I was talking about this specific dump here from the symmetrical triangle. Actually, let me let me turn this around and actually tell you what im talking about this hourly uh candle, symmetrical triangle. As continuation pattern broke down, i was telling you that the higher likelihood here actually is for a breakdown to the downside and that this is my price target and actually before just in case, you didnt watch this video before im going into my next price prediction. What i think, where the bitcoin price is going to go to right now in the immediate short term, i want to show you this little clip here from earlier, where i was talking about that. Let me quickly go over here uh over onto my channel here. It was this video here, seven hours a day ago, bitcoin will break today. This is what i was talking about and let me play with this slip. Keep it from earlier, and here this symmetrical triangle is actually a continuation pattern and, as we are bearishly going into it higher likelihood for us actually to break down and also break down here and find lower price targets that at least thats, at least from a probability Standpoint, the higher likelihood – and if i am pulling out right now, the measurement price target, then you can see. Let me show you this. The price target is 56, 500. and well what you can see if i am going over back here into it.

This is exactly what happened. Actually, we broke down, the higher league likelihood came into place and we exactly hit the price target, what you can see youre actually up to the exact dollar, and if you think chris, this is crazy. Please, like this video, of course, its always nice um. If you can benefit from these price predictions, but its always, you are always being a force for good. If you are liking, the video sharing it and making the mm crypto family bigger, so other people can see it as well. Thank you so much for that and now lets talk about the next price prediction. The next target. If you watch the earlier video, please smash up the like button. Lets get it here again: 10 000 likes the last one got 10 000 likes in seven hours. Its absolutely crazy now lets talk about that and, of course i want to talk about my trades as well. My bitcoin trade is still open, as you can see here, 7.4 million dollar trade and it is right now, 680 000 us dollars in a profit. Only. I have to say it was much more before and full transparency. My training trade is gone, training went too low and i was just stopped out, of course, in a slight loss. Uh on this training trade, its completely fine as we are, we know how it is without con trading every now and then we are getting a loss there on bitcoin and really doesnt happen a lot, but on altcoins it happens every now and then, as the upside Is much higher? The downside is higher as well of course, so your full transparency.

I wanted to show you that what you can see here bitcoin actually reversed exactly after hitting my price target and is right now going higher. The question is: are we going to break the bottom and actually go lower, or is this already the end once again, higher time frames will tell us first of all lets go over to the four hourly what you can see on the four hourly after we broke. My support area, we did not come back very important support now, turning into very important resistance. So now, if bitcoin reverses higher, we can expect significant resistance to come in at sixty thousand dollars, guys its not going to be an easy ride from here. However, going over to the daily canvas on the bottom left hand side on my famous charts here. Well, we got support and i didnt redraw the lines. Look at this. We got support exactly in my support box, which i mentioned earlier to have been the most important resistance and is now turning into the most important support. We have to keep in mind, though, that this is basically an m pattern breaking, and i wan na see bitcoin closing this daily candle actually above 58 500 us dollars. If we are not closing it above, we can expect further more retests here of the horizontal resistance and potentially a break down to 52 000. I do not expect this to happen. I have to say, because it was extremely strong resistance earlier, so it might as well.

Just turn into very, very strong support. This is what we are used to from bitcoin if we are going higher on the time frame. You can see this here. Let me pull this a little bit higher is the monthly candles for bitcoin what you can see. We are in a long, long uptrend here this was march 2020. So now we are talking about like one and a half years of higher highs from bitcoin on the monthly. We are right now being squeezed and there is not much more time left in fact, 40 to 45 days until we have to break resistance or support once bitcoin breaks, resistance or support, and i am heavily banking on the resistance. I am actually thinking not only thinking predicting based upon previous behavior for bitcoin, based upon macroeconomic factors that once we break it once we break here, the 70 000 to thousand us dollar levels and closing at least a weekly candle above, i am expecting and predicting at Least, ten thousand us dollar cameras for bitcoin to come daily candles, not weekly cameras, ten thousand dollar daily candles, because what we can see also on the monthly. Actually, we are having a new all time high and the rsi is far from being overbought, whereas we are usually used to very overbought level whenever we are hitting an all time high right now we hit it and we are for the first time ever for bitcoin. Far from being overbought, so yes, i am still expecting higher price targets for bitcoin.

I am not expecting the bull market to be over and i wanted to know now from you. Do you want more of the videos in addition to these videos, where i am covering altcoins as well? Let me know not only like the video but leave your favorite outcomes right now in the comment section, i want to go down here also with my team actually and check the comments and see what outcomes are popular, what outcomes you want to have covered and by The way guys in case you missed it, we are launching our own project v launch is the name. This will grant you the chance to get the stake in the next potential engine con the next potential decentralized, whatever you call it, we have very famous investors actually already in and, as you know, you as community member, you do not have to be an investor at All just join the groups down below in the pinned comment. If you join the telegram groups which are in the pin comment in the video description, you can get your own stake. Your own part in this free id, ok allocation for the community team tokens locked for 12 month. Community tokens unlocked join the community right now be part of it. It is something big and obviously, if you want to be trading as well as im having near the 7.4 million usf trade open on phoenix well, you might as well also go down below because in the pin comment down below, i dont only have projectors here the Telegram links, no, you can get a free bonus, less than 10 000 us dollars in free bonuses buy, but four thousand one hundred dollars, and you know what femax just bumped it up also to 4100.

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