So everyone is screaming by the dip, but the reality is that everyones doing it wrong because buying the brand name coins on the dip might give you. I dont know a slight edge in getting a couple of xs on your money. Realistically, if bitcoin goes to 200 000, its only a 4x from here for most people, starting with crypto with a few hundred bucks, maybe a few thousand bucks, its not gon na change, your life that money, youre still gon na, be working the same job. You wont have any more free time, so the point of this video is to outline what i see as the biggest opportunity for the biggest gains in these particular coins that are going to absolutely crush it. In my opinion, bull or bear market. This is something that, for some reason, people havent figured out yet but im going to spell out for you in clear language. This is the 30x in 30 days, 100x and 100 days type mentality that is going to separate the strong from the weak. And, of course, you have to have a thesis if you want to make real money in crypto, you guys are gon na love. This one smash that, like button, if youre excited as always, if you want these videos first before anyone else, and it is really important that you get into them first, make sure you subscribe with that bell notification on, as were coming with juicy juicy all coin picks For the rest of i dont know for infinity all right with that said, lets jump in here.

First of all, lets look at this were looking at top coin categories. These are the categories of coins and, as you see on big dump days like today, we see negative percents on the whole category, except for a couple of really specific categories. We have non fungible tokens. We have avalanche ecosystem, which is obviously a darling of this channel. Uh, throw that out thats, not the point of todays video, we have metaverse and we have gaming, we have nft metaverse and gaming. These are the categories where were seeing gains even across these bloody red days, and what we see if we jump into these is that we see some of these games up a sickening gross amount of percent, while the rest of the market is neutral or down. Gal is down a little bit, but yesterday it went up like a hundred percent. So on the week its up, 153 percent still right and were seeing yield guild pump were seeing all these we see ufo neutral, slash up again, its not 100 all the time, but this is whats gon na happen and look at this because axia infinity tells the Tail perfectly its literally the canary in the coal mines heres what happened when the market dumped uh literally last time in may. We had axia infinity, come off of like a 10 high here back in april, and it dumped all the way down to three bucks. Now, of course, what happened thereafter? Was people realized? Oh look at this.

It goes all the way down to 322 right. What happened right there after was people realized that, while number go up was the only reason driving almost everybody in to 99 of crypto projects. The reason why axey took off is the reason why i started building video games in 2018 during the last bear market, which is when things get bearish. What do you do? What digital worlds matter? When things are bearish the answer, video games, we saw axionfinitys user count skyrocketing. We saw the amount of volume on their decks, their trading volume skyrocketing, because people were still earning money, they were still playing games and they were still having fun and the whole ecosystem worked. Even in a bear market now what happens in crypto when things get really bearish everywhere else? Is people look for whats pumping and they start taking their losers and jumping onto winners, its a natural human instinct, and so the people who jumped out of you know all these other categories into gaming, specifically into axi experience. This uh right after where it almost is so so small um this little blip down here it looks flat, and then you see this massive run up here. Its uh peaked out about like 160 bucks from three dollars here in june. If you had just bought it in june, of course, if we rewind it was, you know less than a dollar back in the day, whatever thats ancient history it doesnt matter.

The point of this is that, as the market tumbles down, gaming will erupt because the usage doesnt stop its. The reason why gaming is the cure to the biggest problems afflicting the crypto ecosystem and its the reason why gaming projects are going to plump in bull markets. As well as in bear markets, so as the market tumbles and games show their resilience, everyones going to start focusing games, whether its a bear market or whether we come back into a bull market games, are going to catch these massive upswings, because the hottest trending narrative In crypto, right now is metaverse gaming, nft, and so of course, the hot narratives are going to run like crazy during the bull and also the things that are bear. Market resistance will continue to pump during the bear market, as we can see from axi. All of this right here from july to september this was still bear market territory uh for bitcoin for ethereum for everything else. Nothing was really moving until sort of like late august. We started to get moves back, but even from then you see this didnt dip. It just continued to plow forward. So when we look at the top metaverse coins, the top gaming coins um jumping back here, you can see um, we have axi, we have sandbox now sandbox is one that ive been pushing on to you guys for quite some time. I think i made a really big push to get people into it around 50 cents here in the last this wasnt ancient history.

This was like weeks ago um. So now the people who did that are up almost 10x, and you can see it just continues to crush it. Um render token jumped out of nowhere, because people think this is going to render the metaverse maybe um, im more into gaming projects. Im more focusing on. Like game ecosystems, where the game itself forces token velocity, so thats, like the main characteristic im looking for, is a place where people can play to earn and that they need to trade and force token velocity through the token to enjoy this ecosystem. Sandbox is a massive checkbox for that axi infiniti is literally the leader of that decentraland is good im, not a big investor in decentraland. Elluvium is a big checkbox on that ufo big check box on that uh vulcan forged big check box on that i was literally the first one to bring you guys ufo at like 100. I dont know its like fractions of a fractions of a penny, but i just call it 100 because, like the only thing i can pronounce there um, but anyway, ufo now is getting called out by business insider as the next axie infinity. I have no idea. Whos. Writing this or why? Maybe they just follow this channel. So if youre writing this, thank you business insider for pumping the bags um, but ufo absolutely is looking like a hot hot ticket. Here again, it just shows you uh that everyones wanting to be that next axie infinity.

