Well, Wellthe markets got hit hard thats. Why? I asked hows the FEARare you scurred, shaking in your boots., Well sit down, relax, grab a warm cup of tea and let your boy snuggle you to comfort., Because its time for Chico Crypto, Yes, so lets begin by pulingl out the Bitcoin price.. As of Sunday. The price wasnt looking too bad hanging onto 66kbut as the clock turned to Monday. DUMP baby DUMP bitcoin price since sundaybitcoin drops to 58k Down below 66k Below 65k 64k, 63k, 62k 61k, but decided to bounce of 60k support based on the houralthough checking out a more Detailed chart there was a quick wick down to 58k, although that got scooped up in minutes, pushing it right back above 61kbut. As of shooting this video. Yesterday we were barely hanging onto 61k and the price was looking like it would fall once again.. It looks like Plan Bs prediction of 98k for the month of November is going to be fully invalidated right. The s2F model is broken Well. I just want to replay this clip from Monday and what I said regarding whats coming Market manipulators are looking to make. It seem that his prediction, isnt coming true, the model will be brokenthey, are looking to set shorters up and then.squeeze them short leveragers, the funk out., Unfortunately, its all about leverage, my friendsthe recent DIP that came was due to setting up the longers, those who truly believed We would have already broken 70k and been on our way to 98k.

Checking out ByBt and their liquidation data. We can see the DIP on Monday netted leverage exchanges nearly 800 million in Long Liquidations. They flushed those guys outthe, longers and next very soon, its going to be the shorters turnwhy History, my friends bitcoin price 2017 july to novemberbitcoin price. This year july to november Lets zoom back to the bull RUN of 2017 July of 2017 to be exact.as. We can see the price started just below 3k and then it pumped up to 5k had its September dip, and by November it was above 7k at its peak.. Now lets just pull out the BTC chart from this year by 2017s side. This year, starting in Julywe started at 30k pumped just above 50k, but then had its September dipand. Then we pumped to just below 70k at our peak.. Why so gosh dang similar, So the DIP in november 2017, took the price from about 7500 to about 5900this? Was a loss of about 21 percent.? The DIP this year in November took the price from about 68k down to about 61k, which is a loss of basically 10 percent.. If we were to follow what happened in 2017, a 21 percent lossBTC would dip down just below 54k., Although I dont think its going to be that steep., We may even HODL right here. The DIPs in 2017 were more severe than this yearper examplethe September DIP.. In 2017, the price went from 4900 at its peak down to about 3100 in September, a loss of nearly 37 percent.

. This year, the price went from 52700 down to 40400a loss of about 23 percent. Thats, a difference of 14 percent between Septembers And, with this years November, dip being only 10 percent and 2017s being 21 percentthats a difference of 11 percent. Based on numbers. It kind of makes sense that this may be the low for the November DIP of this year before we start our move back up and go parabolic just like what happened after the November DIP in 2017we went parabolic throughout November, But if we follow the Pump in 2017Will, it be enough to reach Plan, Bs prediction: Well, remember the November dip back then took as down to about 5900 and by November 31st the price reached 11000 dollars.. That was an increase of about 86 percent From where we were at yesterday, 61k to plan Bs predictionis a pump of about 61 percentso. In my opinion, Plan Bs prediction is definitely not off the tableand. Like I said Monday, I still HODL to my heart Soooo right now, with this DIP, its a screaming opportunity to menot only for Bitcionbut for those altcoins, And there is one Altcoin opportunity. Ive been eyeing like a hawk and now its time to uncover and reveal it. Sooo, everyone knows about the high APYshigh APYs from the likes of projects like OHM Klima and the hundreds of forks that have followed Well November 15th. A Will Villanueva tweeted this Leveraging into yield exposure on Element Finance Check out these 6 7 digit APYs, no tokens involved.

Its called yield token compounding and its exciting that someone is releasing this product on top of us. Coming soon., With a picture showing some of those High APYs1.18 million APY 732000 APY 433000 APYshoot, the lowest APY he shows, is nearly 40000 APYhigher than the APY right now of KlimaDAO.. Sooo is the token from element finance. Well, no element is tokenlessand. Will the founder and CEO of element said someone is building the product on top of them.? Who could it be Well all the way? Back in the middle of October, a Mr. Stiive put out a threadbreaking, it all down.. The first part of his tweet thread said WARP is about to release its v2 BlackSmith further innovating on lending for yield bearing assets. The DeFi 2.0 narrative is strong, but the potential of the element finance ecosystem. It will leverage is underappreciated. And he breaks down how this will work. First, he breaks down v1 of Warp saying they were a pioneer in the DeFi summer by being the first to enable borrowing against Liquidity Positions LP.. He then says, But now WARP are innovating again with the goal of freeing the potential of other illiquid yield, generating assets. Introducing Warp V2 BlackSmith with initial focus on integrating element. Finance fixed yield assets, 163 million TVL WARP will service, expand this TVL. Mr. Stiive then breaks down exactly how Element works. He says First, what does Element do? Well, it leverages yield generating pools like CurveFinance and iearnfinance and splits it into Principal Tokens.

Pts, the locked upfront, capital. eg 100ETH and Yield Tokens YTs future yield expectation, eg, 12 ETH accruing value over time. He then goes deeper into these token types but Ill. Let you DYOR his thread is in the description. If you want to learnbut, he then says Why do I say only 163 million TVL? Well, the potential of the ecosystem is MUCH bigger. Examplelets, look at the TVL of the 3 Curve assets supported on launch triCrypto2 725Million LUSD 112 million stETH 4.8 billion. – that is 5.7 billion. That could find its way through element finance in these alone. How Sooo element is about to get ramped up BIG timebut, not only through their protocolbut, by getting warped Stiive says, Enter warpfinance V2 Blacksmith, which will provide a platform for borrowing stables using Element assets as collateral. That is, instead of forcing the primary selling the PT at an unfavourable discount. They could instead borrow against it.he, then breaks down what this means even further, but what we are interested in.is this from his thread.. He says Further. Both the primary and secondary participants can use WARP to borrow against their PT to buy even more PT at discount. This creates LEVERAGE in the ecosystem creating further demand in the system for PT, thereby increasing the incentives for primary to mint more. How does leveraged APY work Example lets assume a fixed YT APY of 24, If the WARP lending rate is that at 12 the borrower now gets a 10x return on original APY 240 APY.

, As the WARP lending rate decreases. 12 is high. Apy for stables leverage tends towards 20x Going back to Will CEO of element and his tweet. He said Leveraging into yield exposure. … Warp is what allows that leverage insane APYs. So how can we confirm this is true? Can we trust Mr Stiive and his excellent thread? Well, not necessarily, we have to go deeperand. We can confirm it from Warp Finance themselves.. Just last week November 10thWarp released the testnet for Blacksmithand put out a promotional video for it. Lets. Watch now.and, stop right. Thereas, we can see, they say Blacksmith. V2 will allow you to add liquidity to principal tokens from element, finance. Check and mate.