Thank you so much for joining us today and for supporting our channel. My name is matt. Stoner today were going to be taking a look at the future of crypto in the metaverse. The newest deal to take over laker stadium, in los angeles and a new price prediction for bitcoin, but before we get started, please make sure to smash that thumbs up button and subscribe to the channel. If you like, the information that we share with you today, please make sure to share this with your friends as we grow. Our channel lets make some money and lets get started, so we would like to start out with some of the newest news coming out of the metaverse, especially given facebooks most recent decision to change their name to meta, as well as increase their participation in expanding the Metaverse as it is uh for those of you that dont know what the metaverse is or just kind of figuring it out. Frankly, nobody really knows at this point. There are different hypotheses. This is whether or not it becomes the point at which our digital lives become a little bit larger, or, i guess more scalable than our realistic lives or the moment that we are living in now, where you know we are seeing a increase of digital activity, whether It is, you know, digitized security tokens, whether it is nfts everything like that uh, you know. Ultimately, we will know when the metaverse happens because well be in the middle of it.

But at that point we are going to want to make sure that we are holding on to some of these tokens so coming out of coin telegraph. Metaverse gaming, tokens, ethers and axi have avoided a crypto downtrend, as we all know for the last few days. Now we have seen a bit of a decrease of the price of some of these major coins, including bitcoin and ethereum, and, of course, uh. They have managed to uh to buck this downtrend that they have seen now they are among the best performing in the crypto sector. The emerging division of the blockchain universe did see its market cap swell by more than nine percent in the past 24 hours and almost eight percent in the last seven days to reach 17.42 billion. Now the gains came on the back of volatile upside moves in each verse. The sandbox game swap yield gain and axe infinity among other markets. Taking a look at here as well, we do have a great increase, the prices moving up and they did manage to continue to change versus usd versus bitcoin and ethereum on a majority scale here from the top down jumping back into the article here as well. About 140 tokens belonging to the decentralized finance sector delivered combined losses of 10. In the last seven days, these currencies lost about 8.93 to a market trap of market cap of 1.25 trillion. Smart contract platforms lost 10, stable coins, 1.46 percent centralized exchanges, 8.

7, d5, 9.87. Web 3, decentralized and privacy. So once again we are looking at an interesting sort of point here. However, the overall crypto market cap dropped by about 14.5 to 2.47 trillion dollars at the end of the video were gon na. Be talking about why this is not a problem and actually a great opportunity to buy but go ahead and stick around until the end. And we will go ahead and let you know the question is whether or not there needs to be an inter hedging tactic tactic. Gaming tokens fare not only better in terms of the usd but also against bitcoin and ethereum, for instance, sand the native token of the sandbox virtual world, where players can build own and monetize their gaming. Experience rose more than 27 against bitcoin and ether once more e3 of relatively unknown nft asset, also more than doubled against the top two cryptos. The capital flow from the crypto assets in the crypto enabled gaming sector coincided with a flurry of optimistic updates. That included and recent horowitz leading a 5 million funding round for seattle banks, blockchain gaming, startup, irreverent labs and polygons announcement of organizing a hundred thousand dollar hackathon to motivate developers to build and showcase games running on blockchains. But this is not only the great news coming out of here as well. The roblox founder and ceo has said that their business plan 17 years ago predicted the rise of the metaverse. Taking a look at the key points here of course, two decades ago they did foresee the rise of the metaverse.

According to ceo, david basouski and ceos jim cramer told cnbcs jim kramer on tuesday, the increasingly buzzy term has garnered more attention. In recent weeks after facebook, parent meta renamed itself, our entire company is focused on the innovation to drive and shepherd this vision of what some people call metaverse or the human co experience forward. This is, of course, the ability for everybody to collect everything, uh and, of course, robots has been striving to create a version of it since its formation. In 2004., the business plan for 17 years ago predicted this new category where people can come together for the last 16 years, weve been innovating on this category, building an amazing community, not just of players, but an amazing developer community, two million strong. That makes everything on our platform a rich economy. Our whole company is really focused on the innovation to drive and shepherd this vision of what some people call the metaverse or human co experience forward. Of course, this appearance followed roblox shares surging 42.23 percent to close at over a hundred nearly 110 dollars a piece as wall street digested the video game. Companys third quarter results from the prior evening. Of course, they went ahead and beat analyst expectations by just over a million dollars a quarter according to refinitive. This represented a 28 jump compared to the same quarter in 2020.. Taking a look at some new news here as well: cro token has soared on the naming deal for la staples center.

I mean this years broadcast and cryptocurrencies the cro coin. Price hasnt really stood out until now. I dont know if theyve, actually, no, they didnt put a picture of it. It actually looks really cool theyre going to go ahead and take that staple sort of football shape thing on the top. Crypto.Com is going to go here, but, of course, the digital asset market soared after the uh. The credit card issuer inked naming rights with the staples center home of the los angeles, lakers basketball team. The singapore singapore based crypto exchange bought the naming rights from aeg for 20 years for 700 million dollars. The la times reported citing sources familiar with the matter. Of course. The price then rose 20, so 35 in 24 hours to 54.5 in digital asset markets. Pushing that reported market cap to 13.5 billion among the largest cryptocurrencies, the cro token staggering one day return almost tripled. The gains of the next best performer, which is avalanches avax token, which rose 12 bitcoin, was only up 0.8 percent. In that same time, taking a look at bitcoin, of course, if we do have our one jump on a bar chart here, they have some of the best analysis. In terms of my opinion, what weve seen here as well, there is an opportunity, a 14 day, rsi at 80 percent for 97 041. So there is an opportunity for it to continue to move on, but i would like to go ahead and look at some of these sort of tests that we have seen the high for bitcoin.

Of course, weve seen in the last few days has been a 58 000 were looking at 57 997, but the previous close are, you know, still in the 57 range now, but we have seen some support points and were going to see three support points that could Potentially drive the price of it upwards. We have to take a look at this 56 225. So first support. Point. Second support point is about 55 000 and the third support point is around 53.5. Now again, even if we do drop, the hope is that once it does drop, we are able to pick up because of the fact that we are a de fleur. Bitcoin is a deflationary asset. Of course, deflationary tokens empower a crypto projects value because, as inflation increases and as we do know, inflation has been increasing and we are expecting inflation to increase. It is a more stable force moving forward and, as we passed the two trillion dollar spending bill, that was embarrassed that was embraced by democrats and uh president joe biden. We are, of course, going to see an increase in the uh, the inflation. Ultimately, because of this, we, i think bitcoin is going to be a great asset, that, while it will continue to move downwards, will continue to move up as well. We are just repeating a 2017 price cycle that will ultimately bring the coin down to a low that will make a lot of people uncomfortable as they continue to dump on the way down, but its a great time for everybody to grab more coins.

As the ride moves upwards, the most recent price target does have bitcoin forecasted to hit five million dollars per coin, as the price continues to soar through 2021. This is as of by 2030. So, of course, if you are holding on to bitcoin, i would recommend continuing to hold. If you do not have bitcoin, i would recommend buying, and if you have bitcoin i would constantly recommend buying more anyways that is gon na. Do it for todays video. Thank you all again so much for joining us. Please make sure to smash that thumbs up button for me and subscribe to the channel. Please come back and see us again soon. My name is matt stone with crypto time. Thank you so much and well see you.