com is absolutely crushing it right now. I am just completely amazed at not only the price action over the last seven days, which most of you guys are aware of over the last 14 days. I should say its: you know over doubled in price and what they are doing and how much money they are putting into marketing, including this new arena taking over the staples center, which is huge im going to read this story, go over the highlights of this latest Announcement taking over the staples center, where its now going to become the arena and just go over everything i think about So if you like, this kind of content, go ahead and click that subscribe button and feel free to join me on twitter as well, where i share a lot of content there so lets dive in to the story just covering the highlights. Aeg and will unveil the newly named arena on christmas day. This new agreement includes official designations across arena. La live microsoft, theater, the novo, the los angeles lakers and the la kings, strategically placing the fastest growing crypto platform at the forefront of the global sports and live entertainment industry for the next 20 years, theyve been on cnbc talking about it. This is a 20 year deal worth 700 million dollars, so spent 700 mil to get this deal. This name change will take place on december 25th. Christmas and the signage will be replaced by june 2022.

So is going to unveil the new logo on christmas day when the lakers host the nets, which is a big day in and of itself. So this staples center. If you arent familiar with it just going over this little stat, they have over 4 million guests a year from sports concerts, family and award shows boxing and special events. The grammy awards nba all star games and nhl all star games. So, in addition to slapping their name on, the building, will engage with millions of sports and entertainment fans each year through premium branded areas of the arena, including a 3 300 square foot activation space at the buildings entrance, as well as dedicated activation areas. On the main concourse of the arena and throughout the la live campus, so theyre going to be having a space inside of the staples center where they will be onboarding people into onboarding people to definitely get an app when the exchange goes live in the united States onboarding people into that teaching them probably about the defy app about the kronos mainnet about using all of the things that theyre doing, including nfts with which they are really trying to become the biggest nft marketplace. This is pretty amazing. Now i want to just take a step back and if you guys a lot of you guys have been with me for a while on this station. I started talking about october. I believe, october of 2019, so about two years over two years from this video thats when i got the card was end of 2019 thats.

When i got my debit card, which i dont have on me, or i would show you, but i got my card then and since then there has been a roller coaster. There has been an absolutely enormous roller coaster inside of this company, and those of you guys that have been with me and talking about this company since then completely know what were talking about here. We had all the changes with the card. We went from mco to cro, we went from increasing the amount of money it takes to get a card which there was so much fud, so much anger. So much annoyance about that saying they didnt listen to the community. They just dont care about us blah blah. We saw an enormous amount of boring price action where nothing happened. If i go to max here, this starts may of 19, so i got involved right around here or so when the price of cro was three cents and we saw you know, we saw a pump uh august of 2020 and then you know the entire altcoin market. Basically got cut in half or more that got cut in half uh before the the bull run happening early this year and august 2020 was when they switched from mco to cro uh using cro as the native token for everything basically – and there has just been so Much fun people got so mad at They were and for good reason, im, not saying that you know there is not a good reason to get upset with this company, and even i was upset with this company.

I was like they didnt, listen to us theyre doing things that are not in the best interest of the community. They dont really have a pulse on what the community wants, and now we see that we see a god candle as they call it. We see a god candle where it just goes. Ah screw you guys up here, we go. You know it goes from 17 cents, 15 cents about a month and a half ago to where are we at now, uh 57 cents? I believe yeah 57 cents. An hour ago, as of this video, now usually when theres a giant run like this, we see a correction. If we dont see a correction, i would be pretty surprised that would mean that there are enough investors holding these coins holding cro uh theres. Basically, more people holding than selling, but most likely, we are going to see a correction, but we may hit a dollar first. A dollar could be a psychological point that a lot of people are holding until we hit a dollar. A dollar is a very, very nice round number we are about halfway there or we need to go up. You know another 40 cents or so to hit that dollar mark. So that could happen or we retrace back to 30 cents. Theres really no way to know. Now one thing that is very very cool about this company is that every single time somebody sees theyre going to go to the website and theyre most likely going to end up getting a debit card.

