Bitcoin is testing those levels that we were talking about over the last few weeks and its happening. Panic is entering the market. People are running scared and in todays video were going to be talking about. Why im not scared, what im doing in the market right now and why? I think all of this is happening right, so thats what were going to go through if you like? That sort of thing smash up the like button hit that subscribe button say hello to grumpy frank, the crypto puss hes, not happy because the market is now scared, but maybe he should be happy because, in my opinion, the market being scared is potentially a buying opportunity. So here we go but were going to be talking about what im doing. Why im not loading up 100 right now and just quickly? If you dont know me already my names connor and i am not a financial advisor, so dont take anything in this video as financial advice, because im just a guy sitting in his room. So all of that said lets jump straight on to twitter and you can see my tweet here if you fancy it come over and follow me over on twitter, because sometimes i tweet stuff right, thats, a great reason anyway. Remember last week, when you wished, you didnt miss the boat on that crypto. Well, damn looks like we have a time machine right. I mean every day people are talking about how they miss the boat on different types of cryptos, and then we have a pullback and everyone panics, absolutely madness to me anyway.

Moving on to benjamin cohens tweet, i know some people might be scared with the recent bitcoin dip, but he feels pretty good july 29k september ‘k november 59. K right now, 57k is about where we are right. Could we go lower sure, but overall the trend is up now. This is what we talk about on the channel all the time, long term mindset, zooming out and chilling out. Yes, we are on a pullback, but these pullbacks are needed in order to go higher. Nowhere do you see a chart that goes directly up. We always pull back thats whats happening now, the higher we go, the more wild and the more violent it appears. But again it is totally normal lets head over to the bitcoin chart and as we speak, we are on exactly 57 900, which we did dip below the support i was talking about, but we havent closed below it im still not worried at all. This is totally what i expected. Obviously i cannot tell whats going to happen in the future. I am definitely not one of those youtubers who claim this. I have no idea whats going to happen, but what i was saying here is it would be healthy if we pulled back and touched this support and it would also still be bullish. In my opinion, if we came down touched this support and bounced upwards now on the other side of the coin, if we break below this 57 000 mark around that region, we close below it, then we try and test it.

We hit it and we get rejected and end up coming downwards. Remember this is the daily chart. So if on a daily chart we get rejected, then i will possibly be thinking we might be entering a bearish phase in the market. Do i think that this will be the long term bear phase? I dont personally think that, but it is definitely a potential now when this happened. This is exactly what im talking about here right we broke down, we came up, we tested it, we got rejected. We came up again, we tested it and eventually we got rejected so around this region. Here was where i thought: okay im going to take some profits from my long term holds the holds that i bought down here and further down right im, going to take some profits here and then im going to start laddering in when i think we enter max Fear that was around this region, so of course i didnt time it perfectly, but i started buying a few days later here and then i just continued to buy throughout that whole period. When we entered about this region here, my portfolio was at an all time high right, even though we were nowhere near these levels. My portfolio was at an all time high, because i was making the best of these situations now. Of course, i didnt know if we were going to start to go up. I just followed my gut.

I followed my instincts. I followed my game plans and i never traded with emotion if you guys do want to stay up to date. When i make any sort of trade do come over and join the patreon there, i will provide you with my up to date to the minute trades right there. You will also get access to my full portfolio and youll get access to. In my opinion, one of the best growing communities out here in the crypto space – the link – is down there in the description, but dont go over there and expect daily trade signals because im not a trader im, a long term investor. I find projects i believe in. I invest in them and i hold them for the long run. Of course i take profits and of course you know on this channel we like to make the best of those hype and meme coins, but i buy them and i sell them right so thats what you can expect from the patreon. But my whole point is: we got rejected here so thats. What were looking to not happen here? We do not want a rejection and head back down. What we want to do is we want to bounce cleanly off here? As you can see, the bulls are fighting the bears, as we speak at this very, very strong level of support and resistance. So, with all of that said, lets just check out the crypto greed and fear and its currently at 54.

. I assume that were more getting onto the fearful side, because this obviously takes time to update. It would be nice for us to enter the fearful zone, in my opinion, thats, where i will continue to ladder in right. If we do check out the max, you can see that when we enter with fearful times we always bounce out of them. We always head back into greed, and these have always proved to be a great loading up period. So if we do head down even further, it could potentially be a good place to buy it. Remember nothing in this. Video is financial advice. So if we head over to the cryptocurrency market, you can see we are down significantly on the day, but across the board. Right again, this is another reason why i dont panic and im not worried, because we are down across the board. Everything is down consecutively and very similar amounts right. So what i do in moments like this is, i start to ladder in, because i think that the fear is coming into the market. Now, when i say ladder in i mean lets, say you have a thousand dollars that you want to put into the market. Laddering in would be putting maybe ten dollars in or twenty dollars or a hundred dollars, but not the full amount. For me, its a little bit more than that, but the point is: do not spend your whole bag. Ive been taking profits when the market was greedy in order to ladder in when the market is fearful.

