We did have a decent dip and i do think uh that dip can continue a little further. So were gon na be talking about that some major news in the crypto space, as well as uh, focusing on the metaverse in this video. We did have a big announcement with the sandbox and thats up to around three dollars and fifty cents. So before we get started, i do appreciate if you guys liked the video subscribe to the channel, if you havent already and hit the bell to be notified for regular crypto videos, Music, all right guys. We have bitcoin down to 60 000 aetherium around 4250. In the last video i did state its very likely. We are gon na have a dip and a market correction, since we havent had one in quite a while, so um a lot of people are expecting this to pull back. I do think it will retest. 55. 000, before we continue upwards, which would be a great signal, we have a cup and handle pattern here that would be playing out if that does happen, which is very bullish for end of year. So if it does test 55, i think its going to be very temporary, its probably going to touch that and quickly shoot back upwards. But we did have a little drop here and i do think thats likely to continue depending on the news and the markets and general sentiment. We do have something that causes a lot of fear um.

I do think its possible. It does dip further, as you guys can see. We havent had a good size market correction, since the market started picking back up end of september, where it was around forty thousand dollars. So i think a temporary correction down to around 55 000 before moving upwards towards 100 000, is very likely and would be healthy as well. So, even though we had the entire markets dip around 10 to 15 percent, we have certain all coins that are moving up against the markets like avalanche avex, which is up 13. Today it did break a hundred dollars all time high touching 110 dollars uh. This has had insane profits over the last few months. I was lucky enough uh to get my last purchase around 12 or 13 here before things really started taking off, and i was dollar cost averaging. I have been talking about avax on the channel here uh since uh the markets were doing really well beginning of year, so that has definitely been a great pick im up around uh 9 to 10 x on that uh from my last purchase. Something even bigger, though, is the sandbox uh. They just had some big news with this that i do want to talk about, and i do want to talk about the metaverse overall, so sandbox token right now at three dollars and 55 cents insane profits in a short period of time. I also picked this up around uh 22 to 23 cents uh when the markets bottomed out here – and i was dollar cost averaging that uh, even when it was around 80 cents here, so that ended up being a great uh coin to dollar cost average over time.

This is why i always talk about having a good entry and exit strategy spreading out your purchases dollar cost averaging, because if i went all in at 80 cents back here, i would have been waiting much longer and i was able to lower my average cost by Buying when the markets did drop so projects like that that you really believe in that you know are going to be doing things that are going to have massive user bases. Those are the coins you should be looking at for the long term and the dollar cost averaging so sandbox a great one and uh this skyrocketed from around 80 cents now to three dollars and fifty cents. So over a 10x from uh, where i made my last purchase on that and theres a lot of focus on the metaverse right now, especially with facebook rebranding to meta and going all in on that hiring thousands of employees in europe. For that theyre pretty much going. All in its basically the future of social media, so the sandbox, i think, is gon na be the biggest metaverse out of all the projects uh currently developing in the crypto nft space, so um i did state that sandbox would be bigger than the centuryland and axe Infinity combined and im talking about the user base for the game im, not necessarily talking about the san token, when i said that so um, of course, as the user base is growing and the token is needed for everything in the game, more and more users will Be using the sand token, which is going to be great, and i do think this is only going to continue going upwards in the long term.

So the sandbox is a game that looks a lot like minecraft and if you guys, havent looked into minecraft. That has over 100 million monthly active users, which is just insane its basically the biggest game in the entire world, so uh modeling that style of game, adding crypto and nfps to it. I see very high potential here. Theyve already been very successful with the market cap at 3 billion, but once everyone is actually playing this, and this even has just a few million uh active monthly users. The price of sand is going to be much higher than where it currently is because uh, the sand token is basically required for everything in the game. So i definitely see very high potential here, which is why im so confident its going to be the biggest crypto game in the entire space once the game is actually live and has millions of active users so im not recommending you guys, go out and buy the Sand token, they do have nfts and stuff. That may be a good buy at this current moment, but sand token right now is at an all time. High price ive been talking about this on the channel uh, since the market was doing well earlier this year. So uh youve definitely had a great chance to dollar cost average into this, but i would not recommend buying at all time highs. If you do that, like i always say, you should be prepared to hold very long term, no matter what crypto it is and more often than not, it will have a correction like we recently had where it dropped dollars, uh from cents down to two dollars, and Thirty cents dropping a dollar, you could get a lot more coins just buying on that dip waiting a few days so um anything can really happen here and i do think the price overall will continue climbing, as we lead up to this major news that i do Want to talk about so sandbox metaverse alpha to launch on november 29th after four years in development.

