Ive been talking about this uh multiple point: negative diversions. This is the four hour time frame of ethereum and right now, as we go into tomorrows session, were down 3.66, so uh closing in on four percent: lower uh, just here uh with uh the beginning of tuesdays session. I talked about the trend line right here and this cloud right here that if we break this level, we break this level that will have a reversal of conditions that sell signal has now been triggered and convergences are now playing out were going to see a pretty Dramatic drop with ethereum at this point question is: will the previous low hold or not down here at this 27 28 100 area? But i expect that were gon na get a pretty sizable move to the downside. Uh again, just did a bitcoin update so check that out ill link it at the end of this video. I talked about how the democrats just passed. Massive uh spending bill infrastructure bill and it has a massive crypto tax in it. Crypto regulation changes having to report crypto transactions were acting like up. This was no big deal. No big deal nothing to see here and the democrats are talking about more crypto taxes. I think the whales right now are going to give them the finger. Tell them what they think of their crypto tax biden signed it into law today, and i told you its going to be by the rumor some of the news.

You know we hear all this talk about how bitcoins going to go now higher and ethereums going to soar because of inflation were seeing the rise of the dollar, the inflations starting to rattle the stock market. Again, so i think well see the opposite happen. A major cell signal, a reversal of conditions with ethereum here in the four hour time frame, taking out the 50 taking out the cloud taking out the trend line coming back to our 200 period, dropping 3.66 percent and as im making this right now, we just dropped Down by four percent lower again, i expect that were going to get some ugly bars like we had over here with the drop i think were going to get a pretty ugly drop. We have major uh reversal patterns. We tried to get a breakout above this previous high, just like bitcoin tried to do. It came back to it and tried to back test it give some traction and we we got rejection, overthrowing this upper boundary of the rising wedge. Its a bearish reversal pattern through back below the upper boundary of it that triggered a sell signal for the rising wedge pattern and now were breaking the channel. I talked about the channel and were breaking that we broke it on monday. Now were getting the follow through here with tuesdays bar selling off, i told you when this channel breaks that ethereum has this other trend line coming into play down here, where they intersect, with this broken declining trend line right there at the you know, 37 3800 area 50 period moving average is coming in at i told you if we break this trend line youre coming back to this trend line of support, theres going to be probably some kind of bounce there and a lot of people are going to go, oh its over and Were going to probably pool to the 50, give some kind of balance and then probably come down and take out those levels and move towards the 200 and again the question is: will the 27 2800 area hold the support? Will the 200 hold the support and if it doesnt were going to get a major crash uh beyond that level, weve moved ethereum into a prolonged correction rather than a pullback youre, either getting a pullback a corrective move or a complete reversal.

Again, you have a bearish rising wedge. This trend line is taken out right here. This lower boundary trend line right there. If thats taken out, then this thing is going to get a bigger crash, move to either a major correction to come down and test these lows right here or more likely to take them out so well be looking at that closely. You have triple negative diversions. Well, its been there, it hasnt played out yet well that doesnt mean its not going to play out its going to play out. The last diversions gave us a 33 and a half percent sell off this ones, probably going to be bigger. So again, i think you have a head fake here and bitcoin has come right up to that resistance level and is turning. I think that ethereum is about to get a very sharp sell off and take out this lower boundary of the rising wedge. I got some really neat indicators to show you but hey if you like the caterers, if you like the chart, if you like the information, please subscribe to this channel and if you want to see ethereum updates, please let me know that click on the like button Smash the like button, if you want detailed ethereum updates, let me know you want them clicking on the like button, if youre not interested, then ill focus on shorter updates and and focus on other coins. Let me know that lets try to get this up to several hundred likes.

Let me know that you want these important ethereum updates. Look at this triple negative diversions down here. We had this again 33.5 drop rolled over and now were going to likely get a bigger drop. My guess is were going to take this level out so well see what happens. You start taking out the 200 youre moving into a distribution phase. Again, i think the whales gon na, let washington, know exactly what they think of the crypto tax. I think theres risk also of a default in the coming days or coming weeks here of uh, the uh, the evergreen, uh developer and again thats going to impact crypto and the crypto taxes and all this stuff going on. This is all going to impact crypto and people, just you know, are so complacent, nah last chance. Look if we get a major selloff youve got yourself a prolonged corrective move. Now ive talked about. I think ethereums, eventually gon na gon na, go to seven to ten thousand, but you know theres a risk of that. If, if we dont take this level up and theres not risk of that, then theres then theres. You know higher low scenario and then and then going and building momentum to clear this level, but still getting a significant sell off. But we start taking the 200 out and not being able to get back above it and taking out this 27 2800 level. That ethereums in real trouble, this triple negative divergence, is suggesting were going to see a massive sell off.

