I want to share with you the latest news involving bitcoin involving ethereum, involving cardano energy, polygon, lower cap altcoins and then even lower cap altcoins. If youre interested in making money with cryptocurrency click subscribe, we drop a video every single day. Demystifying this cryptocurrency market lets jump. In first thing i want to talk about is bitcoin bitcoin briefly drops below 60 000 as major cryptocurrencies fall, and lets really dig into this, because it is amazing to me how fast sentiment can change when we have a dip. Bitcoin has dipped to levels not previously seen since about a week week and a half ago when in doubt zoom out and look how far weve come. Even if we zoom out a little farther, we can see were still consolidating near the all time highs. Now to the ogs, when youve been in cryptocurrency for a relatively longer amount of time, dips like this dont, really bother you i mean to me: we could bounce around between 60 and 50k for the next few weeks and to me that would be a healthy consolidation. So do not be surprised if were extremely volatile in both directions in the short term, this is cryptocurrency. This happens, but i do want to dive a little deeper and talk about why? Because, as of a few days ago, bitcoins biggest upgrade in four years has just happened: heres whats changed, the upgrade was called taproot and the taproot update means greater transaction privacy and efficiency.

And crucially, it will unlock the potential for smart contracts, meaning automatic contracts which can be used to eliminate middlemen from transactions. So a huge update – and we potentially have just seen a little case of buy the rumor, sell the news which is very common in crypto. But what this upgrade means for bitcoin holders in the longer term, i think means so much more. It wont translate to greater anonymity for your individual bitcoin address on the public blockchain, but it will make simple transactions indistinguishable from those that are more complex and comprised of multiple signatures, so a slight optimization and what this means for you in practice. That means a greater privacy, because your keys wont have as much exposure on chain. You can kind of hide who you are a little better, which is good, says a bitcoin mining engineer and also with taproot bitcoin can now have basic smart contracts. Smart contracts, like we see on ethereum, polka, dot, cardano dab platforms. Taproot makes smart contracts on bitcoin, cheaper and smaller in terms of the space they take up on the blockchain. So this literally was a huge update that was four years in the making, and i think weve just seen a little by the rumor sell the news type sell off thats. My opinion give me your thoughts on this market. Down below. Do you think were heading higher? Do you think were heading lower and by the way i wouldnt be surprised with either in the short term its where this market is trending long term that i care about next piece of quick news if you hold ethereum looking at the on chain investor data, ethereum Is seeing its top 10 largest non exchange wallet addresses continue to grow larger, while its top 10 largest exchange addresses continue to shrink, and this is the most recent data as of today and what this means is, even though some people are selling right.

The market dipped somebody sold somewhere, the eth wales, the 10 largest non exchange, eth whales continue to accumulate while the 10 largest crypto exchanges continue to lose eth, while the minnows, while the dolphins are selling into the sphere into this flood. The whales are accumulating. Looking at the visual, we can see the eath on the top 10 exchanges decreasing as we watch the eath going into the whale wallets increasing. It is very interesting to see the actual data. Give me your thoughts down below if you hold eth id love, to hear your thoughts, but lets keep moving, and i do want to say very quickly that altcoin daily right now is nominated for the blockchain influencer awards. I will put a link down below if youve gotten value from our channel over the months over the years. I want to rock the vote. Vote altcoin daily for best news source, best content, creator, link down below link down below check it out, and next piece of news involving partner of the channel energy. The energy swap referral competition has begun. There is a ten thousand dollar grand prize as well as twenty one thousand dollars in total rewards. This does have to do with their decks, which some people call the uniswap killer, just because its cheaper and faster, as well as their new referral program, which is now live on energy swap and lets dig in to these details. This first of its kind, decentralized referral reward project, gives affiliate members a 10 commission on every trade of every referral who joins energy swap under them and by the way, this is an affiliate program very similar to what the centralized exchanges do like binance, like kucoin, etc, And while uniswap, for example, just keeps the fees gives nothing to its users, energy swap is the first x to offer an affiliate commission.