So, even if today i buy and we go down another 25 even 50 ill just continue to ladder. Those buys right thats what im doing thats my game plan and if you want to know exactly what i bought ill tell you right now. I bought some polka dot. I bought some salana and i bought some mova its actually up already from where i bought it. Moon river is one of my long term holds. We got invested in this about 100. I was taking profits higher than where we are right. Now and now, because i see extreme fear – and i see that moon river stood out from the rest of the market at a higher percent, most things are down right now about seven percent. I saw this at about 13 down, so i thought hey perfect time to buy same with solana that was down significantly more than the market and polkadot, so i bought those on the dip. Of course, if youre in the patreon, you would have known that you would have got these updates to the minute as to when i was making those trades, you know and were not always right. We never know whats going to happen. The market could continue to go down and these trades could be in the short term, a loss. I am totally fine with that. I will hold them for the long term and i will never trade on panic. Thats all thats it right before we head over to what i would consider bullish news if you guys havent, already check out block five.

This is where i stake. My long term holds like ethereum bitcoin and those stable coins. Stable coins can generate up to a 9.5 return, which is absolutely incredible in my eyes, if you could show me a bank that gives me a better interest rate than that, i will move my money straight into that bank, but im pretty sure you cant. So if you fancy it, you can sign up to block fire using the link down there in the description, and you can get up to 250 dollars in bonuses. When you make your first deposit, as you can see, my portfolio is down a little bit today. Right were down significantly from the highs, but hey. I have a long term mind im, not panicking im, basing all of my trades and my emotion on my game plan right so lets move on to some of the news today. So why is the crypto market down u.s u.s securities and exchange commission rejecting the spot, bitcoin exchange traded etf, so earlier in the month or about a month ago, we got that etf approved by the sec for futures trading of bitcoin. That was very bullish. Now we got the spot exchange etf rejected, which makes absolutely no sense to me, but that could be why the market is a little bit scared. We also have fears of china ramping its clap, clamp down on bitcoin mining. I dont understand why anyone even cares about this at that point.

This is a good thing. This is only a good thing. More decentralized, bitcoin mining is a good thing right. Twitter cfo ned segal also made a negative comment about cryptocurrency dont, see why that matters, because the guy who owns it drac dorsey, is super bullish on it, so it doesnt make any difference. Im bullish right, im, bullish – and this all seems like nonsense to me, but i understand i understand why people are scared, why people are panicking and thats why we have violent moves downwards now when we have mass liquidations daily, the market is going to stay red right. 436 million dollars in liquidations in a day now these liquidations end up pushing the price down. People who are new to crypto, who got in at all time, highs up here, panic and they sell the market, but then moves down further and its just rinse and repeat until the balls take over again now its a very, very uh new to crypto thing. To do to buy the highs and then sell on a day like today, thats trading with emotion, right now, im not telling you to buy bitcoin, sell bitcoin, do anything right now, im just saying we need to not trade on emotion, thats, all right! So if we move on to obviously more bullish news, price jumped 30 hits all time high after its lakers arena deal. They are changing the name of the staples center to i think crypto.

com center, or something like that. But the price for has absolutely skyrocketed and they are perfect case study for why i think, long term, in this market. If you do check out the longer term chart, i was talking about for the past year right. But if we just look at the last three months, you can see basically nothing at all happened. If you bought this high, you would have got wrecked right. You bought this high. You would have got wrecked right if you were thinking short term but long term. If you bought this high and this high and this high and just held like i did, youd – be in significant gains right now, now again im not bragging. This isnt me trying to tell you that im, some sort of guru im not this – is just my game plan – find projects that youve researched that you genuinely believe in you have high conviction in and that way when you have a downturn like we saw here. This was probably you know, whats that thats almost a full 25 move downwards. When that happens, it doesnt even matter because youre thinking long term right thats, all i mean from this – and i think that its super bullish, that is spending so much money on advertising. Theyve spent hundreds of millions of dollars so far in advertising, helping us on our journey of mass adoption right only good things can come of that.

In my humble opinion, so with bitcoin im not worried with the cryptocurrency market. Im not worried im finding projects that are down more than the rest of the market that are already, in my long term, hold positions and im adding to them. As we continue downwards. As the market gets more and more fearful, i will simply hold for the long term, buy that freaking dip thats all it is, then, when the market, in my opinion, inevitably turns bullish again well pump up ill, take profits again well, rinse and repeat the same cycle. Inevitably, on the way up to crypto mass adoption right thats, what i think is going to happen, but hey what do i know because im just a guy sitting in his room.