If we dont already have them set up so dust off your trading plans and get prepared for the next stage of the bull market. Now it might sound like ive, been talking about that forever, but thats because im looking at it in terms of a macro picture and thats, why im still seeing it as a bull market moving forward, even though we get the odd day here and there of five Or ten percent drops in the blue chip cryptos so were going to look at where the bottom could come in using our trusty 50 level, which is called many beautiful lows and buying opportunities within the bull market and also look at the most feared crypto trading strategy. Out there, and that, of course, is leverage trading. What it takes to play a conservative hand at leveraged trading, especially when the market is down, so make sure you smash the likes and the subscribes follow the journey here on the channel on the way to 250 000. Subscribers thank you for all of your comments down below as well the comments about people finding their way in investing. It means a lot its really really cool to see that so drop them down below. I do read those comments down there, although i dont get to all of them. Enough of me, rambling lets have a look at these charts. First up macro view. At the moment, bitcoin you can see the trend trend is up.

We can see that the market is looking slightly uncertain if we take it to a binance chart and, of course, coinbase as well, where a lot of the volume is so we can see. The volume is starting to come back to the market, but higher highs and lower lows thats a sign of uncertainty at the moment, but lets take our 50 percent level, which is called many times before lets. Look at what we saw during the first leg. Up. Look at this here: 41 000, bitcoin spiked to ‘ 600, and then we got so many closes above it and a lot of support. So if you cant see that right, there zooming well and truly in 50 level, now im only showing you one here, but this happens time and time again and this tool was invented by wd again, so its basically just a calculator dividing the range so the low And the high in half and for some crazy reason in the market. We always come back to a middle point and in this case we use the 50 level its like a pendulum swinging coming back to the center, so weve swung too far to the upside. Now were coming back to the center 50. So what does that mean for us now lets move this up, put it to that low grab, the top bring it to the next high and the 50 level comes out at around 54 400, which, surprisingly enough, which is not surprising anymore, when you use it.

So much you can see that weve got a lot of lows come in on the way up that were hitting it around that 53 to 54 000.. So should we get a base forming at that level? Thats, a nice early sign for buying opportunities on the way up again. Now, of course, i cant give you financial advice, because i dont know what position youre in or what type of investor or trade you are, how freaked out you get how how how much paper you have in your hands, but at the end of the day, thats. The way i use the tools so that also lines up nicely with our top, that came in just short of 53 000. So if we get to get a spike down to 52 or 53 and start to crawl back above just like we saw on the 21st of september, these are all positive signs which show macro strength moving forward. But in the short term it just needs that time to rest come back wipe out some of the the bullishness, especially like you remember just two weeks ago, we should have been going to 70 80, 100, 000 bitcoin by the end of november. This sort of stuff is, is nonsense, like theres, no strict, saying that it has to do anything by any certain date. All were doing here is just watching what the market is doing, watching what the patterns are, and then that gives us a leg up of how to react.

Next, taking a look at some on data and how the market is reacting well were seeing the market still climb up, so the orange line is the long term holders and the black line is the price. So, as the price gets to its highs, you can see the long term holders arent really holding too much anymore. As the price gets down to the lows, you can see them start to pick up again and it happens time and time again. 2019. We had a peak into june july and they were basically dropping their bags and then eventually, as it was getting to some lows again in that seven, six and seven thousand dollar bitcoin theyre starting to buy up again and they continue to buy all the way up. To around ten thousand dollars before they started to drop their bags at twenty to sixty thousand dollars happened in 2017 happened again in 2013. You can see this isnt exact, but it does give you an idea that holders are still holding on at this point in time. Now lets have a look at the liquidations as well, and you can see we had the liquidations back from september again in september at that very big low on that 50, which we just looked at october november and november. So why is this important? Why are we looking at this well on my chart here? The little pink arrows are the liquidations, and i like to see this because, when the market gets too overheated, its really nice to have that bush fire and just take out all of the over extreme positivity and bring us back to a middle pendulum.