I think youre going to get bars like this, where you get these big big wide range bars. So i think its coming and ive triggered a bunch of sell signals here for monday and tuesday as well. Uh, our stochastics dropping below the 50 level just quickly, hey watch this video all the way through that i got some really important charts to show you, but before i leave this chart again, this looks like a head fake. The question now is whats going to happen at these two trend lines and if you take them out, then were going to test the 200 and test this low. So keep that in mind. But it looks like a head fake, like bitcoin, and just real fast bitcoin had that seven percent rally last week gave back most of it. We were up just under three percent and now were getting the follow through to confirm this bar at major overhead resistance. Again, head fake, head, fake and then well see what happens if we drop below the 50. We get a bigger drop. Look at ethereum now, look at the rectangle here before i leave this chart. Look at the trading range ethereums just pushing slightly higher, so is bitcoin, but look at the trading range just rectangles for support, support, support, support resistance, resistance, resistance. Okay, now look at ethereum by the way major sell signals for bitcoin here in the weekly time frame with uh. You know triple negative diversions.

Ethereum pushed above that that level above this high right here but has come. You know just above it and formed a doji. Now we have a wide range bar, you have a doji, and now i think you get this red bar thats a evening star, reversal pattern and then i think youll see a follow through and a push back below this level, and we may, with this bar push Back below this level and then get the follow through same thing with bitcoin, you know we start taking up the cloud. We start kicking out the 21 and the momentum line. Uh then youre going to see a bigger drop back towards the 50 and uh and risk running again back into this longer term. Trading range, uh, again same thing here: youve got the diversions over here with the mayhei that gave us. You know over 60 drop. You had this run up and now youve got a triple negative diversions here with this peak and a doji which is a reversal bar or a continuation bar, but you know ethereum moving to all time highs, but right now, at this reversal bar we get this. So off youre talking about potentially a head fake, move uh that could reverse this whole move up. Question is, will 2700 hold and will the 50 week moving average hold? Do we take out the cloud and the 21. you take out the 21 on the momentum line. Then then, ethereums in trouble again the momentum line when youre above it here in the weekly timeframe.

Good things are happening, you drop below it and you start getting these dumps. We got above it here, we tested it went higher broke to a new all time. High. Now were going to test, it again were going to watch what happens. Weve got a doji and a potential a potential three week candle pattern in the form of an evening star reversal, the wide range bar, the doji its an evening, star doji reversal and another wide range bar thats red, its the reversal bar and then well see. If we get the follow through, which is a close below the low of the pattern now, additionally, ethereum is having the rsi drop into the negative region right now, its been in the positive region, while this well, this trend has been up but again on monday, we Slightly broke that rising channel i talked about, we saw it on the four hour chart. You broke it now, youre taking out the 21, with this drop weve got going on right now down four percent youre taking out my momentum cloud youre taking up a 21 in the momentum line, the purple line, the blue line well see if the money flow goes Negative hasnt done yet that yet the money flow going negative and the rsi valid signals, and again the breaking of this trend line means were likely going down here to 3 400 to this trend line right here to test our 200. So i expect that were going to take out the 50 period at the 400 4 000 level and expect were going down towards this 3 400 area and again our 200 period moving average.

That looks like its around the 30 100 area. Again, the momentum cloud when youre above it good things, are happening. The momentum line when you drop below it bad things start happening and uh just quickly. Going back to the weekly chair here were down nearly five and a half percent for the week with ethereum. So far with this drop that were having uh for monday and tuesday, now the important stuff ethereum getting a reversal of conditions. This is ethereum futures again got the buy signal right. There now were getting the sell signal today, right now as im speaking, we we are getting it uh. The red line were taking out the 10 period moving average. So again, its now going to become resistance. When you get the red cloud, the red bars bad stuff happens when you get the green bar or the blue bars and the green cloud. Good things are happening. Major cell signals, my forecast line is being taken out the oscillator the forecast oscillator moving into the negative region, bearish reversal conditions, look at this in the downtrend, the bars all of them, except uh. Just three of them were consistently red in the uptrend got the bullish signal here: green and uh green cloud, green bars, red dropping below the forecast line. Here we got back above it got back above it right here, oscillator moved into the positive region here, but it formed negative diversion. So ive been talking about the negative diversions here, we expected it to play out.

