I know its been a pretty dramatic week in terms of the ups and downs of the prices, but if you look at whats actually happening behind the scenes, the things that are being built, the technology being delivered and some of the people doing that, then you will Remain bullish on this market, so in todays video i want to share with you six crypto alt coins that ive got my eye on and have had some big news events recently. My name is lark everyday. I make videos talking about cryptocurrency investing so thats stuff youd like to learn some more about, maybe just stay up to date with you should definitely subscribe to the lark and davis channel. Also, if you take a quick second, too tap on the thumbs up for the youtube algorithm id massively appreciate it, and, of course anybody whod like to stay up to date and get a notification when i put out a new video, should click on the notification bell By the way, if you dont have your unstoppable domain yet then what are you waiting for? This is an nft based crypto currency domain. You can now do free minting over on the polygon network as well. So you can do two things with these. One is get a human readable address like johnsmith.bitcoin, give that address to your friends and they can send you bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as well to that personal domain. You can also flip domains.

You can go out and buy. You know pay.bitcoin or beer.nft and hope to flip those for more in the future, use the link down below to start your unstoppable domains account and grab your personal crypto domain. Today, okay now lets go ahead and get into the first news story and thats coming from our old friends over at injective protocol, so they have just announced a 120 million freaking dollar incentive program. Now they also just recently launched their main net. So now you can go and actually start using the protocol in a much more meaningful way playing around doing stuff, and now they have 120 million dollars to put behind that to get traders to come and trade on their protocol. This is one of the largest exchange incentive programs in crypto and look every time you get one of these big incentive programs. You tend to see the price of the asset actually moving along with that, because you get people coming in needing those assets to trade with to pay fees with um and to to you know, get liquidity with and all this different stuff, so youll see the demand For the asset rising as people chase after that 120 million dollar freaking honey pot, which of course a lot of money now in case youre not familiar with injective protocol, they are a decentralized exchange, decentralized, defy service, really with a whole range of really really cool stuff. Zero gas fees thats one.

I definitely want to point out straight away because we all know what its been like trading on aetherium with those hundred or two hundred dollar uni – swap fees, but not cool, lightning, fast, trades, cross chain transactions as well lots of cool stuff. As well as fun different uh products available, they have perpetual markets, they have spot markets as well. They have hot assets like bitcoin, ethereum, axi, infinity stuff, like this, so theres things for traders to do when they actually come over here right and that 120 million dollar incentive program is a pretty damn. Tempting offer so very cool to see that coming out for injective. The second story for today is that akala has won the first polka dot parachain auction slot. There were 32 million polka dots, staked, thats, crazy, thats, crazy thats, like 1.3 billion dollars worth of polka dot. Absolutely incredible to see the money that has come in behind these polka dot, parachain auctions, absolutely incredible: stuff akalas won the first one. My guess is that moonbeam will be the one to win the second slot. Third, fourth, fifth: well see what happens. I think movie movie number two, but this is incredible. Congratulations of course, to akala and what an exciting time for the entire polka dot ecosystem pair of chains are here. A pair of chains are happening its about to get real in the polka dot world. Of course, if you need a reminder of what akala is, it is a massive d5 player for the polka dot ecosystem, so theyre bringing in uh cross chain assets so were going to see bitcoin, aetherium and beyond, coming into the polka dot ecosystem.

A wide range of decentralized finance products, compatibility with ethereum so that its easier for applications to be able to link over to the polka dot network, as well as bringing in a dollar stable coin, backed by polka dot. So this is something akin to what you see with uh maker and the die stable coin, which is backed by ethereum and a basket of other assets. Now this is a crypto backed stable coin, so very very cool. Obviously, this could be end up being the dollar coin standard for the polka dot ecosystem, so very, very exciting. To see this coming for. Congratulations again to akala. Now, third news story: for today, big moment for elrond, the mayar exchange its here, its happening, its ready, its ready im super excited about this been staking. My lran for ages got a nice chunk of my r exchange tokens by the way. If you have been staking your elrond tokens your eagled tokens in the my wallet app, then you probably have an airdrop to go claim. So it was a pretty substantial airdrop. Depending of course, on how much you had staked in there, obviously, but if you have not claimed that yet make sure you go and claim your myrr exchange tokens and once you do, you can actually then take those tokens and start providing liquidity into the myrr exchange. So right now they have an eagled mex, which is the meyer exchange. Token liquidity provision up and at the apys are really awesome right now, so definitely worth checking out, especially if you havent claimed that airdrop yet go and check that out.

If you have claimed the air drop, then look into providing liquidity, but this is a big big moment for the elrond ecosystem, because now i mean again in case youre not familiar with lrand lrand is basically ethereum 2.0, but today, but today anyway. So this is a major step in the future for elrond, because this is the first exchange to launch on the blockchain. So that means were now going to see tokens starting to come out to be traded and farming and stuff like that as well. Liquidity provision, all the stuff that has been lacking in the lrand ecosystem is now coming and, speaking of elrond based tokens, we have got to talk some more about hollow ride. Man hollow ride is going to be massive. Now hollow ride is, as they say here, turning vehicles into moving theme parks. Now they are doing their sale on the 26th, its coming up very very soon, so theyre going to be doing that on the my r launch pad so keep an eye out for this. I think this is going to be a very high hype sale, especially considering all of the metaverse and gaming hype thats going on right now. The hype around elrond the hype around this, basically being you know the first major launch on elrond its a lot of the a lot of stars lining up here for hollow ride. Now what the heck is hollow ride? What are they doing? Well, lets have a have a little watch of the video here.

