My name is carl and im gon na bring you this cryptocurrency video and we are going to take a look at the bitcoin price here and obviously what what ive been talking about now for a couple of weeks here are these uh bearish divergences that have historically Led to some type of a correction here and thats, why i said that this parish divergence could potentially lead to another of these corrections and right now this scenario is playing out and everyone is asking me: how low can we go and, of course, one thing that Happened here, which was obviously a bearish thing, was that we broke below this support at 59.3. We also um have a huge level down here um. I would say that this 52.8 k level is big but more like, i would say, the lower 50s in general. So if you take a range from 50.8 all the way up to 52.8, so thats like a 2 000 range, which is some huge support down here. That is a potential place for bitcoin to come down and re test. And if we do come all the way down here, then this could be a fantastic place to put in a long position and play it to the upside right. Now we are definitely in a downtrend on the shorter time frame, as you can clearly see here and um personally most of my long positions i closed up here. Some of them got liquidated and essentially um, but yeah when we broke this level.

That was where i flipped bearish remember right there i said to all of you guys that if we break 63.7 thats when im gon na close my lungs thats when im exiting thats, where i flip perish and ever since we broke this point here, bitcoin has gone Down uh, 13 and right now were still down like eight percent, so big shout out to all of you guys who are subscribers, because if you are following my videos, if you actually watch my videos every single day, then you were able to see this coming and At this stage here you were able to take profits. Remember guys we put in some long positions all the way down here and we have been making absolute incredible gains exited at close to the top and yeah like i said you need to subscribe to my channel because you will literally make money by following my free Videos thats a big point here. My videos are free, most other youtubers or most other. Like traders, they will sell you some kind of signals or sell you a course for tens of thousands of dollars, but on my channel everything stays free guys for you, just click. The subscribe button down below right now and we will trade these swings here. We will make money when bitcoin goes up when bitcoin goes down and all of that good stuff. Many people have been asking me about these two positions that i put in on bitcoin.

A long time ago, or one bitcoin and one ethereum, and i still have them open so ill still have this bitcoin position on buybit right now, almost 500 in profit, and also this appearing position 160 in profits. These are both over on by bit and if you scroll down below this video, then you find my buy bit link and my phoenix link and my prime xpt link. When you use my affiliate links, you get a bonus, i get a bonus and if you use my voucher code on primexpt, you will get a sign up and deposit bonus. These links are only only for experienced traders and, by the way, guys a huge shout out to carl ragin or carl rogan. However, you want to pronounce it in english. He is the co founder and ceo of casta, and i will leave the link down below to his twitter and you can see here he posted a quick little video of how the casta app will look like when its live. And let me tell you this guys if you like, you like celsius, if you like blockfy, if you like those, you will love casta, we are going to make whatever they are doing, but much better and with a clear focus on payments and its going to Absolutely revolutionize the world of payments and, if you missed out on youve seen it go up like crazy now at least you can go in and be early on casta, but follow the ceo of custom carl rogan.

He is the next big thing in crypto. Lets push him over 10 000 followers. Today, guys. I know we can do it. He is um yeah hes, a name to watching crypto. I know that he will be the next big thing in crypto, so, like 2022 2023, he will be everywhere all right, whats happening to ethereum. What we can see from ethereum is this bullish, divergence and remember – i told you a couple of days ago here that were seeing a bullish, divergence forming on ethereum and we might actually see a pump to the upside. This has been playing out now ever since that video ethereum is up seven percent and one very, very critical level. Now is obviously this level right here, four thousand three hundred dollars. You can see that we have um. If we, if we actually. Let me just pull this out a little bit, because if i do this, you can see that we have resistance. There resistance there, a little bit of support here and obviously its very significant here. So if ethereum breaks above this level, then im gon na re enter a massive long position on ethereum uh, maybe a million or two million dollar ethereum position over on phoenix or a big bibit, or maybe both um and um. If we see a rejection, then im just gon na hold off and wait, but yeah thats a critical level, and if we see this, then i think we might see a pump up to potentially retest these levels at 4.

6 k. So that would be a nice little. Quick trade for ethereum and many people have been asking me about my nft purchases. I have my crypto punk. I have my board ape so im only buying uh, these blue chip pro nfts, because i told you guys for the past few days and weeks that i only want to hold very high quality, nfts and – and people have been asking me about this – crypto bull society Entity because ive been posting about it and well again, im looking for quality quality quality and if you look at these nfts here, just zoom in and you will see the the sheer amount of detail and these nfts are actually made by actually the most famous graphical Design in the world gal joseph um, so yeah thats. What im saying like an nft that a 12 year old made in his basement, obviously its not going to be worth a lot. But if you have a famous designer who made the nft, then obviously um it can hold its value more uh long term crypto punks, they will probably always hold their value board ape. They also have. The community community is very, very, very important for nfts to hold value long term. Obviously, i cannot guarantee that any of the things that im buying today are going to hold value for the next 10 years. Just like i dont know if ethereum is going to hold value for the next 10 years, but i take a risk based on the risk, reward ratio and thats.

Why i hold a bunch of bitcoin. I hold a bunch of ethereum and i am also holding now nfts as a potential um store value um outside of my altcoin crypto holdings. Basically, i will leave a link down below to the twitter of the crypto bulls and also to crypto, punks and and the board apes and everything i will leave all the links down below, but guys very, very important.