Another reason why im so bullish on this, its a metaverse that has been in development and modeling a major game like minecraft. This has such huge potential um. Really one of the things im most bullish on in the entire crypto space, so sam prices have surged to new all time highs as the sandbox announces its a highly anticipated play to earn metaverse event so keep in mind its gon na be quite a while, even After uh this event, where uh the game is prepared for mass adoption, but regardless theyve been in development for four years, they have massive funding, all kinds of things going on for this project. That makes me very bullish on it. So theres some smaller market cap gaming, cryptocurrencies that i have been researching and buying, and i will be doing a video going over some of those. But if you guys want to play it safe out of the top gaming projects, the sandbox is definitely the best bet. In my opinion, just keep in mind you dont want to be buying at peak prices. You can also go over to coin market cap, go to the gaming uh category here and then uh thatll bring up a list of all top crypto gaming projects by market cap. We have axe infinity, the biggest gaming project in the space by market cap, then decentraland, then the sandbox and i actually think the sandbox will be bigger than both of these combined once the sandbox starts.

Picking up mass adoption and the game is live to public. So if you guys want to find the newer gaming projects with a much smaller market cap to have huge return on investment potential, you can just flip the market cap here. So it brings up the smallest market cap at the top. Now we can see all of the smallest crypto gaming projects by market cap keep in mind. These are going to be the highest risk at the same time, but if you do pick the right ones, that will have the highest return on investment also, so you have to be very careful and you shouldnt be dabbling in very small cap projects like this. Until you get a good understanding of what makes a good crypto gaming project, if this is not your niche and you dont understand gaming and what makes a good game and uh nfts and everything, then you should definitely be looking at different uh niches within the crypto Space, so we can see a lot of projects here between five to ten million. I have been researching a lot of these on this list, a lot of them. Actually, the majority of them are probably gon na, be projects that just dont make it either uh cash grabs, theyre, just uh doing things that theyre just not going to be able to achieve, or they dont have the correct funding. So all kinds of things can go wrong with these type of projects.

A really good game takes years to develop, as we saw with the sandbox thats, been development for four years and uh its a simpler style, graphic game and um theres still quite a ways out from mass adoption on that. So just be very aware of that some of these projects – you could be sitting on for years before they get anything good out. So i have researched quite a few of these and i will be doing a video uh going over some of the ones im bullish on and that i have been uh investing in so uh, really a big focus on crypto gaming and the metaverse right now. We do have some other metaverse news as well. Two coin: labs launches a 100 million vc fund to empower early stage, metaverse projects theres. So much focus on these metaverse projects right now, uh with facebook, making that announcement as well reddit is getting into uh nfts and crypto uh twitter is doing uh, nft verified profile. Pictures every big social media platform is getting in one way or another, and every big company in the world uh will eventually as well. So, with all the hype on the metaverse metaverse gaming tokens have been holding up pretty strong, even with this crypto downtrend, with everything else down 10 to 15 percent. These projects are still going up, but keep in mind. The hype on the metaverse will eventually die down. A bit and a lot of these newer projects – uh token prices will be going down with that.

So it is good to have an entry strategy and spread out your purchases. Dont go all in uh during the peak hype thats how youre always going to do bad in the crypto nft space, so nfts are picking up once again as well. We did talk about this in the last video at the board. Api club price has continued, climbing uh, pretty crazy jimmy fallon uh did buy in, and then we had uh post malone uh showing himself buying a board ape in one of his new videos so board. A biat club is definitely the best blue chip project in the entire nft space. I think these are gon na have a higher floor price than crypto punks uh by end of 2022, with everything theyre building and everything theyre doing, theyre, also launching their own cryptocurrency uh, which board aviat club holders and other uh nfts in their ecosystem. Like the bordeaux, kennel club are likely to be earning passive income in the boarding token for holding these nfts. So if you are looking to get into the board ecosystem, the board of kennel club is your cheapest entry at 3.1 ethereum. This also has the lowest amount of uh items and any of their nft sets. So i do think this is the most undervalued out of all their projects. I do think they are working on some type of utility for these dog holders as well. So obviously, the boarded kennel club and boarded beyond club is out of most peoples, budget uh, the lowest being three ethereum, and i would recommend focusing on newer nft projects if you are looking to get in if you could find those good blue chip projects before the Masters get to them and uh you get a good position, thats how youre gon na make that life changing profit in the nft space and to actually learn how to do that.