If you sign up under somebodys link. Also, all referrals get a permanent 10 discount on all of their energy, swap trading fees forever, and they can build their own referral network to build a passive income stream as well. If you want more information on the three different tiers on how to connect your wallet, i will link this video down below in the video description check it out. The news today is their referral. Competition here are the details. Today we are announcing a referral reward contest where the top five affiliate accounts, with the highest amount of referral trade volume during the first 100 days of this program, which kicked off november 4th so just started, will share in a combined prize package of twenty one thousand Dollars paid in usdc, stablecoin first place gets ten thousand dollars. Second, place gets five thousand dollars, etc, etc, and what i like is that this is a dex. So all this affiliate information, its all public, its all on the blockchain link down below check it out. Weve talked about their affiliate program now lets talk about their farming as well. Major yield farming expansion, energy, creates liquidity pools for 19 new cryptos with triple digit apy. Here are the details. The 19 new liquidity pools are chain link, ave, sandbox, uniswap, filecoin, chilis, ecomi, etc. Some of the most popular assets on the market and many of them have triple digit apys for the next 30 days. These new pools will earn significantly higher apis, some up to 100 more for others, and these apis are introductory rates.

That will only last for 30 days, but even after that period ends, we will continue to offer competitive rewards for high demand pools and by the way, if they see strong user support for certain coins, they will extend the high apys if theyre, seeing that support well Be running a series of twitter polls featuring a handful of these coins over the next several weeks from those cryptos listed in each twitter poll, you get to pick which one gets an additional 30 day. Extension of the higher apy rewards, plus, if you like, follow retweet and tag three friends in the twitter poll, you will be entered for a chance to win one thousand dollars, usdc link down below check it out. Next up lets talk about cardano. What is happening with this chain here is the data of the most active chains in the last 24 hours and with 18.24 billion in transaction volume. Cardano is currently the second most active chain in the last day after bitcoin. If you like, cardano, you like this and by the way the data is taken right from asari, so very credible, and my question to you is: what do you think is happening on chain right now to cause all of these transactions? I would guess dapps being built. Potentially, i will do more research. I will keep digging and ill keep you updated next piece of quick news for polygon, unstoppable domains, taps polygon to cut gas fees for ethereum nft domains.

So another platform adopting polygon, pretty interesting, blockchain domain name company unstoppable domains will no longer charge customers, gas fees to mint an nft domain name as of today they have completed the first phase of their move to polygon a layer, two scaling solution for eth, which is Able to speed up transactions and mitigate fees and just a little bit more information on exactly the type of nfts that unstoppable domains offer. Unlike many other nfts, which are often associated with visual art, such as images, gifs or short videos, nft domain names are simply web domain names that exist on the blockchain and you can have verified ownership of a specific domain name if you choose, and these domains also Serve the dual purpose of providing short, easy to remember. Crypto wallet addresses much like the dot eth names provided by the ethereum name service and, of course, how this affects you is, if you hold polygon another announcement of adoption, pretty cool and next piece of smaller cap news for altcoin opulus 360 founder mark gillespie named senior Advisor to music, nft platform opulus and just to clue everybody in a little bit of background earlier this month, opulus enabled fans and investors to buy royalty bearing slices of a new track from rapper little pump as nfds within hours. Some 927 investors had acquired all five hundred thousand dollars worth of these assets. So opulus is a decentralized finance, slash nft platform where musical artists can engage with their fans and fans can potentially buy pieces of ownership through nfts for different music artists.

The news today is this: mark gillespie just became a senior advisor and he is part of 360, which is headquartered in los angeles. Gillisbee manages the likes of calvin harris nikki jam, frazier, t smith and more and 360 also represents standout film talent, including will smith jada pinkensmith, all the smiths. It looks like plus jason statham and others so hes. Now, an advisor to opulus in a direct quote. Im hugely excited to be advising lee and the team at opulus and helping bring what i believe is a revolutionary product to the world. Opulus is undoubtedly a game, changer and im very proud to be involved very interesting. If you bought some ownership in little pumps. Last song, let me know, and uh well have to see how this plays out great get for opulence and next piece of quick news for horror, metaverse, slash, horror play to earn gaming platform, fear cross chain player versus player, leaderboard comps coming to clocking hell, meaning both Fans of binance smart chain, as well as polygon of which fear, is both on need, not fight over which chain anymore players on both chains will enter the same competitions. Is anybody playing the play to earn game clucking hell from fear nfts? If you are, let me know which chain you like, even though it really doesnt matter as much anymore its cross chain, that is the video. My name is austin.