Swinging point like we just saw this was dead on the 50 at 41 000 and then we can regrow. We can start afresh and then come back to that springtime and summer time, where we take off to to new heights. But you want to be getting in when the fires on when its winter, when everyones scared and worried – and i think that time is – is pretty much now and obviously for the next potentially a few days and few weeks. So i dont think this will bounce back to 70 80 90 000 in in november, but i dont need to be tied to that position either. I dont need to be tired to thinking that were going to get a 98 000 bitcoin by november 30th, because im flexible in my approach and being flexible also helps with the leverage trading positions. If youre not flexible, you get absolutely wiped out and if youre too greedy, you get absolutely wiped out. Speaking of leverage, of course, weve got the links in the description down below now bring this up because, of course, theres the bonus there of seven thousand one hundred dollars. But, more importantly, i want to talk about not getting too greedy in these positions. So, if youre thinking about getting set in some positions on the way up, you know people want to take that leverage to make more than what they have dont get greedy look for some areas where the market has shown signs of support and if it was to Break down, then, you could probably say well the lows not in yet and were probably going to see further declines, so im looking at this level of around that forty thousand dollars and then the thirty thousand dollars.

So we had two major bases being supported there now, because the market is down and were seeing bitcoin, as i record this at 56 700., if you would have a 2x leverage position, that could be all the way down beneath the previous lows, so your trade could Be moving around at these levels and it wouldnt affect you, youd see the price go down, but you wouldnt get wiped out, like you see on the total liquidations here, so youre, not one of those people that are trading at 10, 20 100 times leverage at hundred Times, leverage the price only needs to move one percent down and of course, your hundred times so you lose a hundred percent of whatever you traded. So say you put a thousand bucks in here. You would lose a total of a thousand dollars if it went uh 50 down from this current spot. That would give you a 2x leverage, so thats. Why i like these positions, especially if youre looking at a macro view of the market which thats you know thats, where im seeing this continue to play out at this point? That gives you a safer entry opportunity and you can put your stops further away and also be able to be set for that next move up ive gone through a lot of price here. To look at why this is still in a bull market. You can see my 50, they havent broken down, yet my major 50 level is still sitting at around 49 000, so between that 49 and 54 looks reasonably healthy at this point in time now lets look at some of the time issues and you can see the Little white and purple dots here the purple is the new moon and the white is the full moon.

Youve probably seen this come up a few times before people just love sort of bringing this up, but in terms of timing, its something that ive used in my trading for over 10 years and the main timing i like to use is time frames and dates. So how many days has it taken to go up? How many days down you guys have been following for some time know that weve seen 49 days up from the july low to the september high, you can see 49 right there on the chart. Guess what, from the 21st of september to the current top we just saw was 50 days, so it can be off a little bit. Nothing is exact, but isnt that crazy, that we had the exact same time. Okay, slightly off, but almost the exact same time. We had seven weeks up before we get a major correction within this cycle. So what are we? What do we see last time? Well, the top to the bottom about 25 24 from the top to 24ish percent, would take us to about the previous tops that came in so its a good support level back there at around that 50 to 54 k. You know, i said around 49 so 49 to 54.. Now, if we dont go that far because people are starting to front run the market because theyre more bullish than what they were during this period of september, where there was a lot of fear, evergren day was collapsing to take the world down.

China was banning cryptocurrency payments. There was leverage long liquidations coming on. There was the second bout of the evergrande news, so that was all september. If you havent been following the market for at least two months that was supposed to crash the stock market, guess what never happened? Okay! So if we get this front running of people getting even more bullish, youll notice that that we wont get the price drop as far and so well start to get front running. Maybe theyll start to bind at 53, 54, 55, maybe 56k and then well start to see that turn around. But of course, were going to be following on the channel so make sure you are subscribed bell notification turned on and, of course, like the video up as well. Last thing is the timing. The dates the 19th to 22nd has been popping up so many times on major and minor, turns and were about to fall into one of those now todays the 19th tomorrow, the weekend 2021st and, of course, monday 22nd, so give or take a day or two here And then look at the full moons as well. These dates have been working amazingly well for the last six months and prior to that. The previous six months was just a little bit later in the month around that 23rd to 28th of the month and now its starting to shift towards that 18th to 22nd and maybe well see that move towards the middle month in the next six months.

But pay attention to these dates its really important to note, and it can give you a beautiful entry opportunity, especially if youre looking to do some sort of leverage trading, all these pieces, fitting into a puzzle to give you that leg up on the rest of the Market is how you can make some really good money in these bull markets, so check out the links by bit femix down below up to seven thousand one hundred dollars of bonuses. When you sign up using those links, there check us out on instagram and twitter use the official links and, of course, patreon as well.