Today we have got to talk about a cryptocurrency that just announced some massive news, and i am surprised this cryptocurrency is still as cheap as it currently is. This is going to have a very big push here. Once this news gets out, and so as we all know, facebook has changed their name to meta and they are going to be focusing on the metaverse here going forward. Theyre also going to be looking into ai technology as well, and so, and so this is an article here explaining that facebook is changing their name to meta and focusing on the metaverse, and so this was released on october 28th and has had a huge impact on A lot of metaverse, related cryptocurrencies and so lets take a look at this here, and so we can see that mark zuckerberg has introduced meta, which brings together our apps and technologies under one new company. Brand metas focus will bring the metaverse to life and help people connect, find communities and grow businesses, and so this is their new direction going forward and so lets take a look at some of these cryptocurrencies that are being impacted by this news, and so we saw A huge spike on mana as soon as facebook has announced that theyre going to be focusing on the metaverse, and so we saw this go from about a dollar all the way up to about five dollars. And so this spiked all the up to five dollars.

And then it started to drop back down and right now we are still seeing a big push on mana here it is up 26 on the day and it is pushing up to four dollars and 17 cents, and so i would not be surprised to see this Cryptocurrency over five dollars here in the near future. However, the cryptocurrency im going to be talking about, i think, has much more potential, as they have just announced that they are working with facebook, and so we can see here on twitter. The oasis labs, which is rose for the cryptocurrency, is excited to be working with meta, ai, formerly facebook, ai, on a fascinating application of secure computing technologies in ai and so theyre not exciting. Exactly what this is that theyre going to be working on? They are stating to stay tuned for more early next year and so theyre going to be releasing more information on this, and so i think this is a very good opportunity to get in this cryptocurrency, while it is still relatively cheap. This stoneway has a market cap of 400 million dollars and so lets take a look at it here on coin market cap. As we can see, this is still trading under 30 cents, which im very surprised about, since this news was released five hours ago. I do not think that this news has really gotten out yet, and so we can see its only up seven percent on the day, and so, as we can see, this currently has a market cap of 433 million dollars and is currently ranked 156 out of all Cryptocurrencies on coin market cap – and so i definitely need this cryptocurrency once the news gets out – could definitely hit five dollars.

That is only a six billion dollar market cap for this cryptocurrency, assuming that they do not dilute the cryptocurrency and release more of the circulating supply, and so i think, theres a ton of potential for this. I have not had a ton of time to dig into a oasis network. However, i would like to take a look at their website here in their team and what they are focusing on. So if we take a look at their team here, we can see that oasis labs is focusing on building the next generation of privacy technology for the real world, and so they build powerful developer tools that give any project from early startup to fortune 500. The ability to create private, conscious products – and so this is where they are focusing on facebook and they are working with meta, ai and so lets. Take a look at their website here to see exactly what they are focusing on, and so, as you can see, they are working on building a more trusted product with the latest in data security and governance technology, and so with the metaverse and ai technology. Security is a very important aspect, and so we can see that the privacy first data governance, sdk, designed to put your most sensitive data to use while keeping it secure in private and so lets, take a look at what this oasis parcel can do. And so this can automatically implement data ownership and access policies.

This can also analyze data in privacy, preserving environments, unlock data that was previously too regulated or risky to use, and so theres a lot of use cases for this in the security space, and so with a parcel. You can build a trusted product quickly, deploy secure data, infrastructure, share and analyze without risk and comply with regulation. So, as cryptocurrency is looking further into this, they may be looking into blockchain as well and so theyre reaching out to people that are very knowledgeable in this space. And so it looks like they are working with oasis team and so facebook comes out and they announce that they are actually working with oasis labs. I think this will really start to take off. I am very surprised that this cryptocurrency is still trading under 30 cents. Since the news has been out for over five hours, obviously it has not hit social media or youtube yet, and so, as this news gets out, i think this will absolutely explode as we can see just the impact on mana after the news was released, and they Are not even working with facebook directly, whereas oasis labs is, and so this is going to be a huge catalyst for this cryptocurrency going forward, and so, if youre interested in buying this cryptocurrency, it is available on a few different platforms as well on coinmarketcap. Here we can take a look at the markets and we can see what platforms this is available on, so it is available to purchase on binance, kucoin gate io, and then we can see some other exchanges here as well, and so, if youre interested in that, definitely Check out these platforms to buy this cryptocurrency – and i also mentioned this in my discord – chat as well through patreon – i let them know as soon as i found out about this news, and so they are the first ones to know that i bought a position in Rose here based on this news that they are partnering with meta ai and so, if youre interested in joining that there is a link down below in link tree to patreon, and so, if youre interested in joining that, you can definitely check that out.

Thank you.