Yep were betting, the house on crypto and i absolutely love it. Paypal enables crypto payments thats. What were talking about in this video, no particular coins here, but were talking about widespread adoption in crypto by a huge company founded by elon, musk, fun fact of the day uh, and then he took that profit and opened up his three uh mega businesses that he Runs now by the way, so there you go, but paypal enables crypto payments. Paypal is a global payment system. This is massive and were going to talk about it in this video first off give the video a thumbs up because youre gon na like this as long as you hold crypto, because things are getting interesting when it comes to payments, weve been talking about shiba, inu And payments well now were talking about the entire crypto space and payments. This is going to be huge all right now, first and foremost, not financial advice, only for educational purposes, only always do your own. Due diligence go ahead and smash that, like button, that i already mentioned that and subscribe to the channel and thank you so much for all the support here. If you want to see whats behind the curtain behind youtube, come on over and join us at the patreon link down below in the description, weve got roughly 800 members hanging out with us each and every day talking about altcoins, we called phantom early. We called decentraland at 65 cents, axi infinity, one of our private community members nut.

He called that at 13, now its well over a hundred weve got a bunch of brilliant minds over in our private community, come on over and join us today, link down in the description. So yesterday, paypal announced in a tweet that it has finally enabled the rest of the world to use checkout with crypto service, which enables crypto payments at the approximately 29 million merchants worldwide worldwide who accept paypal as a means of payment. This is enormous. Excuse me now the new paypal app gives you more ways to explore crypto whether you want to buy, sell or hold, or even use it to check out with millions of paypal merchants. So, in march of this year, paypal announced the upcoming release of its checkout with crypto, now its becoming a reality. This is the first time you can seamlessly use cryptocurrencies in the same way as a credit card or debit card inside your paypal wallet. This is what were talking about, ladies and gentlemen. For now, though, payments can only be made with four main cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum bitcoin cash and litecoin smash that like button, if you want to see shiba inu, be the fifth dan shulman president and ceo of paypal had said the shift to digital forms of currencies and It is inevitable bringing with it clear advantages in terms of financial inclusion and access, efficiency, speed and resilience of the payment system and the ability for governments to disperse funds to citizens quickly.

Theres no question: this is the future and i love that paypals ceo dan shulman sees it and is acting on it early. Anybody early to this space will win in the end, our global reach, digital payments, expertise, two sided network and rigorous security, and compliance controls provide us with the opportunity and the responsibility to help facilitate understanding, redemption and interoperability of these new instruments of exchange love it in October last year, paypal also granted the ability to sell, buy or hold crypto through the paypal wallet only in the u.s at the end of october 2021. The service was also enabled for european users. Now paypal is the most downloaded crypto app. Not a lot of people would know that, according to the renowned mobile app research company, app annie worldwide downloads of the top five cryptocurrency apps reached a total of 46 million in quarter number three. It increased 75 percent compared to the same period last year. That is whats going on in 2021 in terms of crypto adoption, paypal was the most downloaded cryptocurrency app globally. Remember paypal is a global, app app annie estimates that about half of the total global downloads among the top five cryptocurrency apps came from paypal in september quarter alone. This is massive all right, so thats what i got for you in this video paypal enabling crypto payments paving the way for widespread adoption of cryptocurrency got ta love it take care. Thank you so much for stopping by go ahead and like that smash button.