You do have to put a lot of time into this, but i do know a lot of people in the nft space that have gone from a few thousand dollars of nfts now to being a millionaire in just the last few months alone. And there is huge potential here with the metaverse growing nfts are going to be growing. Alongside of that, a lot of these nft projects are launching their own cryptocurrency now allowing their holders to earn passive income as well, which i really like. So you really have to look for those projects that are going to continuously deliver more value and utility and know what theyre doing make sure the team actually has experience and theyre, not just some celebrity thats, just jumping into the space as a quick cash grab. Like a lot of uh celebrities are now doing so, just be very careful that you guys can also explore uh current nft sets and find the biggest ones on openc go to their rankings. Page and youll see all the top nft sets by volume. Floor price amount of owners study these sets that have done well and then look for newer sets uh that are somewhat similar and you think well have similar success in the uh mid to long term. So we can see board dpr club and mutant api club at the top here mutant apes. Now at a seven and a half ethereum price floor is just insane. Those were around two and a half ethereum, not that long ago.

So uh we also have the sandbox uh nfts blasting off uh, with that recent news doodles have been taking off uh, so a lot of volume is coming to the nft space. Once again, just keep in mind the nft space does come in waves. You dont want to be buying nfts uh when theyre at their peak volume you want to be buying when the floor is flat. Uh for volume and hasnt really been moving in quite a while, so i will be doing more videos on nfps and my top gaming altcoin picks thats, pretty much it for this video. Just a quick update here, uh one last piece of news. I do want to share with you guys the staples center to be renamed crypto.com arena and massive 700 million dollar deal. Crypto.Com is putting so much money into advertising billions of dollars pretty much. Every ad on youtube is a crypto.com ad. They got matt damon to do it uh an ad recently as well. Uh theyre, sponsoring all kinds of sports teams. The ufc everything uh theyre, putting money into is helping bring mass adoption to the crypto space. So i really like seeing them do that type of stuff. Uh, this is massive news. I think a lot of people dont realize how big this actually is so um tons of stuff happening in the crypto space. I think things are only gon na keep rising. I dont think uh. This was the peak of the bull market and id actually think were gon na be seeing the peak at some point in 2022, once more mass adoption kicks in and more of these big companies start launching their services like visa, mastercard, uh, paypal, rolling out more services, Uh, amazon and apple, even looking into crypto as well.

We have reddit uh, creating an nft platform. They announced uh theyre using an erc20 token or their karma points now, which is going to bring millions of users to the ethereum network, and then we have twitter uh. Thats also working on crypto and nfts facebook, re uh, branding to metaverse and um, also launching their own stablecoin, all kinds of huge things happening. Everyone is going all in which is a great indicator. We are not at the peak yet and um. I do think the peak will be at some point sometime after the majority of these services roll out, and i do think thats going to be sometime around end of 2022. So, of course, we could have temporary bear markets uh in the short term, if theres some laws or anything that caused a lot of panic in space um. I would actually consider that recent market crash we did have as a a small bear market where we did crash over 50 in a short period of time, and everything was looking bad for so much stuff happening. Like ive been saying i, it was inevitable that the crypto space continued growing recently breaking a three trillion dollar crypto global market cap is insane and were still very early to this overall, even earlier to the nft space. So i do have my journey nft set to launching very soon the mint will be on november 22nd. Im extremely excited about this, the art for the next randomized set, is looking amazing.

I have huge things in the works im spending millions of dollars to build out utility for this nft set so really looking forward to this and keep in mind ill. Only post links to the official mint page on november, 2nd 22nd from my official uh twitter account. So always verify on my twitter account and keep in mind im, never going to send you a private message through anything, so be very careful that a lot of people are getting scammed. Even though we have scam warnings on everything, and i really hate to see people losing money like that, so in this space you do have to be very careful understand that the sooner you understand that and how to be safe in the space, the better off youre Going to be in the long term, so thats it for this video on the metaverse, crypto gaming and nfts. I hope you guys found it useful and, like always, i appreciate if you guys liked the video comment below. Let me know your thoughts on the metaverse and crypto gaming. What projects youre bullish on ill check some of those out and be sure to subscribe and hit the bell to be notified for regular videos? I am donating 25 cents to charity and 25 cents back to the community uh in a big end of your giveaway for every new subscriber until we hit 1 million subscribers. So looking to do a hundred thousand dollar giveaway or more end of year, really looking forward to that – and i will keep you guys updated on that.

So i will be doing a lot of giveaways over on my twitter. Also of other nft sets other cryptocurrencies im. Giving away a lot of my own journey nfts uh over the next couple weeks as well, like i stated im, reserving hundreds of these nfts for community grants, giveaways and contests that i will be announcing later down the road. So i do want everyone to have a chance to get into the journey nft club, not just people that are going to be buying at mint, so uh. Just keep that in mind. Uh there will be opportunities down the road, even if you cant afford the nft.