I did a video earlier today talking about how how big a theorem is going to be and how much its going to run here over the coming months. Uh, you know, bmp is down seven percent seouls down eight percent. Everything is down, it seems like even polka dot, which i honestly wasnt sure if wed ever see under 50 again after the pair chain, auctions is down at 41 dollars, so so many people are wondering whats happening with crypto right now. Why is it crashing thats? What people are saying, why is crypto crashing right now, first of all, just know that technically its not crashing crashing its 20 uh, but why is it falling down? You know there are a handful of reasons for that now, if you guys dont mind hitting the like button subscribe. I appreciate that i was actually in bed, but i saw this happening and i feel like i should make a video on it. Also, if you guys want there, is a link down there to block fine in case you want to start getting some interest to to uh smooth out some of these ups and downs okay. So there are a couple different things that could be happening. One thing is, and ive been saying this for weeks right whenever we see high leverage in the market theyre just shakeouts right, i mean – were seeing a lot of leverage right now pretty much the highest its been over the last year and then and whenever we see That we see these shakeouts, where it kind of falls false falls and then falls faster and faster until we hit a bottom and then comes back up a little bit so right now we are testing the support around 60 000.

We bounced off of it once already now. Something else that could be happening is hey, maybe whales just want to push down the price, maybe they want length in the cycle? Maybe they want to manipulate. There are a handful of reasons. I dont see any fundamental reasons. Why people should be scared uh, especially because everything looks really bullish in crypto, and you look at all the on chain metrics when you look at all the adoption in crypto theres, just so much to be bullish on now. This is also, though, why i say hey: you should always keep some cash on the sidelines. Ive talked about this many times. I just did a video on keeping some on the sidelines and yield farming. So that way, you could have some some extra money sitting on the sidelines see its even its. Even choking me up just talking about this uh for people that dont have money on the sidelines. It just makes me sick, apparently, but uh. That is something that you have to pay attention to now i, i am very bullish for the end of the year im not worried about it. I think this is the price you pay, for this volatility is the price that you pay for performance when you look back at the summer right during the time. I remember a lot of people were saying: hey what the heck we have been trading down or sideways for months. When can we just go back to where we were? When can we hit all time highs? And now we dont even remember that right, but i remember it was a long time where people were very cautious.

They were wondering if we were gon na see any more of a boom or if that was gon na, be it for the year and now i feel, like some people are thinking the same thing right. Weve been trading sideways for two weeks, maybe a little bit more than that, and now people are worried. Maybe its been three weeks by now four weeks, but people are worried. But when we look back here, i think of this as a blessing as at least, if youre bullish on crypto long term. I think well, look back. We want to. We wont even remember that we had this, but you will look back and say man. I wish i bought more when bitcoin was ranging sideways at. It fell down from 67 000 to 61 000 over four weeks, and we should have bought it because it went up drastically after that, along with a lot of these other cryptos. Now, of course, i always want to keep some cash on the sidelines, but i did nibble a little bit here on five different cryptos, so uh i i am buying a little bit on this weakness. Now, of course, i always have money on the sidelines. I realize hey, this could be different, but we felt the same way back in summer. In summer we felt like hey. Maybe this is the end of the bull market. Maybe we will turn into a bear market a little bit early, but we didnt, i dont, think we are going to turn into it now.

I think its just a little bit of volatility and i think it will pass now whether that happens tomorrow. The next day, a couple days after that, we do have a lot of leverage in the market. So honestly, i wouldnt be surprised. If some people got shaken out. We saw a nice drop like a like a deeper drop tonight. I wouldnt be surprised, and then we came back over the next couple days now, of course, im not a financial advisor, always do your own research im, not here to tell you what to do or whats going to happen. I dont have a crystal ball, but im just telling you what i see in the market. Thank you guys so much for watching dont be worried. Long term, of course, never put money in that you cant lose or at least lose temporarily. If you keep it in there, but always always think big picture, because its too easy to get stuck in a four hour charts or the eight hour charts, look big picture.