If you are new to the page, uh go ahead and hit the like subscribe and notification bell, and for those of you that have been following. Thank you for continuing to hit the like button, its a small price for you to pay to make some good money with the family so continue to do that. It helps to keep me out out there and it keeps the algorithm going. Okay and, and especially your positive comments today, im going to be talking about some stock and some crypto. I wanted to get this out in a timely fashion, but for those of you, i need you to know that i missed a 2 800 play the other day, because i was doing this rather than being in the market, so i wont be able to get you All of these videos at you know before theyre closing bail, because sometimes you got to be in in real time. All right were going to go to the charts and then were going to come back, because i want you to have the information as soon as possible. But please stick around to the end, because i got something that i want to talk about as it pertains to profit taking okay, good people lets go right to it. Lets start here were going to start with neo, okay, um so uh. Yesterday, i shared with you guys that i will be doing some swing trading in neo. I also said that if it came to the 37 range that i will be buying some – and so here i am um im buying some today.

Uh, remember anything i say is not a suggestion for you to buy, hold or sell a stock im. Just saying what im doing you have to do your own due diligence and your own research. I am not a financial advisor okay, so heres what larry is doing. All right so im going to be swing, trading, neo, um, so im buying some right now, even at this price, even at 37.80 im not putting all of my money in just in case its a fallen knife im splitting my money up into four parts im going To continue to dollar cost average down and uh once i get us the amount of money in here that i want to im going to be looking to sell it wherever it is just before neo day, all right, neo day is supposed to be december. I gave the date yesterday, uh, third or tenth, or something like that – uh its on yesterdays video, just google it, but whenever neon day is im going to sell before neo day – and i always say this good people learn learn this lesson that i did. I worked for a theater and they had parking. So when the when the band is playing the last song – and there is 2 000 cars in the parking lot, do you wait till the last song is over? No smart people start getting up and making their way to the door. Why? Because they dont want to be caught and be stuck in a parking lot for two hours.

So the same thing some people call it buy the room or sell the news. I want you to think the same way when youre trying to sell a stock before an event, dont wait for the event to happen, sell before the event, okay, thats. What im doing now? That does not mean that neo wont continue to run up afterwards. Thats, fine, you know im going to rejoice with you guys that make money after that, but im going to be out before then, because i want to limit my risk. So this is just a swing plate for me, larry, so um, im im buying here at its current price. You know: im gon na dollar cost average down and then im going to try to sell it above 45. Okay, if it gets to 45, i may uh sell it, but if it continues to run up, then im just going to sell it the day before neo day, all right, good people so now lets take a look at lucid. Remember. I shared with you guys yesterday that i was selling lucid lets go to one day and i was doing some profit taking so today it had a run up at opening and it started to tank all right and so uh. Let me just cover this right now. So a lot of people were saying: hey. Why dont you just dollar cost average down. Remember everybodys trades is different. All trades are not created equal okay, so its 43.

95 lets call it 44. Some of us got it at 17 and even um yeah 17 right. So my buy in is about 17., so i can afford not to touch anything and just dollar cost average. But what i did was the ones that i have at 17. I have in my fidelity im, not touching it. Okay, im not touching those, but i picked some more up at a higher rate in my weibo because thats, where i do my swing trading now for that, if i think its going to drop back down under 30 right. This is a swing trade for me and i bought it lets say i bought it at ‘., then its better for me to sell right now and if it goes back down to 30 dollars, i can always buy back in listen when it comes to taxes. I had a tax expert on ill have another a cpa, rather im gon na have him back on. Listen im gon na tell you what i think about taxes pay your taxes id rather earn the money and pay the taxes on the money earned than not earning the money at all. I dont worry yeah. I dont like paying taxes. You know but theres ways that you could think like the big guys, the billionaires and you could pay less taxes. So what i suggest to everyone is formal corporation. Okay, i dont care, if its just you form a corporation talks to a tax expert and you will pay less taxes and youll have more write offs all right, im gon na leave it right there im, not a tax expert.