Well, it didnt play out it didnt play out immediately. So its not going to play out just because just because ethereums taking its time doing what its going to do doesnt mean its not going to play out so again uh my swing trade signals here, im getting a major sell signal, but look at how accurate these Signals are in the decline holding below the forecast line again everything red going higher green bars, correction, red, green everything. This is beautiful, so again as long as this remains in negative territory. As long as we have a reversal of conditions uh, the sellers are in control. Major cell signal were about to get a big crash on ethereum question is, and its going to be big question is: will we take out the slope so were going to likely retrace much of this move right here, question is: are we going to retrace much of This move right here from the summer lows, rising wedge, that we have on the daily chart, with the triple negative diversions suggests that were going to take out 2700, so well, see but again, uh right now the signals are bearish. We got to see what happens at the support levels and the trend lines that ive been talking about now quickly. My crown jewel indicator for bitcoin here has a major sell signal again: bitcoin futures right now, theyre down three and a half percent, but were dropping below the line, were seeing a major sole signal.

This thing has been spot on correct and its suggesting that were going to get a crypto crash. The crypto crash uh, the crypto tax crash from the uh signing today of the crypto tax into law and all the regulations that go with it. But look at this again bitcoin when it dropped here every bar red, the line red back above it. Look at this green red red light, green light. Had a consolidation here pushed up but form a diversions just like ethereum and now its getting a major cell signal and again ethereum is likely going to follow suit here and get a massive dump as well, with the cell signals that im getting with ethereum already now. Ethereums futures right now are down four and a half percent. This is the ethereum chart here. This is my crown jewel indicator. After we bottomed, we saw green, we held above the line. We got the reversal bar the bars all turned red and we remained. We got a sell signal there. Look at the arrow got a sell signal there. Okay, the follow through told us. We were going to go down further to get back above. The line tried to flip bars back to green, but couldnt do it over. Here we got back above the line. We got back, uh flipping bars to green. This was a counter trend. This was a change. My other signals turned back to bullish. At that time we got a bullish reversal of conditions at that time there in early october, i talked about that at the time with ethereum, then we have green going on and were holding above.

The blue line now right now as im speaking with todays bar, were now taking it out if we close that way by tomorrows close thats, a major sell signal for ethereum were gon na, have a bigger drop okay and the question becomes. How far do we come down here and take out this 27 2800 area ill be looking at fibonaccis, but im telling you. This is a major sell signal for ethereum its, not a recommendation to buy or solo ethereum, but im telling you if you play these signals. My reversal conditions and these signals with my crown jewel indicator. These signals are spot on correct. The signals i showed you signals have been amazing again were going to see if we get this cell signal by tomorrows close and then were going to see. If we get a follow through, you got a reversal of conditions going on in both the daily and in the four hour time frame and now a major sell signal here: thats a signal, close long positions and and open short positions. Thats, not a recommendation to buy or sell a theory im just telling you im just telling you how my trading systems work make sure you watch my bitcoin video. I go through amazing signals. There information youre not going to get anywhere else so make sure you tell me that you want these important ethereum updates. I need to know that i want to continue to see these charts if you want in depth videos on ethereum.

Let me know because theres a lot of coins to cover, so i need to know you can do that by smashing the like button, if youre new welcome, uh share subscribe to the channel click on the bell for notifications and select all youll know when i post Make sure you dont miss any more of these important ethereum updates by doing that and make sure you let me know you want these ethereum updates and not want very, very short videos, because, if youre not interested in ethereum theres, a lot of coins that i got Other people that are asking me to do other coins, so let me know you want these ethereum updates, smashing that, like button, otherwise ill have to focus on other coins and do a you know: either stop ethereum updates or do much much shorter videos uh. Just you know a minute or two or three: let me know if you want them by smashing the like button. I appreciate you doing that. Thank you. So much hard work goes in to study this and to bring you this information, so smash the like button, and let me know you want that information dont forget to watch the bitcoin video itll be linked here at the end. Well, keep you posted, i think, were going to see a crypto tax crash.