Would you like to learn about five metaverse projects that have 100 to 1000x potential and are gon na? Make me my next three million the crypto metaverse market is now worth 40 billion. However, that is only 1 of the entire crypto ecosystem. Thats shown how much its grown, but also how much potential there is left for it to grow over the coming years. My name is the superman, your superhero of 100x gems. If you love content like this, make sure you smash a like on this video. If we get to 3 000 likes, i will definitely be giving away pulse pad tokens. All you need to do is put a comment why you feel you deserve them and your finance address and make sure you smash the subscribe button. We are now over 66 000 subscribers. So i am so delighted. I love you all lets see if we can get to a hundred thousand asap. There are still 45 of people watching my videos, but not yet subscribing. So if you do subscribe, make sure you leave me a comment to say: i have subscribed and i will respond to you and hit the bell notification, because timing is everything, so the cryptocurrency market has fallen just a little bit more. It is now on the cusp of 2.5 trillion. The bitcoin price, however, has started to rebound. It did go as low as 55 and a half thousand. We can see that shorts are now beginning to get liquidated and lungs are opening out.

So what we have seen is a liquidation of all the longs that have been taking place since the 17th of october down to nearly its bottom point, but its from this support it has began to grow. So, given that there is increased fear in the market, it does seem like there is a slight uptick in the amount of bitcoin going on exchanges. But i personally think that the longs increasing is a very good site for where i see bitcoin going for the remainder of this month and december. The metaverse ecosystem has increased my portfolio size dramatically. I have invested less than 30 000 in these crypto currencies and as a result of the incredible gains and interest going into metaverse right now that has been converted into nearly 3 million. Whoever gets in contact with me about a game im just investing in this metaverse and it sounds moderately interesting and has a good market cap. I am getting involved, and that is what is causing a lot of these investments and these fantastic gains disclaimer. I am not a financial advisor and all cryptocurrency investments are risky, make sure you do your own research and use me as a basis for that research and all views and predictions that i express here are personal opinion and for educational purposes. The first altcoin metaverse gem im going to bring you is league of ancients. This is going to be coming out next month and league of ancients.

For obvious reasons really excites me. It is a free to play play to earn league of legends based five players versus five players. Multiplayer online battle arena game now league of legends has got 250 million players. 99 of them earn absolutely no revenue, so what league of ancients does? Is it essentially allows for a hundred percent revenue generation for any player, so it is monetizing league of legends, so this is a blockbuster based game. That means that it replicates a game. Thats already done well generates 1.75 billion dollars a year, so that gives it good initial interest. It has got an immersive map, a big map, to get you playing constantly and daily theres. No upfront costs. You do not need to pay to play. You can start off with a free character and just start playing, so this is to get you earning straight away. They have got an experienced team and its unique because it differs from just the normal player versus environment and player versus player, and it has an nft marketplace for you to be able to upgrade and accelerate your earnings. So the tokens going to be loa and this is going to be a deflationary currency because they are going to buy back and burn tokens, its also, the in game, currency, thats. What igc is and depending on the skin that youve got? You can accelerate your earning potential by 2x. If you have a rare skin, you can also stake for high apy.

You can nft mine and if you provide liquidity into their liquidity pools, you also get airdrops. They have got gd10 gd10 have been involved in some of the really good projects that ive been investing in lately, such as meta strike, lord arena, soul, chicks, and they are also behind league of ancients, and their team consists of x, pro dota 2 players, which is A very similar game to league of legends. Now this is going to open out a 1 million market cap based on my own calculations. Now it could actually be a lot less. It will be at most one million now league of legends generates 1.75 billion in revenue. So, given a one million dollar maximum market cap, this has got really fantastic potential as a crypto game, because its going to enable people to just play straight away and be able to earn straight away. So i think its got a very addictive nature. Already. The second metaverse altcoin gem ive got for you is monkey ball. This is going to be coming out on the 30th of november. Monkey ball is a next generation player versus environment player versus game and a team playing football game and its a fantastic marriage of being built on solana and having unity used to create the game. So nfts is going to be at the forefront of this game. Nfts come in the form of these monkeys that you can use as players. Now each monkey has their own dna.

They have their own abilities as far as passing goalkeeping shooting. So when you get a monkey to be able to use in this game its going to be different from everybody, elses monkey, so you could in fact sell your monkey once you have evolved it. You can also buy stadiums. So if you have a monkey, you are able to get involved in land sales, and this is how you buy the stadiums and you can buy uniforms and items that give your monkey an attribute boost. So if you are lacking in shooting or passing skills, then getting these uniforms allow your monkey to have better skills in these areas. Now mbs is going to be the token, and this is going to be the in game currency. Now there are two ways you can earn within monkey ball, one is through being active, and that means playing so whether thats playing against another player or playing against another team, the winning team gets mbs. Also the stadium gets mbs for hosting the game. Therefore, if you own a stadium and you own, a monkey youve got two sources of revenue plus. If you dont want to be actually taking part, you can be in the crowd and if your team is the one that wins you get mbs the usps of this are its on solana. There are very few games on solana, its a very low competition, high demand area and the ones that have come out on solana, ie, star atlas and cryo war have done so supremely well its a unique niche.

