All time highs in todays video im going to be sharing with you, how you can earn some free crypto just by using the visa debit card and three ways that i am using. This card in my everyday life, so if you like and earning some sweet cryptocurrency for free smash up that like button to a new all time high and lets get started, welcome to the youtube channel, my name is joe and every single day i make videos Teaching you how to make money with cryptocurrency. So if you like money and you like crypto click, the subscribe button also hit that notification bell to be notified every single day. When i come out with these new videos, they are very time sensitive and youre not going to want to miss out. Also, please know that everything i say in this video is not financial advice. These videos are for educational and inspirational purposes only in full disclosure. I do own some of the cryptocurrencies that i will be discussing in this video, alright. So in the rest of this video im going to be sharing with you and teaching you how to actually earn some free cryptocurrency in the cro token, just by using visa debit cards, now full disclosure – i am an ambassador for This is sponsored content, but the truth is, i would not have partnered with if i didnt see some big things happening and there are some massive things happening.

In fact, in yesterdays video i shared with you that just bought the rights to the staples center and is now going to be called the arena. This was a 700 million dollar purchase by, which is absolutely massive. As you can see, is literally on the side of resort world here in las vegas, and i wanted to share this with you, because i think this is just the beginning, not only for but for crypto in general. So now lets get into the three different ways that i use this card literally on a daily basis, and then, after i show you some behind the scenes of how ive actually used this card, i am going to teach you exactly how you can get one of These and how you can get 25 for free in the cro token, if you click the links down below, i have a referral link for you. Im also going to teach you the different, tiered system for the cards, and so much more so smash up that like button for me, i really sincerely appreciate it and i know does as well and lets get started with the rest of the video. So one of the first ways that i use my card literally is just on basic necessities. This morning i went downstairs. I had breakfast, it was amazing. I had this acai bowl and i used you guess it. My card and the really cool thing about the crypto.

com card is its a visa debit card. So basically you can use this card everywhere that you can use visa and visa is accepted well, almost everywhere. So personally, ive never had an issue using this card and it works great for basic necessities. Like breakfast, i even got my hair cut with this card, and yesterday i even had lunch. I had this amazing mango toast and then i also had a plant based burger and i was able to pay using my card now. Another thing that i actually really love about the card is how easy it is to send crypto from lets. Say your meta mask or any other exchange move it over to your app. Then you can easily top up that money right now. At the time of this recording, i use the binance smart chain a lot because the fees are pennies compared to the ethereum network, and i want you to know that, yes,, you can get your money onto that card using the binance smart chain. You can simply send busd, b and b on the binance smart chain, make sure you have the correct links and every ones will be unique and different for themselves. I sent it over and literally within two or three minutes the money showed up on my account. I then just topped it up to my debit card, and then i was good to go, and so its really great that you know you can make money lets say in crypto, send it over to your card and then youre good to go now.

The second way that ive used my debit card is for entertainment purposes. In fact, i was able to play in the world series of poker here in las vegas, and i used my debit card to buy into one of the tournaments. In fact, i actually paid with crypto, because i made some crypto money, sent it over to the card and then was able to play in the poker tournament, and this way i dont have to deal with a bank or going through anything. I just get to do the things that i want to do and i was very entertained now. Unfortunately, we did end up losing the poker tournament, but still it was really cool to actually be playing quote unquote with crypto and using for a world series of poker tournament. Ive also used my card to go to sporting events like the vegas golden knights game and even the las vegas raiders game. It was such a neat experience to take cryptocurrency, send it over to my debit card and then go and have some amazing experiences, and i got to enjoy these experiences with my dad who came and visited a few weeks ago, and this is the second way that Ive used my debit card and ive absolutely loved it. Now, the third and final way and im sure the ladies are absolutely going to love this as ive used my debit card to go shopping thats right.

So let me share with you one of my first purchases that i made with my debit card for shopping. You can see these shoes right here. I ended up getting these from gucci and i really like these just because theyre a very clean black and they have the really cool gucci mark there now im, not a big designer guy in general. You can see, i just wear the same hoodie and the same thing almost every single day, but the reason why i did get these is because they were kind of a upscale casual kind of sneaker and i actually needed some here. While i was in las vegas. So i decided to get these. They ended up costing like eight or nine hundred dollars, and i use my debit card now. What was really cool? Is you get three percent cash back for the jade green card, which is the one that i have now i received that cash back in cro tokens when the price was significantly lower than it was today, and so what i want you to understand is that its Very important to know what the price the cro token is because youll be earning those tokens when you actually go and make your purchases in real time. It literally hits your account within a minute or two. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer. It just kind of depends upon the situation, but in my experience you literally pay for something and the cro tokens go right into your wallet and it literally takes just a couple of minutes.

