Blazingly fast low cost and eco friendly in todays video were going to be taking a look at five of the most undervalued avalanche projects out there, from least to most undervalued and the last project. Youll definitely want to stay tuned for because it is set up for some insane gains based on the ta stay tuned. Whats up everyone randall here from crypto love, todays video were taking a look at five of the most undervalued projects on avalanche. Now i doubt that avalanche is new to any of you, as it is sitting pretty highly on the first page of coin gecko, but its blazingly fast low cost and eco friendly its the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time to finality And has the most validators securing its activity of any proof of stake protocol so very popular right now and the price shows it its already up 10 x over the past four months. We can see it here and it could potentially continue to go up, because if we take a look on a log scale, i dont know about you, but i see a shoulder a head and another shoulder right here. As a matter of fact, i see a shoulder. A shoulder a head, a shoulder and a shoulder, so we have a double head and shoulders right there inverse double head and shoulders that could potentially send the price quite astronomically for avalanche, but already its ranked 12.

So how much higher? Could it possibly go? Well, when we know that projects are going to do well and are likely to do well, potentially undervalued, a lot of people are talking highly about avalanche right now. Well, we can use token metrics to pick out some of the best most undervalued projects in that ecosystem. You see ever since token, metrics 2.0, which came out about a month ago. They added these categories. Up top. There are literally dozens of categories. Things like smart contracts defy stable coins, finance, smart chains, solana, polka, dot, polygon, meme coins, nfts governance, all types of stuff enough yield farming neo protocol, and we also have the avalanche ecosystem. Now, how do you find these? You go to insights, you go to ratings and you go to avalanche ecosystem, and then i like to look at a monthly time frame, because this gives me the long term more undervalued projects and in this episode, were going to take a look at the top five Undervalued avalanche projects, from least to most undervalued and the last project is set up based on ta for some insane gains now clearly dont buy. Just because i make a video look at the projects yourself see if its something youre interested in holding for a while or if youre just going to trade it, but these are potentially some of the most undervalued products that could explode because right now, prices are down. Could be a great time to do some shopping thats when the smart money shops so lets take a look at some of these avalanche projects before we get into guys make sure to like subscribe click.

The notification bell also come join us over on twitter at the crypto love where every week we give away one of these sweet shirts. So the first one is fracs. Finance. Frax is the worlds first fractional algorithm like stablecoin, the frax protocol introduced the world to the concept of cryptocurrency being partially backed by collateral and partially stabilized algorithmically. Now they have their own trading app right here, where you can mint redeem buybacks gauge cross chain staking ammos governance, whole bunch of different stuff there on the trading app and if we take a look right now ranked 167th, so, like i said, were going from least Undervalued to most undervalued right now, trading at 16.72 market cap 594 million dollars, and if we take a look at the chart here, have somewhat what could be a sideways megaphone or maybe we just have a sideways trend. Here looks like its towards the upper to middle part of that trend, so i would expect that maybe the price may come down before it goes back up, but they may be seeing things differently, because we have a couple peaks right here. Well, this former resistance could be support right now and we could bounce off of that and go up and it should be noted. I didnt say this earlier. If you havent tried out token metrics, there is a discounted link for all people down in the description and the pin comments. Youll definitely want to check out that link there, where you could find insanely undervalued projects every single day and make an absolute killing now.

The next project is avalanche, interoperable token pools and auctions for the avalanche. Blockchain. Welcome to the future of fundraising the first protocol exclusively exclusively for the avalanche ecosystem to offer promising and innovative projects a fast, secure and efficient platform for decentralized, fundraising, so thats great. They can raise funds on avalanche, interoperable, swap protocols, permissionless listings, fair and equitable fundraising, vesting distribution, fixed and variable pools, contract investor protection tools and intuitive user experience. So if you want access to the brand new avalanche projects, well, avalanche is a great platform for that. Right. Now, trading at 8.51 cents ranked 418 total markup, 132 million dollars so really on the fourth page of coin gecko pretty far down there and as we can see its starting to take this nice trend upwards, a nice slow trend, upwards, no parabolic rises. Yet so, potentially we could see this continuing for a while with avalanche, especially if the avalanche ecosystem takes off. Now the next one beefy finance i mean who doesnt love, holstein frisian cows. I know i do but bp finance is the multi chain yield optimizer. You can see all the chains they have here: bsc avalanche, polygon, phantom harmony, whole bunch of other ones as well, and they already have right here. This is their app. You can see you can get insane apys like 92. 400. 334. 110. 152. 172. Yes, those sound! Pretty awesome now, if we take a look at bp finance right now ranked 4.

95 trading 1 251 with a 97 million dollar market cap. If we take a look at it, this is a nice looking chart. We have a bit of a coiling up of the price. Coming back down towards lowes, we have a little bit of a bottom bottom and then once we kind of break this confirmation point there. Well, then, the price would likely take off thats right now at 1464.. So if the price can get above 1464, we would likely see quite significant gains on this one, so thats a very interesting one to look at beefy finance, which brings us to the fourth project: dx sale network, building, a truly decentralized blockchain agnostic user experience. For the token journey you can see, they have partners here with polygon silica coin telegraph, crypto slate and vision, completely decentralized and autonomous. A truly automated dow, multiple chain compatibility with scale in mind, helping token economy, mature decentralized, crypto accident ecosystem, currently supporting ethereum, binance, marching polygon and more to come now with products and features theyre developing from scratch. Through first principles, no clones or force build first mark later approach. They have a launch, they have a lock, they have a swap and they have a farm all available on there. Now, with dx network right now, trading at a dollar 36 ranked 916 31 million dollar market cap, so you see were getting more and more undervalued projects, but still all of these projects ranking very highly on token metrics, with the tm grade, which looks at like 80.

Some things to use machine learning and algorithmic uh things to pick out the best cryptocurrencies out there and, as we can see here, this one had a little bit of a run up from july. Until september now has consolidated a little bit going sideways. Well, you can see a little bit of coiling happening right here. Potential breakout from the coil token metric seems to think this one would break up which brings us to our last project. I would say the most undervalued project out there and one where the token metric or where the ta says hey price is going up. This is none other than nifty x. The global layer for nfts exchange nifty x is building the infrastructure required to easily deploy and connect niche focus, global nft markets, ensuring a neutral playing field for creators, users and private firms. We all know nfts are insanely popular well. This could be the global layer for all nft exchanges enabling open and neutral nft markets, open decentralized, interoperable neutral performance niche focused. How would that how cool would that be to buy? I dont know like open, c or immutable x back when it was just starting seems pretty interesting and its on the avalanche ecosystem. Not only that if we take a look right now ranked 954 47 cents market cap 24 million dollars. And if we take a look right here, i dont know if you guys can see this, but i certainly see a double bottom.

We have bottom one right here. We have bottom two right here now it already broke the confirmation point right here at 44 cents and broke through. There went all the way up to 70 cents, but looks like it just bounced off of there right at 45 cents and in one third of cases. It does come back to retest this confirmation point before exploding, so this one could likely be exploding explosive, nifty, x, protocol, shroom, thats, one definitely to take a look at so guys. All of those coins scored extremely highly in token metrics tm grade all on the avalanche ecosystem. All worth taking a look at as tokenmetrics helps us pick out winner after winner after winner, so thats all for todays episode, if you did enjoy it, make sure to like subscribe click. The notification bell also come join us over on twitter and make sure to try out tokenmetrics for yourself. You could find winners on daily time frames instead of monthly time frames, and you could use this trade every single day. There is a discounted link down in the description. Any pin comment ill catch.