com. This is insanity and its a insanity in a good way about what is out there doing for themselves and for the entire crypto industry. So were going to jump into that here we go by the way, video for entertainment purposes. Only if youre not aware you should be by now, has signed a 700 million dollar deal to for the naming rights to the laker arena used to be the this. Well, now the staples center um now its going to be the center, whatever im assuming thats, what theyre going to name it, but 700 million dollars. It is a 20 year deal 700 million dollars. The biggest naming, i believe, is the biggest naming uh rights deal out there. First, certainly obviously, you know this is huge for this eclipses dramatically the 150 plus million dollar deal. They did with the ufc fighting organization which, when that came out, i was like nothings gon na top this and this. But this 700 million dollar deal is a wow thing um, because what it sends it sends a a huge blaring shouting message to everybody in in. In crypto in the in our crypto world, you know all the other exchanges that is becoming the heavyweight um in the entire crypto uh industry. Now uh, there are exchanges that are bigger, et cetera, but from a marketing perspective. Nobody else does it. Nobody else spends the money they do to to promote their name crypto.

com and frankly, by default theyre promoting the entire crypto industry. So it is awesomely cool that this organization, is out there doing it, because this is simply put spreading the footprint, if you will of crypto, bigger and bigger and bigger because of the name, ran name brand recognition everywhere i mean you see it on football. Now football games, uh nfl college, im sure there its all over european sports as well. When i was in vegas, i literally was walking down the strip and im not kidding, and i looked ive been. It was splashed up on the side of a building up on one up on one of the hotels and im like holy cow. I just saw literally, their name was just splashed, you know it was like somebody was like and it was taking up the entire side of a of a of a of a casino wall. You know how big those casinos are. It was massive, and i didnt even know why they were doing it was like some random thing. It wasnt, like it wasnt like a event at that particular venue. It was just like it was a saturday night and theres splashed up on side of one of the you know, one of the casinos i mean insane what is doing, and this is a good good good thing, and i just wanted to put my stamp On it, um im absolutely going to be buying more crypto.

com, because i think that the price of the token is going to continue to reflect the positive marketing momentum they have as well as bringing more and more and more people into the exchange and using them. As their crypto exchange, which is ultimately going to just pay off, i think in spades to use that analogy if youve ever heard that one, but this is beyond cool and i needed to make a video about it to talk about it. To give you guys my two cents, because i am absolutely blown away in a positive way by what theyre doing alright guys thats all i got for you as always remember you can join my patreon group links in the description below if youre looking for any help. You want to be part of a massive discord private community for support tech support. Customer support. You need help, you just want you dont want to be alone, thats, thats part of it. Secondly, i give you buy alerts, sell alerts, trade alerts um. These are when im, maybe when im launching a new token, we were early into sheba, saitama phantom polkadot solana, uh zombie, anu thats, one that we were early into and uh. It is really really cool. So, if youre interested in that check out the link in the description below when you click on that link, itll take you to page and you can see all the benefits that you get its like. 20 bucks, its not a lot and you can join and cancel at any time ill see you later have a good one.