So not only did i earn three percent at the time that i actually bought my shoes, but ive actually earned even more because the company keeps growing, and the price of the token has definitely gone up as well. So i just wanted you to be aware of this when you actually go to make purchases and do different things with this card now, let me share with you more about what is in general and then also the tiered system and these cards, so that You can grab one of these and, if you want free 25 worth of cro click, the links down below in the description and if you sign up using my link, itll get you set up with 25 worth of crow tokens. And if you do use my link, it is a referral link. Thank you so much. I have seen some of you actually using the link, but again it gets you free 25 and i also get a free 25. So its a win win situation and then, once you set up your account, you can pick the different debit card that youd like. So let me share with you the tiered system and how that works. Crypto.Com may be best known for being the worlds fastest growing crypto app. They have more than 10 million users buying and selling more than 90 different cryptocurrencies at true cost. You can also spend with the visa cards and get up to eight percent cash back on your purchases.

You can also grow your portfolio by receiving rewards up to fourteen point five percent on your crypto assets. As you can see, on the left hand side here, the obsidian black card is their highest tier. You will need to stake 400 000 in order to gain access to this card. Now they will give you eight percent cash back in cro, which is crypto.coms main token just for spending on this debit card. Now, while four hundred thousand dollars is a lot for most users to gain access to this card, eight percent cashback is absolutely insane but thats, not all the benefits that you get to the obsidian black card. Other card benefits include free, spotify, free netflix, free amazon, prime 10, off expedia 10 off airbnb airport lounge access for you and one guest, private access, bonus, rewards exclusive merchandise, welcome packages and a private jet partnership. Now, if the obsidian black card is out of your price range, thats, totally okay, i dont even have this tier now. Let me share with you the next tier down, which is the frosted rose, gold and icy white. You will need to stake forty thousand dollars in cro tokens. You will gain five percent cash back for using this card. You will also get free, spotify, free, netflix, free amazon, prime 10, off expedia airport lounge access for you in one guest,, private bonus, rewards and exclusive merchandise. Now forty thousand dollars may be a lot even for this debit card and even for me, its been out of my own price range, but many months ago i did want to get one of these debit cards, because i thought it was a really cool idea and What i found to be affordable for me and one of the best values i believe that crypto.

com has to offer right now. Is this jade green card? In order to get the royal indigo and jade green card, you will need to stake. Four thousand us dollars worth of the cro token. You will get three percent cash back on all of your purchases, free spotify and free netflix, as well as airport lounge access for just one person. Now one of my favorite things about this debit card is not only the benefits that it provides, but how it looks and also the feeling of the card itself. It is metal. It is heavy – and i absolutely love using this, especially when im out shopping or in public, but one of the main benefits that i found to be very lucrative with this card is the airport lounge access? In fact, when i was flying from orlando, just a few months ago, i was able to stay in one of their lounges. The lounge was super nice. They had a bunch of free food and im so glad that i had this debit card now. If you still want the feeling of a metal debit card, but you dont want to spend a few thousand dollars, the ruby steel card may be the best option for you. This one was only four hundred dollars and you get two percent cash back on. All of your purchases, you will also get free spotify with this card. Now, if you dont want to spend any money – and you just want a free debit card, the midnight blue is going to be your best option.

In fact, this is how i started my journey with and i got this debit card literally over a year ago. Now the midnight blue debit card is not the same material as the jade green card. It is a plastic debit card, but that being said, its absolutely free to get, and i love the color now. Unfortunately, it does not have any card benefits, but you do get one percent cash back in cro rewards just for using this thats, not a bad little perk, especially if you believe the cro token will go up in the future. Now another thing to know about these debit cards is that they do have free atm withdrawals per month of up to a thousand dollars for black card, a thousand dollars for icy white and rose gold 800 for jade, green and indigo 400 for the red card and 200 for blue, and if you are a private member, you will be able to receive over the counter block trades of the cro token research reports, inheritance services, industry events, access priority, customer service and much more now. Let me teach you exactly how you get one of these debit cards. Youll be able to reserve and manage your visa card in the app simply come to or click the link down below in the description, which is a referral link to sign up once youve downloaded the app you can apply for a debit card.

Now. Remember you will need to stake cro tokens for a period of 180 days to apply for a visa card unless its the midnight blue card, which is absolutely free, and you do not need to stake any tokens, make sure to sign up with the app and Do your kyc verification next purchase, cro tokens and deposit them into your crypto wallet and the app? If you buy cro directly in the app, then no action is required. The amount of cro will depend upon the card tier that youre applying for finally go to the card tab in the app select your visa card, tap the stake, cro button and follow the on screen instructions. Now all youll need to do is wait for us to notify you when your card has been shipped so there you have it. Those are the three ways that you can earn some sweet free income in crypto just by using the card. If youve enjoyed this video smash up the like button to a new all time, high click the subscribe button and hit the notification bell, because i create new youtube videos every single day around cryptocurrency here on this channel, and we are one of the fastest growing youtube Channels around weve just eclipsed 5 million views and over 230 000 subscribers. Thank you again for all of your support. I sincerely sincerely appreciate it if you want to learn more for free here on youtube check out my cryptocurrency playlist.

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