Xero swap grows its main net and for its community meet blocktopias newest launchpad, and the high app is ready for android users. Heres your altcoin buzz news, hi, im natalie and welcome to altcoin buzz altcoin buzz is a crypto. Investing research company so were here to keep your finger on the pulse of the hottest crypto news that you can use for your trades and investments. So please make sure to like subscribe and click on the notification bell. So youre always up to date. Just keep in mind that this is not investment advice, so lets go to the news. The chronos chain continues to be busy since its launch now theyre partnering, up with bison trails and particle b to ramp up the security and performance of the chronos blockchain. This partnership will target kronoss, mainnet, beta and testnet, as well as the ethereum virtual machine that runs parallel to the crypto.org chain. Bison trails will run a validator node on the mainnet beta and particle b will utilize its startup accelerator program. This project will be playing a big role in the growth of the entire kronos blockchain system, likely having an impact on crypto.com as well and speaking of crypto.com. They have some new real estate. The app is taking over the naming rights of the iconic staples center in los angeles and will be now called the crypto.com arena and would be home of the mbas la lakers and nhls los angeles kings, as well as a new partner for both teams.

For the next 20 years, avalanche has been picking up some serious steam with no signs of slowing down. Avax has broken past an all time, high of a hundred and six dollars with a 14 rally, and this pump comes off the heels of some big time. Announcements. Binance us will be listing avax and trading avax usd and avacs u.s dollar tether on their exchange, and you can already start to make deposits and the smart contract platform is already partnering with deloitte to build more efficient disaster relief platforms on the avalanche blockchain. On top of a close as you go platform that deloitte says will use avalanches blockchain to give state and local officials a decentralized system to securely and quickly provide fema funding for natural disaster and public health crises. Gecko khans nft has gone. Wild is only a few days away, but the festivities have already begun with workshops and keynote sessions and our ceo and founder shash gupta joined axi infiniti co, founder alexander leonard larson and co founder of the sandbox sebastian bourget for an in depth, discussion about nfts and How they empower a new digital economy, heres a clip there is so much thats happening with the blockchain gaming space and you guys are very involved with a lot more than meets the eye right. Can you tell me a bit about some of the more interesting and fascinating ideas that fit this space well and youre excited about? Can you discuss and talk about some of those besides your own project, i think uh yeah.

I guess i can start here and what i see like im. Always you know, looking at the space and im excited about what people are making, but at the same time i cant help but feel that you know there is a level of uh. You know exuberance in the space right now that there are too many people who maybe just come in because theres a lot of money involved and they sell lets, say you know 10 000 profile picture projects and they say that okay, its going to be a game. I making a game is really hard, so um im a little bit bearish on that in terms of rather than saying specific, you know names of products, but i think that you know that a lot of people are going to get a cold shower once we get Into the uh into the bear market like and also as they scale their teams, you know for reference like right now were about 72 in sky mavis, and i guess in sandbox you guys are probably over 100 right, so you know making making a high quality game Its just a massive endeavor, so uh im more fond of looking at you know what im looking for right now is seasoned web 2 founders. As in those who have made existing games and been successful, who are looking for a new market in the blockchain space, they have experience with making fun games, but they dont understand the blockchain right, but they dont understand the tech.

What theyre excited about is, you know, hey? Can we enable true scarcity for players? Can we, you know, use some business model innovation so that we can grow faster, im, more excited about those guys, and then we can maybe help them on the on the blockchain integration. Um and up until now, i see too many in their first bucket and that might be even massive massive projects who are raising. You know millions of dollars not only in profile picture products but like selling all sorts of assets like or even their own token before they have even shipped anything so, like, i think, its a gradual process and then, when i see more and more people, you know Selling and the valuations becoming crazy. I think you know well. There is a reason why axis value is so high because we actually have a proven business model. I mean these guys theyre theyre. They are saying that they will do the same thing as we have done or even more successful, but the truth is like. There is only one angry birds moment in time. There is only going to be one blockchain like axi moment in time, where you know you might have this level of quality of game this level of community which equals that uh results. So if youre aiming to do what we did now, you probably dont you need to do it. You know, probably in order of magnitude better if youre going to succeed to the same level or even less than we have, even though avalanche is rumbling through the market.

Our coin of the day actually goes to dow maker, despite a relatively red market, dow maker has shot up with six and a half percent gains and has been on a hot streak for the past month. Moving up 50 points lets be real, though a value of four dollars and 36 cents is nowhere near daos, almost nine dollar all time high, but the growth is promising and its contagious. The dao ecosystem is in the green too, from kb epic vent and srp, with apple joining daos nine figure club at the beginning of the week, theyve been playing with minimum gains of 19 percent. But why is this happening its hard to say, but down makers in the middle of multiple siege strongholder, offering projects like titan, hunters and street runner that could have something to do with its growth? Zero swap is making headlines first off after a successful launch of their idos. Xero swap will be using the profits from those sales to buy back z, tokens from the market and now zero swap will be buying z, tokens back every single quarter to meet their vision of sustainable growth and giving back to the community and its investors. And secondly – and this is big – xero swap – is finally launching its main net decks on finance smart chain, where users will be able to trade without gas and platform fees. Blocktopia is more than a virtual skyscraper. The platform is letting its new incubation and launch pad block pad take flight on its maiden voyage, which will be with cytus heroes, which is toted to be the top aaa role playing play to earn game of 2022 blockpad will announce the igo in the coming months.

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