Overall, the crypto market taking a very hard hit today, a lot of people and a lot of articles calling it a crash. I dont know if theyre catching on by now, but cryptocurrency is just inherently volatile. A 10 move in crypto, especially something like shiba inu coin, is not a crash. I think that they just feed off the emotions and they use words like that to grab peoples attention and to bring you in, but by no means is sheba e new coin crashing right now. In fact, there are reasons out there. Why were seeing an overall pullback in cryptocurrency in shiba, inu coin, specifically thats exactly were gon na be talking about in this video. So if it sounds like something, youre interested in lets get started. Music whats up everybody, im clay im here to make 2021 the best year ever. If you click that subscribe button make sure to subscribe to the channel, join us become a bro. We are here every single day and we are growing our portfolios together and look if youre brand new to investing you dont know where to buy cryptocurrency or chibi enu coin. You can use the link in the description below for weeble super simple. To set up your account hundred dollar deposit gets you two free stocks and then any one dollar, crypto trade gets you at least five dollars in free shipping coin. And then, if you dont live in inside the united states, you can use the international binance link down in their description as well.

The reward is percentage based, so the more you trade, the more youre gon na earn lets jump right into it. Guys, because weve got two reasons that coindesk is citing as possible reasons why the crypto market is pulling back right now. Reason number one. I disagree with it all right, hes gon na put that out there, but were gon na talk about it because they say this. Could be one of the reasons crypto and shiba inu coin are pulling back right now is that the cfo for twitter said that this is not a time the twitter is gon na be going out and purchasing cryptocurrencies, because they dont want to hold them on their Balance sheet theyd rather hold cash. Okay, i mean nobody cares what twitter is holding on their balance sheet. At this point, like i, dont think that people are equating twitters movement with chiba enu coin and bitcoin and ethereum and the overall cryptocurrency market, so lets just set that one aside and lets talk about what could actually be moving the cryptocurrency market and really have an Effect on shiba inu coin in the infrastructure bill were not here to debate the infrastructure bill like get that get that across, but there is a theres. A portion of that bill that got signed that says brokers must report any transactions for their customers above ten thousand dollars worth. So. If you transact more than ten thousand dollars worth of any cryptocurrency, yes even shiba inu coin, then you should expect your broker to report that to the irs okay, like if youre transacting, more than ten thousand dollars in your bank account same deal.

But a lot of the speculation that could be driving prices lower in shiba inu coin are: are those traders and those miners specifically theres a lot of speculation out there saying that this new bill might affect mining cryptocurrency and might affect specifically mining bitcoin guys? There is a big difference in mining bitcoin and going out there mining bitcoin and then selling your bitcoin for us dollars. Okay, if you do not realize the profit, if you do not realize your gain currently, that is untaxable and i do not think that they are going to get away by taxing unrealized. This is my opinion right my opinion. I dont think that theyre going to get away with taxing on realized gains. So what we have here is a lot of speculation, driving cryptocurrencies and specifically shiba inu coin lower at the moment, because people are uncertain about whats happening and as soon as things move on. As soon as people become comfortable and as soon as peop as people become, you know kind of certain about whats happening with cryptocurrencies. We will see shiba inu coin and the overall crypto market rebound and start to move higher right now. You should know that any sort of uncertainty always drives some buyers and some holders away. They have no risk tolerance. Therefore, i think they have no business in being in shiba inu coin, but they have no risk tolerance. So with any sign of uncertainty, they leave so right now, thats the major story, driving the cryptocurrency slump and the pullback is that the new infrastructure bill just kind of uh, i dont know it – puts into place the the fact that brokers must report these transactions.

Above ten thousand dollars worth and they dont, they dont define brokers so thats. Why theres a lot of people questioning out there whats going on doesnt include mining. Doesnt include all of this. You know. Uncertainty is just that it drives speculation and one it could be driving it to the upside. It could drive a chibi unicoin up. The speculation could be a good thing and then, on the reverse side, the speculation can also drive the price down. Cryptocurrencies are very new. I mean, i know theyve been around since 2010, but as an industry this is a very new industry, so you should expect volatility and it is absolutely no different for shiba inu coin. So if youre out there and youre wondering, is it time to buy the dip? Is shiba inu coin going to continue coming down? Is it going to bounce use the levels of support and resistance that we have because, at least on a technical standpoint, youll be able to see where shiba inu coin is comfortable trading? Where v, where traders view it as cheap and where they decide that shiba inu coin is becoming expensive again, when you dont have fundamental news driving the price. Higher technical analysis is the next best thing that you can go out there and use to determine your position and and your decision making on when to buy or when to sell a currency and its no different for for shiba inucoin guys. I know weve seen a lot of gains recently and a lot of people still view it as expensive, but with everything thats going on right now, the potential is just incredible for the gains to continue higher, so that kind of sums up whats going on with the Overall crypto market right now, i still think that shiba inu coin has so much long term potential.

I dont think that this uncertainty surrounding the infrastructure bill is going to really, you know, hinder the the crypto market. There was some talk in this article about you know. Another crypto winter, where we see cryptocurrencies, pull back and shiba eno coins going to continue moving down. I i think that they just like to take it to the next level and kind of stir up that excitement and stir up those emotions in their readers. So guess what they do, they continue to come back and and they need more information and more information and more information because thats, all these mass media companies are guys theyre, media houses and theyre just like mass stories. If they can keep you coming back and wanting more, they are winning. But i want to know what you guys think down in the comments below. Let us know, is this just going to be a temporary dip and you should be buying buying buying right now or are you kind of a little bit more conservative and youre saying all right, shiba inu coin were going to hold back, were gon na see what You do see if you dip further before bouncing off support and getting in maybe around that 4 500 point per coin level, and if this button is still red, make sure to click and subscribe to the channel join us become a bro. We are here every single day and we are growing our portfolios together.