I see so many games coming out, ive seen so many pitch decks and, to be honest, a lot of these things are pumping. What matters is users so im really looking at games that i think can hold and grow their user base its pretty much all that matters here. So, if youre smart, what youll do is youll dig into all these games on the gaming category here on coin gecko, youll look at the ones that you think are cool to play that might hold players and youll be able to jump into those. Obviously, im going gon na name a few that ive invested into ive already done that already um, but i wanted to point out a few of these games coming up now. Some of these games are pre market. That means that i bought into a private sale and im pretty sure that these games are gon na have wildly hyped launches. That means that there is going to be a massive pump. That probably wont be sustained. A great example of this is uh. Star atlas. Star atlas came out swinging here with just this massive pump up to like a 30 billion dollar, fully diluted valuation, and then it crashed all the way down. I told everyone do not buy this up here, um, but as it started getting under 10 cents. I was like all right well now you could start sizing up entries between sort of three and seven cents.

It didnt get as low as three um, but if you started buying down here, youd be happy. The point is that this pump has yet to be revisited, and this will be the case, and this was back in early september, so now were looking at. You know two plus months, that it hasnt been able to get back there and thats okay thats normal. It doesnt mean that it wont get back there im just saying you want to be buying down here after the crash you want to be buying after you see a little bit of resilience here, you see this downtrend, this sort of downward skateboard ramp get broken with A little bit of an uptrend and from there it never hit these lows again. So youll see this. This is pretty common. That youll have this like death spiral of a chart uh where these pre sailors, who got in for fractions of of what theyre seeing now are dumping dumping dumping and then all of a sudden. The market has a chance to sort of catch. The price and normalize uh, then youll start seeing some spurts up, but remember. The point here is that you dont want to buy this. If you love a project, especially one of the ones im about to talk about, then do not buy. The fomo pump do not buy the fomo pump, buy the dump buy the cool off buy when people stop talking about it, because remember all that matters is that the game gets played, and most of these games have plenty of money to market themselves enough to get People playing so as long as they can get an early player base and with the millions and millions of dollars most of these games and ideos make they certainly can so what happens next? Is you want to buy the dump thats just the main thing? So when i cover these, i dont want anybody coming to me after these launches and saying: oh, my god, elio they dumped yeah, i told you they were gon na dump.

Theyre also, probably gon na, have pumped like what youre not realizing is that people bought in like a hundred x below this thats. Why theyre dumping right so understand that when they dump thats the opportunity and if you bought in here at eight cents, well its hit like 19 again so youd be up over 2x even now after the dump, youd be up 50 right, so you want to buy These lows you dont, want to buy the fomo highs with that said, lets dive into some ideas that ive bought into some new projects coming up that ive brought into. I just want these projects on your radar because i think they offer something to the ecosystem. Now the first game were going to be talking about is monkey ball. The game is set up a little bit like fifa street, as you can see, uh its got this sort of raw aesthetic to it. Im a big soccer player, my whole life. So this kind of stuff really gets me. I used to play fifa street like non stop um and i think obviously, soccer is really big for the crypto community weve seen how like soccer fan, tokens and everything really respond, also the play to earn look. I like it, what can i say i invested into this one and i think its going to crush it. But of course, if you want to get into this one re watch my segment on ideos just make sure that youre doing this smart and then, if its up 100 x, you want to buy the dips by the dips thats it im invested in and excited for Monkey ball next, like i said, we have sidus heroes.

Now this one is really really interesting. Its got like a star atlas feel its actually really really high quality um and they have a browser game experience. You can play this right in the browser without needing to download anything. So this is something that i think is really really a step forward. Again, you dont get the full immersiveness, but i think more people care about access than immersiveness, so i met with the team. They have some really interesting tech and a shocking amount of people like 150 people working on this um. So i think the token for this one will come out sometime in january again dont fomo, but this is one that i could see making a challenge for that star atlas type of game. The point is that gamings gon na pump during the bull market during the bear market and during the bear market the fact that gaming isnt going down only for three years, thats going to be where everyone focuses so to me whether its rain or shine im in Gaming for the long haul – i know its going to be the most transformative investment opportunities, its also going to be, in my opinion, the most transformative for the industry as a whole, its going to transform the internet into a place that serves its users that pays its Users with the alchemy that is cryptocurrency its going to be a massive massive gift to the entire world and, of course, theres two projects, i always forget to mention.

Uh gala games and fate in arena check those out theyre, both very, very cool. Looking and i do have some very special news – coming – maybe not extra soon, but in the coming weeks that becker and i have planned for these communities here. You definitely want to have that bell notification on. It is your key to the best information very simple hit subscribe, hit the bell and youre well on the way to crypto valhalla.