In this video i want to be talking about the copyright strikes that i received and what copyright strikes can look like in the crypto space moving forward. But, as you guys know, i make youtube content. I make thumbnails im, not a dev of any team. Ive, never created a token. I simply make youtube contents with thumbnails of cryptocurrencies, and this weekend i lost access to my youtube channel. I had 11 copyright strikes out of three and for those that dont know youtube, you get three strikes, then youre out, and they actually give you a seven day grace period to reach out to the legal team that filed the copyright strikes and asked them if they Can retract that so they you know it took like two days to reach out, but i was at risk of losing my account uh and thankfully the copyright, the legal team was like hey youre, just a youtuber like you, shouldnt get caught in the mix of this. Were gon na retract the claims, but essentially i had 53 videos taken down now the reason im making this video guys is not to create any fun not to create fear its simply to educate investors and also educate devs that might have some copyright logos now. I know a lot of these cryptocurrencies are small and its probably hard to find, but ive heard you know, youtubers and people on twitter talk about it like hey. This token is taking the ip from this company im, not going to name any names because thats not my job, but i want to make sure that investors are aware of what can happen, and i also want to make sure that devs, if theyre, watching this and Theyre in copyright, infringement or violations that they can change their logos.

Now i dont know how serious it is. I dont know if youre, using a logo or like stealing an ip. If they can, you know totally close down the token and and ruin the project or, if you just have to change it. I think you just have to change your logo right now, but i will tell you that it is coming like they found my content on youtube. They shut down. My channel. There was 53 copyright strikes, um 53 videos taken down and yeah its its definitely coming. I mean you cant use these logos like a pokemon token or a mickey mouse token like these are these are copyrighted ips, that these companies own and its just a matter of time before they start to shut it down. So, like i said, im not doing this to create any fud or fear within the organization or within the crypto space, but more as an educational purpose like moving forward. If i see a token that is in copyright, infringement im not going to buy it im not going to create a video about it. Uh, because its serious, like ive, had strikes on twitter the past four days that ive woke up ive had to delete tweets. Just for posting a picture and its like, i dont, know its its kind of a blurred line right now because its like, i can post a picture of the new york yankees logo, but theyre not copywriting it.

But if i post, like this anime token, for some reason, its getting taken down theyre, taking it seriously, probably because theres like money involved with these projects and um, essentially, these legal teams think that these tokens are making money based off their ip. So this is, you know in november guys i dont know exactly what its going to look like, but i will tell you i saw it its coming uh these anime companies that own these ips are coming for the crypto projects so, like i said this is not To create fear, this is simply for an educational purpose, for investors to look out for this, and also for devs, like if youre a dev team, and you have copyrighted nft material and copyrighted uh logos and icons, its probably best to change it right and even a Copy copyrighted name, i dont know how that works, but its probably best to change it uh, or at least you know, put your own patent on it, but yeah its something that happened like my channel got taken down. My twitter is getting like strikes for using logos and im like its its crazy, so its starting to happen. Ive seen youtubers talk about in the past like yo. This this token is directly uh. You know copywriting whatever it is this anime character and, like i said, the remaining name was because it doesnt do any good. I dont want to bash any projects. I i want everybody to win.

I want to make this so that they can change it, but yeah. Just something to look out for because my channel got shut down for using a thumbnail of a logo like 54 videos, and i was like whoa uh, so yeah im done using thumbnails and its like. Can everyday people on twitter have their account shut down for posting? A picture i dont know what its going to look, like, obviously were still in the wild wild west, but its important for you know you to be careful, so my only recommendation is if youre investing in a token – and you see like direct copyright infringement, i would Probably wait until it changes or, if youre investing. In a token now, when theres copyright infringement like reach out to the dev team and ask them to change it, you know thats thats. My goal is to provide education um so that you can get ahead of it because they are coming. I dont know if its going to be this year next year, the following year, but yeah. These legal teams are not cool with people using their anime characters or their logos, or their name rights, uh to create cryptocurrency and and make money off it. So i dont know exactly what happens im pretty sure you might just have to change the logo. Like i said, i dont know if the whole token is going to get taken down and people are going to lose their money, but yeah definitely do your own research, guys and uh.

You know make sure that these the tokens that youre investing in dont have any copyright strikes or like can be copyrighted at some point thats. What im doing um, obviously do your own research, not financial advice, its made for educational purposes only but yeah. I just want everybody to be safe out there, including the devs that create these projects, including the investors and including everyone in the crypto space, so yeah not to create fear guys not to create you know thud, but you know i had strikes on my channel. My youtube account was almost taken down and yeah just be careful out there in this world.