9 bitcoin and 43 eth, now im showing you this not to gloat about whats in this account, because surely many of you have got a Lot more than this in your retirement funds as well, but if you dont, what im going to look at today is some easy steps to get to this sort of return. Now i started with a 26 grand account balance here and so were getting awfully close to that 20x return. So i want to go through five, easy steps that you can implement and, of course, ill show you some examples of how this has actually worked throughout the market using metaverse nfts and some other cryptocurrencies that we have seen explode over the course of this year and The bull market cycle so make sure youve smashed all of the youtube algo numbers down below likes subscribes. If you cant get to the button, just make sure you do it later in the video im sure ill be sure to remind you guys then, as well and of course follow me on instagram, where you can see this posted on a regular basis and twitter. All the official links down below make sure you use those links, so youre not getting scammed by those scammers that none of us can do anything about at this point in time. What triggered me to reflect on the steps for me to get to this point in this particular portfolio? Are the amount of tweets comments, youtube videos out there that are always trying to hype up the viewer or the investor that were only just at the beginning of something magical and thats, going to explode and everyones going to be rich living on the moon? I think most of us know deep down that thats, not the truth, but we want to believe in something because maybe weve come to the party late, maybe were unsure of our position or maybe we just want to go along for the ride and feel some sort Of emotion when we are buying and selling stuff, so i put up a couple of tweets after seeing some other tweets, you know the way it works.

Uh, metaverse crypto that is pumped over five thousand percent in 2021 and its at new. All time highs is not at the beginning of greater things to come, were all being fooled here and, of course, youll see it in some of these titles, but i like to give a whole lot of value in the videos. If i can, if you find that, which is why i ask you to like and subscribe down below, so of course, we can see higher prices im not trying to be an absolute bear here. But weve got to be realistic in the potentials for the gains that were looking to get in this cycle. Otherwise we will be left with nothing or maybe even less than what we came here for if you happen to be that crazy. The next thing is something like manner using this as an example: 43 000, its more like a 440x, not 444, but you get the idea its hundreds of a multiple return. If you were in at the exact bottom and obviously sold out at the current all time. High in 595 days, so that leads me to one of the reasons, and that is patience. So i said i had five of the reasons here: five of the different rules that we could implement into our plans and also our own trading psychology. The first is cycles, youve got to know whether youre in a bull market or a bear market. So if we go back and look at mana as the example i can bring this up here, youve got to understand the cycle.

2017 were in. That peak run of the previous cycle, 2018 came, and everyone believed that we still had further to go. We look at bitcoin thats exactly what happened in 2018, this little period here, which looks like nothing now. There was a ton of excitement, and that was the time where we should have been going should have been going to 50, 000 or 100 000. now im bringing this into real practical scenarios situations news market sentiment the ideas that we had at that point in time. So that, hopefully you can get a feel of how this will happen again and how not to get caught out in it. So this period here was the whole idea was that we were going further up and everyone was throwing even more money in and then it crashed down and people were really sad, of course, and then it continued to go sideways, so people lose faith in that period. So understanding what part of the market the cycle that were in this is clearly in hindsight now a bear market, and you can see this – these boxes represent a an entire year, so patients, bull markets, thats what ive got here these arent in any particular order. Its just five things that i have found that are going to be very helpful in order to get to these hundred x returns bull or bear what the hell are. We in youve got to understand that we are now in a bull market, but it doesnt look like were in a young bull market.

It looks like were getting into an older stage at the bull market. There is still more room to grow. In my opinion, i could be wrong, but thats the way im seeing it at this point in time, because i havent seen any signals to say that we should be breaking down from this point. If we were to break down from the lows that happened in june. Thats, a pretty big sign that things are probably going to be over sooner rather than later. 2018 theres, your patience down 2019 patience down 2020 a bit more of a sideways, but you can see the year ended up compared to where it opened so the patience game. Here had to last around three years, and you may have been out in the project too early in the 20s and 30 cents and then youre actually getting getting absolutely crushed as it fell all the way to about 1.1. Currently, all time high is at around five dollars. So if you take a measured move from that to get us that 400 or so percent return, you can see that it would have taken 595 days. What is to say that you were in here in 2020 and then you jumped out when it hit around 10 cents, so you managed to catch this low when the covert scares came around into the market in early 2020. And then you see a 5x on your portfolio and you get out because youre basically sideways for the next six months, for this particular cryptocurrency before it takes off again, and so the real game plan here is to have patience just to understand which cycle youre.

