this market and now into 2021. We are trying to sit at a two week, close above the 1.618. We need to sunday to close above 64 700, so we still have six days to get this day two week close above 64. 7. If we do this, if history is going to repeat, if that is going to back this up, then we are initiating the massive move to the upside. That can happen in a matter of weeks and take us to price targets that we want to see. Now. Let me show you this other chart that we have here. This is bitcoins price target. This is bitcoins chart right here. Does this look like a bullish or a bearish chart? Im sorry coming at 62 000 obviously were much lower than that right now, but this is giving us price targets of 89, 127, 000 and ultimately, at the 2.

618 of 188 000. I believe that were going to end this market at 200 000, and i believe that we are entering the late stages of this market. Where were going to see increased volatility, and this is actually giving me even more fruition and understanding that this amount of volatility that were seeing on the downside is telling me that we are in the late stages, where increased volatility is going to happen. It is going to shake out many people were going to see many breakouts many breakdowns. Every time we see a red candle, the bears are going to be telling you its over every time. We see a green candle, everyones going to be euphoric and excited again. Just have a game plan: have a strategy understand how youre going to navigate this market and you will be successful. The market is not over. In my opinion, i am more bullish now than i am ever as long as we close sunday above 64, 700 for bitcoin. I believe that we have so much upside left and i believe the same volatility were seeing right here. Right now is gon na be on the upside, and it has a chance to change your portfolio for the better and make you one step closer to financial freedom.