You can kind of get an idea for what hollow ride is what theyre doing. Essentially, we are looking at the crossover of augmented reality and your car, which you know the first time i heard this is like man its either its either crazy or genius, im, not sure im, not absolutely sure, but i think its going to be genius. To be honest, especially as we move more towards an era of driverless cars which you all know is coming you all know, thats coming so in car entertainment is going to be massive, absolutely freaking massive. So if you can imagine going on a road trip or something even before the driverless cars and you get the kids on the air headsets in the back and theyre theyre playing games theyre having really cool uh experiences here, theyre gon na switch over to the next Really cool – and i love this one – who doesnt love, dinosaurs, kids, obviously massive dinosaur fans. This is going to keep your kids occupied for hours on end. This is super super cool kind of gaming, metaverse stuff crossing over into real world assets, cars right, so its just absolutely awesome. Of course. The graphics and stuff are really cool and theyre also partnered up with some absolutely massive freaking names. I mean theyre literally working with with audi um, i think, with porsche as well, so theyve partnered up with some of the biggest car brands to make this stuff into a reality, because the cars of the future are all going to be on board.

With this theyre. All going to have sort of ar vr stuff, as just the standard of whats happening in the cars and itll just be ways to entertain your kids or entertain yourself. Of course, once we get into the driverless car era, so im very excited about hollarat. I think its gon na be absolutely awesome. You can see here. This is uh. If you want to get involved, you still do have a few days to get registered, so the registration kyc closes on the 22nd of november. You can get lottery tickets and all that stuff moving forward. Winners uh will be announced on the 26th so coming up in the next few days. We still do have time to register for this one. If you are keen to do that, go over to the website for more details now lets move on to the next coin, and that is polygon. I have not forgot about polygon new. No, no, no still still got a big bag of polygon. I still think its going to five bucks, just a question of when thats going to happen. Well, big news today from polygon, they said we are proud to reveal the newest member of the polygon family, polygon midan, an upcoming stark based ethereum virtual machine compatible roll up. What the heck did you just say lark, i know i know, lets lets break that down. Essentially what this is is a layer, 2 scaling solution for ethereum now starkware.

What its based on is a very widely used and very successful layer. Two scaling solution for ethereum weve, seen some major protocols implementing starkware and polygons. Taking this the next step and bringing in that compatible roll up. So you can see the polygon ecosystem, it is expanding. Polygon mayan. We have hair maze as well its another layer, two scaling solution that polygon actually just straight up, bought also working with ernst young on their night fall program, bringing that to a layer to environment for ethereum, so its happening its happening man, the matic ecosystem, the polygon Ecosystem continues to expand, continues to move from strength to strength, developmentally they dont stop. They keep bringing out the technology so absolutely love. It still got, like i said, a big bag of matic and i think that the future will be bright for polygon, also just an other related polygon news. You guys remember. I mentioned portal finance last week. This is a decentralized finance platform for bitcoin, so this is layer. 2 bitcoin defy you know, lending borrowing, liquidity provision; swaps, all this fun kind of stuff layer, two secured by bitcoin. They have partnered up with polygon to advance the d5 on bitcoin, so a great partnership. There i always love seeing companies that i like hanging out together, thats, really really cool and the final story for today sand. So sandbox has opened the doors of its metaverse. So we can come down here and get the full details.

So, for a limited time for the next three weeks from november 29th to december 20th, players will be able to participate in 18 different games as part of the sandbox alpha release. This is the first opportunity that players are getting to really get hands on with sandboxs nft powered world. Of course the price is up on that news, but this is just super super exciting. I im like i dont hold sand, but i think its a great metaverse. I think theyve done just incredible work and it just speaks, i think, to the wider potential of metaverse assets. Sandbox has achieved a multi billion dollar market cap, and here, of course, we are on the on the precipice of players walking through the door. For the first time and thats very, very exciting sandbox if successful, will continue to be successful. Of course, if you want to make the big gains, look farther down. Look for those other players that are still up and coming that are yet to launch their metaverses. That are still in the earlier stage of development, but which are very promising were talking about stuff like wilder world or high street. Both very interesting metaverse plays theres, going to be a lot of metaverse action happening over the next few years, with different metaverses different games. Different opportunities theres going to be metaverse interoperability; yes, not all that stuff is coming, but the metaverse is going to be a massive massive investment opportunity for this decade.

So congratulations to sand for bringing out their product and letting people get through the gates. In a few days to come and play around and try out the different games in the metaverse, its just going to be such a big investment opportunity for the entire cryptocurrency space, so very, very exciting anyway.