In now that you can see the market trending up and youre not breaking down any further lows, that obviously shows that the cycle may be turning because you just dont know at that point in time. Until it starts to break the highs, then youre in to a bull market that confirms the bull market, so that also shows the chart patterns so youre getting a feel for market sentiment. You can see on the chart whats going on and youve got to understand. Chart patterns to know that, well we see higher highs and higher lows. So weve applied three of the reasons so far three ways to identify and understanding the real journey to these 400 x returns. The cycle were identifying that broken to some new heights were not breaking down any new lows anymore and were on a macro chart. Next thing is patience. Weve had three years in this bear market. Do you even know what youre doing two years ago or three years ago? Do you even remember what you were doing three months ago, let alone three years ago? So these are the sort of things that come into play as well and to have that belief and faith which leads me into the fifth one: being the fundamentals and the market sentiment. So you can understand something about this project saying its a metaverse. This is what mana is its decentraland. These things are going to be big in the future. You know in the next bull market because of z reasons, but you dont know that in 2018 2019 2020.

But now everyone sees that and everyone knows that, which is why we can see the prices pump and, of course, the returns get far less as the market pumps. And so from that point of our first peak and then correction, we fell to around 50 cents, call it between 50 cents and a dollar so to go from 50 cents to five dollars. Its still pretty epic theres, still your 10x in there, but its nothing like a 43 000 for when no one has the belief. The market sentiment was absolutely crushed in 2019 and 2020.. So the lesson here is: it swings in with patience if youre understanding the fundamentals, if youre understanding the market sentiment and where the direction of the investments are going, then you need to have the patience and understanding of the chart patterns and know which cycle youre in If youre in a bear great time to be buying, you can see the patience that it takes pretty damn long time to get to a 43 000 x return, youve implemented your chart patterns, which ive repeated again. You want to see that the lows are getting higher. So then, you can start to feel a little more comfortable with your position that youve entered so low and been absolutely crushed multiple times. Maybe you thought january 2019 was the low which happened in the bitcoin market, so we can see that we had the lows here in late december 2018 and then 2019 then bitcoin started to take off.

However, your project mana didnt and it fell to new lows and new lows again and so youve implemented the chart pattern saying well were about to break out of these levels. Now we have the patience whats left. Well, the practice of selling and buying is what is left. It seems so ridiculously stupid, but if you have never practiced selling something that youve held for such a long time – and you have this emotional connection to it – that it should be the next greatest thing going back to these tweets, which happened to fool us time and Time again were looking at this, not uh. This is being the beginning of something new well, we can obviously see that this isnt really the beginning of something new, the beginning of something new started back in late 2017, and now we are like, i said, 43 000. Above that point, and so we need to come back to the practice of selling and buy need to practice buying. When no one has the belief when the market is in a bear market and when we just find it very unsettling to be putting some money into something which we have done, our research on to say this should be looking like it is going to do well. In the future, also, the selling part, if you want to take profits, if you dont, want to hold this thing forever. You need to know how to take profits, and i see a lot of people just waiting to sell something at the absolute top if youve never sold.

Something before to be able to hit that sell button is, is another game in its in itself, because you might have sold at this point. If you take it off log, it looks like you did pretty well back in early 2021. You can see that there was absolutely nothing going on here. Then all of a sudden it pumps gets you your hundred x because it was at a cent and now its at a dollar dollar ten and then it continues up further and you think what the hell did. I just do you get screwed you go all right. Maybe i missed this ive got it wrong. I need to buy back in and then sell later whenever that next top comes in and then before you know a few weeks later, it absolutely dumps past that first price that you sold out at and you get fearful and then you sell off. So all the profit that you just made here, you basically lost it on the way down, because this move from getting in again – and this happens quite often – maybe you got in at this peak here around the dollar 35 and then you sold out these lows. You just lost 50, maybe 60 of those gains and you might have made 100x, but now youve. Basically maybe you threw it all back in and then you lost it all on the way down. These are all scenarios that can happen, and i hear some people its a very few minority at the other end, theyre just saying tell us what we need to do.