Now, why is this good? Well, it puts cro into cold storage; basically, they cant use it for six months. Sierra steak, steak or staking means the holding of cro in your app wallet for a period of six months and if they unstake it, they lose the benefits here. So people are going to be putting their cro away for at least six months, and what thats going to do and a lot of other companies are trying to do something similar like voyager, for example, like companies that have debit cards. Where, if you stake it, you get higher rewards. This is not something new, but this can create a snowball effect where people are staking theres. So much momentum everyones staking their their cro. The price goes up. That means the people that are already staking have less of an incentive to want to try to sell it because theyre, seeing their stack go up while theyre enjoying the benefits of their debit card, what they are doing, investing 700 million dollars, along with everything else, theyve Done with all the other sports teams, they have sponsored or been a part of right here: the crypto.coms portfolio of global brand partnerships, including obviously the ufc which was huge psg, uh, the 76ers nhls and montreal canadiens. Now this just may be the new baseline for this company, the new baseline price, maybe im still thinking theres going to be a pullback, though there is no other company in the crypto space that is trying to claim as much brand recognition as crypto.

com other than maybe Coinbase and if i had to guess, is probably behind coinbase in terms of recognition in terms of like, if you were to ask somebody on the street. The first thing you think about, or the first place that you go to buy crypto theyll, probably say coinbase, at least in the united states. My guess is is number two and they are going to eventually be number one. I really really think thats gon na happen, so right now im looking at my phone right now, i have 10 000 cro that i have staked for my card and this 10 000 was before they switched to a flat dollar amount. So it was honestly like a thousand dollars when i got this card i believe last summer, so a very long time ago. Now you know if you got this four thousand dollar card a few months ago. Now, all of a sudden, you have you know possibly twenty thousand dollars worth of cro or you know, maybe a three x and if you arent familiar with the difference between the ruby steel and the higher cards, i mean the major differences. Are this youre getting a two percent to three percent and in addition to spotify from the ruby steel youre, getting netflix for free every single month and the other major difference between the ruby and the royal indigo jade green? Is you are getting paid 10 a year on your cro, so im looking at my card or my app right now and every single week just for staking my 10 000 cro, which right now is around 5 400 worth of cro im getting paid 19.

178 zero. Every single week, which comes out to ten percent of my ten thousand cro so right now, the price of sierra is paying me around ten dollars a week, and this is just extra money that they are paying me ten dollars a week. Forty dollars a month. Four hundred and eighty dollars a year at the current price of cro, i am getting paid to enjoy a three percent back card, theyre, paying me 480 a year, which is cro that i could sell to usdc or or stable coins or convert to bitcoin whatever. If i wanted to and im getting free spotify and free netflix, i mean really theres, not many better opportunities right now, all the while i am investing in a company that is absolutely crushing it. So, to sum up this video: do i think that everybody should have a card, a debit card? Absolutely ive been saying this for two years now that every single person should have a debit card, especially if you have a spotify account and again 400 youre, getting free, spotify uh, which is like 180 a year, something like that and youre getting a two percent back Card and you are buying cro – that is massively going up in value, because this company is investing 700 million dollars and probably now well over a billion dollars into brand awareness and marketing. So i think this is a no brainer. I think this company is here to stay over the next five to ten years.

The price of cro, in my opinion, will be at 10 or more. They could easily do a 20x with crypto adoption getting stronger and stronger and them doing so much brand awareness 20 years at the staples center getting matt damon to talk about I think they are really positioning themself to be the biggest, if not one, of the largest companies in the entire crypto space. So thats it guys. If you dont have a card, you can use my code, aaron aaron youre, going to get 25 and cro back when you get any of the metal cards from the ruby steel up to the obsidian youre, going to get 25 back in cro using code aaron aaron.