His link in the description down below, if you guys, are interested main reason why were coming on today to chat were seeing a dip in the market. Bitcoins down, ethereum is down. A lot of these altcoins are down as well, and metaverse was all of the rage. Just a week ago we were laughing just before we jumped on, and now you dont hear anyone talk about it. So this might not get all the views. It might not get all of the uh the attention, but people were looking at this stuff when they were hot and now these things are dropped. If you like the content, you know what to do like share subscribe, tab, his details in the description toby thanks again for jumping on board and sharing your wisdom with the metaverse lets crack on with their your top, i think were going three and a few bonuses. First off, thanks for having me on the ive, been talking about the metaverse for quite a quite a while now, especially on our show at crypto tips, and you know one of the the coins that im i am very interested in is engine um. It is a gaming token and they actually spent about a hundred million dollars um to expand into the their gaming section into the metaverse. The whole gaming industry around the world is theres about 2.7 billion people in the world that are into gaming, and that equates to about 200 billion dollars a year um, especially in 2021.

everythings going to be thrown into the digital realm. In my opinion, uh, especially with gaming and virtual reality and augmented reality, so they did spend a hundred million dollars for a fund and one of those tokens in the fund is called effinity and you know they are dealing with uh immersive reality or immersive entertainment. Virtual events, uh esports, uh, augmented reality so theyre totally into the metaverse and um. I see more and more people wanting to dive into this, especially you know with the state of the world. Um ive been saying this for for a long time. Well, yeah whats your whats, your view on that and its its funny that you bring up affinity, because this is one of the tokens that i was looking at and and mentioned to the patreon guys. Just because i saw it starting to break out and uh. I knew engine was working with him. I think it was also on like the polka dot network as well. You know there was a connection here to a lot of the uh, the buzzwords so just yeah youve mentioned it to me before, but you look outlook on the future and why this stuff is so big right now. Well, okay, i mean theres a theres, a movie called ready player one and its its sad, its kind of depressing a little bit because its essentially the worlds gone to crap and people are wanting to escape reality, so they put on their little headsets and and they Go into their universe, metaverse essentially – and you know they have all these – these everybodys wearing their their eyepieces and theyre theyre, creating their own character, so they theyre they are inside the video game that theyre playing so um people you know want to have their lives.

That are being regulated on a daily basis. You know with more and more regulations that are going to be coming around which they will and more and more lockdowns. You know people are going to want to escape so theyre going to want to take what they have. So, for instance, their dogs, their cats, you know their their wife or whatever, and they theyre all going. A lot of people are, unfortunately, are going to want to go escape into the digital realm and to live their life. That way, because then theyre kind of they can create a more free environment, essentially free um – and i you know its – you can already see it happening, especially with 0.7 billion people involved in this um, and so engine is kind of where i see this heading um. Also, not only just engine but also its another coin called ovr, and so what ovr does is its paying people to go ahead and scan different things around the world. So, for instance, the parthenon in greece, or whatever so theyll, scan it on their phone and they will get paid in ovr tokens and with those ovr tokens after theyve scanned um like the parthenon or whatever they can go ahead and buy land in ovr. They get. The ovr token, as a reward for working for this sort of metaverse, and then they can go and buy land in the metaverse and uh. You know i assume it will go up in value if there is this.

The demand for more people coming into this guy thats, crazy, yeah, so yeah so thats, pretty cool, like this project, is actually creating a demand in a use case, essentially theyre, creating a 3d land uh, like kind of like google earth, whereas this is going to be On the blockchain, so itll be the first virtual 3d of the earth, and so then they can create more of an environment so that you can actually go into and so, for instance, theres, like plots of land that you can go ahead and buy with ovr tokens. Theyre these little hexagons that you can go and scour the earth and its kind of fun, because you can kind of get creative and see where people might want to go in the metaverse like on on earth. So, for instance, ive been buying land in um, las vegas uh its its going to be difficult, though, because youre not going to know which ones are going to be successful, so its good to not go all into a coin. You know like ovr or central land or whatever, because you dont know which ones going to last in the future. Um so put a little bit that what ive done is ive put a little bit in um in each kind of every every coin and to see what what happens so its good to stay. On top of on top of this space, because its, like you said its constantly engine that like metaverse, is going lower in the search rankings right now and but thats the time that you want to probably go ahead and pick up some cheaper coins.