This is exactly what you need to do. You need to have a contingency plan for all of these sorts of things and act and actually practice it in the market, which is what well get to in just a moment. So maybe you sold out here and then you think im done with this and then all of a sudden you see it peak again and youre thinking. I missed the boat. Yet again, dont worry. There will be something else that comes up and generally in cryptocurrencies. These things tend to fall 80 to 90 percent, now its going to depend on where the top comes in, but if youre making a profit, you cant be too hard on yourself, especially if youre making good profits like 1020x, like i showed at the beginning, when it Comes to ethereum and bitcoin: these are up around 15x at the moment. Im sure theyll get to about 20, maybe 30x by the end of this bull market. Now on to one of the examples in real time and ill use crypto.com, because this thing is pumping at the moment its a good example, because the market sentiment is super hot weve seen big news. That crypto.com is renaming the la lakers stadium in the us in la of course, uh crypto.com stadium, following the path of something like ftx ftt, which renamed the miami heat stadium, ftx arena, and so were getting a lot of hype here and the belief that crypto.

com should Go on forever take on binance overtake finance, you know and make it into those 100 billions by tomorrow and of course, i think cro has the potential to get to those prices. But i want to be realistic so that im not caught with my pants down losing all the profits that ive made with my belief in this cryptocurrency over the years of waiting in a bear market. You can see in 2019 and then, following this through the bull market, uh, that the change in trend into a bull market, so you can see now weve got a high and then a loan. This was the covered crash, so we can accept that it went a little lower than the previous low. Now we have a higher high and a higher low zoom in. You can see what im talking about really clearly with this yellow line here, higher higher high again higher low. So the trend is up and then were getting a lower high, but a higher low, and then eventually it breaks out into this massive pattern here and so thats just starts to meet. Our criteria were in uh. The cycle is a bull market. At the moment, weve been patient and waited through the bear market. The chart pattern is showing us that were getting higher highs and higher lows. The fundamentals and the market sentiment is now building to a peak at this point in time and sure this thing could go from 50 cents to two bucks or five bucks and theres another 10x if it did get to five dollars.

But at the end of the day, waiting these two years out its nearly bang on two years since the previous low here thats going to get you the three cents to where we currently are at 54, odd cents, youve got to 60 cents, then theres your 20x. In there, so its a long time for 20x, when other projects in the metaverse were doing tens of thousands of percent. But at the time you just dont know these things and youve got to make that call early on and have the belief and understanding of the fundamentals as well and of course, the final thing here is to practice the selling and the buying before you have to Do it at the end, whenever your plan says to sell definitely practice selling some before you get to that point now, if you want to see this stuff play out in real time, this is the sort of stuff that we share with our patreon and premium members. You can find a link to this in the description down below go and click on those patreon is limited. Ti premium is the full trading course, and i share my thoughts on the market in real time, just like ive been doing with cro. As this markets been going up, ive been looking at selling little bits off at 33 38, as the market continues up, because i want to get in the practice and continue to get in the practice of continuing to sell to make a profit.

Of course, this thing could go to three bucks tomorrow, but if i havent practiced selling, then im not going to be able to pull that trigger and take some of those profits. So if youre interested check out the links down below ti premium ti ti lite, which is the patreon group down there like the video subscribe to the channel. I hope you found some value from these five points in getting to the real path of the 400 xs out there. Nfts metaverse coins are absolutely pumping. It is a really big psychological game to be getting in early enough and then getting those profits. At the other end, now, if you find yourself coming in late, maybe you just got to settle with the fives twos 10 xs, rather than looking for the hundreds of xs but im not trying to discourage anyone from aiming for the stars. I hope you guys found value from it like share subscribe.