I want to share with you the latest news involving bitcoin involving polka, dot, matic avalanche, floki, enu and much more. If youre interested in making money with cryptocurrency click subscribe, we drop a video every single day. Demystifying. This cryptocurrency market lets jump in first piece of major news for the day. U.S lawmakers are pushing back in the fight against cryptocurrency lawmakers push back on the crypto provisions. In the u.s infrastructure bill, so this is both democrats and republicans a few of them, letting the other members of congress know people. We need to change the language, listen to senator ted cruz sum up where we are right now, as most people watching this hearing know in the recently passed, so called bipartisan infrastructure bill uh. There are provisions targeting and inflicting enormous harms on the crypto industry, as originally drafted, the infrastructure package contained a provision that expands the definition of broker to nearly all participants in the cryptocurrency structure, treating them as a financial institution, which means they have to report consumer information To the irs, even if those participants dont have access to that information. Additionally, the infrastructure bill included language incorporating digital assets into section 6050i of the internal revenue code, which states that, in a broad range of scenarios, any person who receives over 1 000 in digital assets must verify the senders, personal information, including social security number and sign, and Submit a report to the government within 15 days and failure to comply results in mandatory fines and can be a felony with up to five years in prison uh.

We have seen how crypto poses a threat to totalitarian regimes. For that reason, the chinese communist government recently acted to ban bitcoin mining uh and the sad reality of congress legislating in this matter. I can speak at least for the senate. I i doubt there are five members of the united states senate. That could tell you what the hell a bitcoin is and and legislating is always a messy process, but when it comes to legislating in an area where most members of this body have very little familiarity with the details, it is highly perilous. Okay, great summation, like it support it, get this information out there and, like i said its, not just one party, it is both parties fighting this charge. The latest proposal from a group of house democrats seeks to change how updates to the tax code affects crypto entities who do not engage in brokerage services. This group is comprised of about 10 democratic congress. People led by darren soto, have called for revisions to the definition of a broker in the infrastructure bill that was passed into law. On monday, you can see the signatures of the 10 congress people right here and in a direct quote from a passage of this letter. How this could potentially stifle innovation in the u.s as it is written today, the bipartisan infrastructure framework would increase uncertainty in the crypto industry. Pick winners pick losers and thwart irs efforts to accurately tax cryptocurrencies all while ending our countrys competitive edge against other countries in the digital asset marketplace.

Give me your initial thoughts on this. Even though the infrastructure bill was passed, we are still in a sense on a time clock to change certain passages. If we can get consensus in congress, i will keep tabs on this. I will make a video as soon as i get an update. Next up lets talk about. Altcoins aquila has just won the first polka dot parachain auction with over 1.3 billion in dot committed. So this is a very big deal. This is the first parachain auction of many and what happens is dot holders vote with their dot and choose which projects they want to receive a pair chain and by the way, this dot is now locked up for two years. Yes, the individuals get the dot back. After two years, but as these pair chain auctions continue to go on, i believe theres going to be about a hundred of them. This will create extreme scarcity for the dot token aquila is a d5 platform and it just narrowly beat out moonbeam, which will probably just take the second slot, which is an ethereum compatibility layer. So the people have spoken over 81 000 wallets, contributed their dot for aquila and now aquila has major interoperability cross chain in the crypto space because it secured a slot. Give me your general take on this down below if you hold dot. I would love to hear your thoughts and which project after aquila after potentially moonbeam do you think, should receive a slot in these first few auctions.

Let me know next up major news for polygon: the nfl and ticketmaster launch ticket stub nfts on polygon, meaning that the virtual commemorative ticket nfts will automatically be sent to fans ticketmaster wallets after theyve attended, live games. It is crazy how much the sports community, with already huge audiences, are adopting cryptocurrency like this now. This will be for every single game for at least the rest of this year. If you attend live, and in order to claim your nft nfl fans will need to have purchased their tickets through at least one of the licensed nfl ticket network, vendors, ticketmaster, stubhub seatgeek, or a teams corresponding ticket office in a direct quote from the nfl on. Why theyre choosing to do this? Leveraging the emerging world of nfts is a new and exciting way for us to create additional value and to further engage with fans who attend, select games by providing a virtual commemorative ticket? And let me put this into perspective for you now. The nfl is officially working with polygon to issue nft tickets and theyre, also working with dapper labs in the flow blockchain to issue nft collectibles as well. This new fan engagement, initiative with ticketmaster, is separate from our partnership with dapper labs, where we will offer digital video collectible of nfl video highlights to fans. Give me your thoughts down below and remember just because price is dipping today. This kind of news is a big green, flag, long term, think long term.

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While i cant go into specifics at this time, i can confirm that we are currently investigating floki enu. This is the example of the floki enu ad missed doge get floki thats what the uk is going. After now, we will see, and next piece of huge news for avalanche cryptocurrency and deloitte avax hits an all time high after abel ava labss deal with deloitte. So heres whats up consulting giant and big4 accounting firm deloitte, announced a strategic alliance with ava labs to build an avalanche blockchain based platform for easing disaster recovery, red tape and why deloitte said theyre. Building an avalanche deloitte said that building its new platform on avalanche provides state and local officials with a decentralized, transparent and cost efficient system, with minimized risk of fraud, waste and abuse in a direct quote from avalanche. This new platform features a user friendly interface, backed by the cutting edge of blockchains, helping state and local governments focus on their recovery rather than extensive claims processes processes. We are proud to work closely with deloitte to offer this new, secure and beneficial technology for communities across the country. So a huge sign of adoption for avalanche, pretty freaking cool, pretty freaking cool. That is the video. My name is austin.