For undermining the role of the dollar as the reserve currency for destabilizing nations, perhaps starting with small ones, but going much larger, welcome back everybody to altcoin daily. My name is aaron. We have so much to talk about in todays video make sure you watch the entire thing top story of the day. Hillary clinton has just issued a statement of war on bitcoin and crypto holders and bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a concept. Crypto could undermine the us dollar and destabilize nations. According to hillary clinton, the exact details the exact quotes are as follows: former presidential candidate hillary clinton has said that cryptocurrencies are very interesting and very exotic, but they have the potential to undermine the us dollar quote what looks like a very interesting and exotic effort. Has the potential for undermining currencies for undermining the role of the dollar as reserve currencies for destabilizing nations? She said this all in bloombergs new economic forum. She added, if in the hands of the wrong people, cryptocurrencies could be direct threats to nation states quote theres a whole new layer of activity that could be extremely destabilizing or in the wrong hands or in alliances with the wrong people could be direct threats to many Of our nation states, and certainly to the global currency markets, with that, hillary clinton is broadly on the same page as president biden, whose actions have demonstrated he is serious about the national security risks presented in his opinion by cryptocurrencies, with that they are all.

On the same page as donald trump, who has called bitcoin and crypto scam and has shown allegiance towards the us dollar, let your voice be heard. Let me know what you think in the comments section below. What do you think about hillary clinton? Do you like her? Do you dislike her? What do you think of hillary clintons statements about bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and just one small edit hillary before you go, you said cryptocurrencies can destabilize nations, you said crypto and bitcoin can destabilize nations. I think you meant fiat currency right. I mean even if we were to take the best fiat currency, the united states dollar, even if were just looking at the best. One united states increases the money supply 40 in a single year, yet it is bitcoin that is destabilizing us and its not even. To mention the tens to hundreds of smaller countries with weaker governments with less dependable fiat systems, the people have no control when the government controls their currency shes, throwing shade at bitcoin, bitcoin can destabilize nations. Hillary actually is the one who has destabilized and destroyed entire nations. Libya, yemen, honduras. The list goes on so just stfu and its not just hillary, its all the elites, its all the politicians on both sides. Whats most interesting to me, however, is the fact that were seeing. This huge perception shift understand that in 2013 they were saying: bitcoin is fake. Internet money stay away now, in 2021, all of a sudden bitcoin can destabilize nations.

So the fact is, hillary clinton and establishment. Politicians are scared. They realize that bitcoin has reached a point of no return. Bitcoin cannot be stopped and, as more people buy in the network only gets bigger. The network only gets stronger. The coin only gets more valuable and even harder to be stopped, so they realize this. This is a direct threat to their power that theyre used to having that theyre, not even used to being questioned about and number two. They realize that bitcoin and crypto is here to stay, so they might be trying to fight it to get in at what they think is a lower price either way. My friends, we have reached a point of no return and let me show you that in some other slides and metrics, i want to point out to you in this video. By the way, everybody make sure you subscribe to the channel if youre new, my name is aaron at alt coin daily we drop one video every day, keeping you informed on a daily basis. If youre interested in making money in cryptocurrency, we demystify the cryptocurrency market on a daily basis, smash that, like button to high heaven and lets get into it, bitcoin bounce daily rsi looks just about reset and ready. So we had a slight correction overall id say this is healthy, just like it was healthy here, just like it was healthy here where the rsi and many different metrics can reset refresh and if it plays out like it did here and here, a rally even higher Lets talk about alt coins, altcoins seen a slight correction as well.

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For instance, opulus rallies, huge percentage as fans dig the sound of nfts in the music industry, opulus price climbs, the cryptocharts after the successful launch of its first security, nft sale and its wide, ranging cross chain capabilities that aim to usher tokenization into the music industry. Its hard keeping up if a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears the beat of a different drummer. So, my friends, what is left to say the amount of different people who are now forced to talk about bitcoin and cryptocurrency, whether it be politicians whether it be celebrities, its just amazing, where we are at this time in cryptocurrency. And i truly appreciate all us being here together. If you want to do this, i would really appreciate it were nominated for best news source, best news source vote altcoin daily. We would appreciate it. It would help us out. We won last year, wed like to win again this year. Keep the momentum rolling, theres plenty of other great categories where you can vote for all your favorites as well ill leave a link to that. In the description my name is aaron.