You know instead of buying when the price is really high. You know: buy low, sell high, so with engine you know, you have 40 450 000 views people searching or going in using engine its gone to like over 660 000 since october, and so you know this big money sees value in this. This ones been around a long time, the affinity, crowd, load, crowd, loan is live and you can sort of start to see some of the players which are taking that lead. Theyre. Not we dont know if theyre going to win yet, but theyre at least taking that lead similar to what we saw with ethereum through the 2017 bull market, and then obviously, this current bull market, the the interesting thing with engine is, it was around. I think it was 2018 or maybe even 2017, and its actually done well this time around as well, which is very rare in crypto for a project to last two bull markets, yeah, very rare you cant, really think of anything. Apart from you know, ethereum i wouldnt even call litecoin like coins. Just absolutely died off, you know, but the dollar value still maintains it just dies against bitcoin and ethereum value, but moving on to you know metaverse and nft projects. I brought that up just because we still dont know whos going to win, but there are some early signs here with with these sort of projects that are leading two more in the space that you wanted to share.

If you hear something and youre like that is ridiculous, i wouldnt ever touch that dont. Do that, because this crypto and you know like, for instance, nft paper clips and nft pet rocks. You may have thought that was ridiculous, but you could have retired off that. So you know what i mean so dont write this stuff off right away. So what meta hero is you walk into this this place and its got cameras all around you and it and it literally scans every aspect of your body and um? You might you may think, why would you want to do that? You know what i mean, so what you can do like the way theyre theyre presenting it is so say, for instance, shopping, so they have an exact replica of you on the on augmented reality. So you can go like try on clothes, see how you look and then your clothes fit perfectly. You know you can have a manufacturer, you know make make a completely fitted suit or whatever um you can also do its good for doctors and and for medical procedures. Like hey, this is what were gon na. Do you can scan, say your favorite pet or whatever, and you put them in the vetiver, so you can scan every little aspect of it except its personality, of course, and then you know put it in there or your handbag or whatever and sell it as an Nft, so this is kind of where this space is heading, and this is just whether we like it or not whether we agree with it or not.

Uh the space is heading that way. I just wanted to sort of give a disclaimer there because its kind of a contentious issue as well, you know, do we really want to be in this digital world just sitting in our rooms, but its just investing at this point in time. Weve got to take that emotion out of it yeah. I i love the outdoors too much. I would never like spend my life as like ready player, one has uh portrayed. Life is going to be like um, but yeah for for them a lot of people. You know this is going to be life, but its also going to lead into uh more people having jobs for like overseas. So, for instance, like the philippines, you know like theyre, really big into gaming and people hire them to play games to get coins of. Like tokens from other crypto projects – and you know, theres an income there, so they build teams and stuff they can build, they can get prizes for winning like killing a boss or whatever, and then selling that i see this is definitely catching on theres, nothing thats going To stop it, so you might as well profit from it talking about profit price uh metahero looks like its sort of trending sideways at the moment, also against its ethereum value sitting at a 500 million market cap, so half a billion, not too crazy. I guess for what weve seen with metaverse projects, but still you know up there around that 500 had a nice 11 down at the moment, as were recording and whats on pancake swap q coin gate.

Io were not pumping small bags here and the smaller stuff that ive seen is probably efi out of out of that lot. There yeah and, as we mentioned earlier on ave gotcha still around that 140 million market cap thanks very much mate. I reckon thats a good place to wrap up some of the nft metaverse projects uh, because you do a lot of research on this and your spare time between getting sets out there and the big waves behind you over there in portugal. Ill have toby back on the channel again make sure you like share, subscribe and check out tobys channel channel crypto tips link is in the description down below mate.