There are no football games: theres lots of card games, theres lots of battle games. Whats emerging, is a lot of shooting games, but no football games. So again, this sits as a very unique niche in crypto gaming, its going to be star launches, flagship, ido. All launch pads want their best ideo to be the first one, so they have a proof of concept and it is in the esports genre and esports is a very commercial aspect of gaming. So its going to open our 880 k market cap based on four cents and 22 million initial supply to equate to cryo war. This would be a 35 x to equate to star atlas. This would be a 350 x, so the earning potential with monkey ball, particularly given the amount of marketing its got the community its built up so far. I think this is going to 100x from its initial cap. The third altcoin metaverse gem is bit hotel. Now bit hotel is going to be coming out in december. I love the look of bit hotel. Bear hotel is very similar to cryptopolis its a hotel based online social nft, stroke, game fight game thats, going to be available. Both on desktop and the mobile, so ios and android, so what you do is you have your character? That character is an nft. You buy and design your hotel room, you host events and mini games within your hotel room environment. You can also date another player and there is a marketplace to be able to buy more items, for your character, for your room and to host events.

So bit hotel is going to be the currency, you can stake and gain average percentage returns and you play to earn that hotel via the use of daily contests, tournaments mini games and love. So if you have a partner that enables you and your partner to be able to boost your earning potential, so i like that kind of online dating online social aspect. The two could converge. You never know what marriages could come out of bet hotel. Now their partners and backers include ferrum engine starter. They have got a decent sized community already created online, but its still small enough to get involved and be involved in the pre sale activity. So theyve got 5k in their telegram 18k on twitter. Now this is going to open up a 357 k market cap that gives it at best 2 500 x potential to rival decentraland. The fourth altcoin gem im going to bring you is meta v pad meta v pad. I think of everything else in this list is going to have the biggest multiplier. This could be a thousand x right off the bat and could be two to three thousand x over the course of time and its going to be coming out first week of december. So what is meta vpad meta vpad is a blockchain agnostic, metaverse project, incubator and launchpad. What it means is it doesnt matter what blockchain this metaverse is built on? It can be incubated and launched by metavpad.

Now they are looking for virtual and augmented reality. Projects virtual reality essentially means you put on the glasses youre in a completely immersed virtual world. Augmented reality is a bridge between real life and the virtual world, where you can place virtual items in a real life scenario. Theyre going to be launching these vr and augmented reality, projects in combination with nfts gaming, social and sporting events, so any metaverse project in any genre can launch on meta vpad its not purely games, so metaveep is obviously going to be the token and theres going to Be three tiers based on pulse pads tier system based on the two economics being virtually the same as pulse pad. I see these as being the potential three tiers that are going to open up on meta v pad, so it could be fifty thousand hundred thousand and two hundred and fifty thousand now, based on its token price, which im going to go through in a minute. This is basically either fifty dollars worth of tokens or two hundred and fifty dollars worth of tokens. So if you can amass your ability on the launch pads that they are being brought out on to gain a combined fantastic allocation and meta vpad, you could end up being in the top tier, the higher the tier youre on the bet, the allocation and, of course, Youre going to be able to stake these tokens, just like pulse pad, have just opened up their staking and you are already able to earn 500 to a thousand percent apy ic meta v, pad giving the same kind of ability and by staking youre able to get Involved in steak drops now, the market cap is going to open out 170k, which is so super low, its the lowest of everything ive covered already, and its got the biggest potential.

In my opinion, because the scope is youre not just investing in meta vpad and the gains made by this, but also the ability to get involved in metaverse projects launching on metavpad metaverse projects are the hottest genre in cryptocurrency so to be able to get into them. At under 500k initial market caps means you could be making sustainable long term. Massive amounts of money with meta v pad now pulse pad, went out to 430x game zone, went out to 236x, given that pulse pattern, game zone kind of combined to make meta v pad. I think meta v pad has got potential four figure x potential. Now, how do you get involved in meta v pad? Well, you have to get involved either through pad tron pad aida padvelas pad nft, launch and game zone, and pulse pad could be added to that im, not sure about kcc pad, but these ones are definitely confirmed now, if you have got tiers in all of these, It obviously gives you a good compounding effect, so you can do your allocations up and potentially become one of the top tiers in this. If you wanted to increase your potential of being in one of the top tiers, the fifth and last metaverse project im going to bring, you is soul, chicks, now, soul, chicks is the one thats going to be launching the soonest and what is soul, chicks, soul, chicks Is a play to earn player versus player and multiplayer fantasy chicks battle game built on solana solana because of its incredibly high transactions per second and incredibly low fees per transaction, makes it the ideal environment for nfts and gaming and metaverse projects, and so therefore, with solana Being both an nft and a gaming project, it gives it the ability to be opened up to the masses being built on solana.

So what you do in this game? Is you collect breed and battle your chicks, aka, baby chickens in pvp and raid battles now theres going to be 10 000 of these chicks available and if youre able to get one of them, they have inherent token allocation. So chicks is going to be the token its going to be the staking and governance token and the in game currency. So when you win these battles, you are going to be paid in this currency. Now they have got a really impressive list of partners and backers. These include three arrows: skyvision gbv, ld capital, cms, soul c, which is the solana version of open, c and chain link. So this obviously has a hell of a lot of hype and a hell of a lot of interest. Now this is going to open out a 9.49 million initial markets pretty high, however, given who they have partnered up with, given the quality of the game, i imagine the network effect is going to be easy to create. So i do see this potentially rivaling our atlases. Now, which would make it around about a 30 35 x at minimum now a pre sale is going to be happening on the 25th. So if you are interested in the pre sale make sure you go to the pre sale link on the soul, chicks website to be able to take part in it because it is closing on the 25th and the ido is on the 26th.

So that concludes todays. Video which one of these projects sounds most exciting to you. Let me know in the comments and also let me know which metaverse cryptocurrency, that i havent covered or spoken about that you think has incredibly strong potential and i will look at it till next time.