My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video im coming to you here straight from the atlantis on the palm in dubai, and what we saw right now was a dip, and yesterday approximately like 10 hours ago, i made a video showing you Guys a bearish divergence and the fact that if we break one key support, then that confirms the bearish scenario. Now this bearish scenario got confirmed a few hours ago, as the bitcoin price started to break down so thats. What im gon na get into right now in the charts uh go into the chart and im gon na show you the update. So, first of all, what we see here is that bitcoin fell below this white line here that i talked about yesterday 63.7 k and ever since we broke that point. We have come all the way down here to 60.6, which is this green support box. We confirmed the better scenario already up here at 63.6, so thats, why? I think that um, just like i said yesterday, taking profits because of a better scenario here makes sense, because we do have a pretty nasty. Bearish diverges right now on the daily time frame, which, in my opinion now is getting confirmed. Remember, let me show you so we have a high and higher high and in the in the rsi here we have a high in the lower high so, and i believe that we right now have to consider the possibility that we might see a bigger correction because Remember um we had a bearish divergence.

Let me see if i can make this more clear here we had a a bearish divergence. All the way back here, remember uh in april. You can see right there and then we saw a bigger correction. Obviously, and then right here, we also have bearish divergence right here in september, which also led to a correction right now were seeing the same thing so um here you see another bear so weve seen three bearish divergences and the previous two ones have resulted in corrections. Let me know in the comments: do you think were gon na, say, correction or not? I think we could potentially go down and re test the lower 50s and thats. Why? I think it makes sense to take some profits on our long positions. Any dip guys. The bitcoin dips are just opportunities to buy more for cheap. Here you can see uh beautiful atlantis. This is a incredible hotel to be honest and you have some beautiful yachts. There look at this im just about to go down into breakfast uh because i always eat late breakfast. I love eating late breakfast. I cant really eat as soon as i wake up. I need to like wait. A little bit um, so ive been uh. Waking up, ive been chilling, ive been doing some work, ive been doing some trades and, of course, my video and then im ready to go down and eat my breakfast guys. Well, i know its getting loud a little bit loud, a little bit too loud, um and dont forget guys to go down and join the wait list for casta.

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