You do that uh due diligence yourself lets, keep it going so lets talk about mana, look at mana, so all other crypto is falling and mana is actually up. Mana is up 13 today, while everything else is just about everything else is red. Look at all crypto. I wish i had a picture of all the crypto. You just see a sea of red is still in the dip, and manna is running up. While everything else is going down and um im actually going to um for those of you thats gotten, i wouldnt chase it right now, but im glad i held my position. The reason why im showing you guys this, if you have mana im, saying that its actually a strong hold right, now check this out decentraland mana predictions mana uh above 3.7, next target for dollars: okay, uh decentraland mana predicts in the next 24 hours. Okay, we did that lets. Go to what i wanted to show. You guys sorry, look at this mana uh two hour. This is a technical report. Okay, this is not my technical report, but its a technical report that i agree with manor two hour is still technically set up to push the target to 370 and may still be uh. Setting up to do so with a break above 370 mana will have a technical ability to run 33 more to 4.96 um. I agree with that. Its a possibility, its not the an absolute uh fact that its gon na happen, but it does have the opportunity to do that if you look at manner for the last couple of days, though, the entire market has been negative, crypto market has been red, mana has Been green, its been showing really really strong and for those of you that got it at a dollar dollar 30.

I got it at 94, 93 um, im holding it and um when it dipped down to 260. Again. Remember i uh i actually added to my positions now heres what i think about the overall crypto market. You know. I do believe that this is the last shake before the bull run and um me personally, im holding now youre. You have to do whats best for you, even if this is the bear beginning of the bear market and the run has not happened. What i believe, and what ive seen is the next bull market will be higher than the highest bull market now so lets just say: the uh winter crypto winter comes im good at the prices that i bought. Everything because you and i weve been buying when i would say 75 of my crypto portfolio. I only bought in when the market was dipping. 30. Okay. 20. 30. So if we get caught in crypto winter, im, fine because im in it for the long haul, if youre swinging crypto, then thats different, the only crypto that im swinging right now is ship but im, also holding ship and so thats. Why? I have two trading platforms: all of the ship shiba inu, that im holding is in my coinbase, like i share with you guys all at a time, but my swing trades in ship shiba enu, is in my weeble platform. I have a link below for both just deposit, both and im sorry download, both and deposit.

A hundred dollars now lets talk about profit. Taking, listen, everything is not different. I see, i read the comments and you go well. Why would i do that? Because i bought it here at this price or why would i do that because i bought it at this price? Listen when, when i say its time to do profit taking that does not mean everybody its not a a one, stroke brush everybody. You have to do whats best for you, so you have to look at what your buy in price is number one number two you have to ask yourself: is this a long term hole for me or is this a swing trade myself with a lot of stock? Not every stock, i do both. Now there are some stock out there that do not need to be and crypto that do not need to be a long term play, but there are some that you need to be investing in and for those of you thats following me, you know what my long Term investing stocks are, and so for neo you could do a long term play in it and i believe its going to make a lot of money for me personally. My long term is in lucid now uh earlier in the year. Both were long term for me, but because my stance on china, i just choose to roll with lucid thats, all nothing wrong. You do whats best for you. I just want to shine a light and tell show you guys how to make more money, and i will tell you having swing trade and um um long holes in the same stock, but using different platforms for me personally.

Im not telling you what to do has made me more money, significantly more money because its easier to manage the two, a regular people and the thing i like about weeble. If i bring you a video or if you see some news that happens after closing bail, think about this most of the companies that do earners report, they do it when, after the bail close. So now, if its bad news, you want to sell a stock and – and you dont have a broker that trades after hours, youre stuck but weibo allows you to trade after the market closes hours after the market close and hours before the market opens so thats. Why? I use weibo for my swing: trade, okay, good people – you can do whats best for you, so i literally suggest that you have a traditional broker. A legacy broker, the you know the big boys, the td ameritrades fidelity swab. All of that, but i also suggest that you have a true crypto wallet. I use i happen to use coinbase okay theres a link below, but for my swing trading i use weeble uh um and because i can trade hours before the market opens and hours before it closes all right. Good people check out mana if youre holding mana. You might want to hold it a little longer um. I believe that the whole decentral land, the whole metaverse, is going to be huge and im in mana for the long run, okay, good people and, as you can see, um um – i did some profit taking on lucid in my swing, trade and lucid, but i also Have some lucid in my roth ira that im going to be putting money in for years to come, so you do whats best for you.

Hopefully this brings you some clarity, all right, good people, if ive helped you if youve learned one thing this is bike check month. Please continue to share this page uh with as many of your family members and friends as possible, because once you share this, they have no reason to borrow money from you. Love you good people well see you again tomorrow.