We are moving into the mania phase for the cryptocurrency market and i know with the last week and all the ups and downs and the price it may not feel like that. But that is indeed where were heading. When you look at whats actually happening behind the scenes you realize everybodys gon na get way way richer than they can possibly freaking. Imagine right now: mainstream adoption is coming and thats in the short term and in the macro term as well. So in todays video. I want to discuss that with you, my names lark everyday. I make videos talking about cryptocurrency investing. So if thats a topic youd like to learn some more about, maybe just stay up to date with, i think you should definitely subscribe to the lark davis channel. Also, you can take a quick sums up for the youtube algorithm id massively appreciate it and, of course anybody who wants to get a notification when i put out a new video make sure you click on that notification bell by the way. If you want to start earning a safe and simple passive income on your cryptocurrencies, you need yourself an account over at celsius. 6.2. On your bitcoin five point, three: five percent on your ethereum and ten point: zero: two percent on your stable coins use the link down below to start your account and get a fifty dollar bitcoin bonus by using either the promo code or the referral code that you Find down below in the description now lets go ahead and get into this, so i posted this again last week and i know weve talked about this before, but i honestly think this is probably the most important chart in crypto if youre ever thinking like well, you Know is crypto really going to make it whats whats going to happen in a few years.

This is the most important chart. This is a technology adoption curve, so the white line on the bottom, that is, total global internet users from 92 to 2006. Top line is crypto, so its total total users coming in, and this chart just blows my freaking mind because crypto is being adopted faster than the internet, was thanks, of course, to the existence of the internet in the first place. Thank you internet. Thank you. We dont tell you that enough internet, but thank you internet youre awesome, but this is incredible because what this is saying is that were going to go from the approximately 300 million users that we have now, maybe its a bit more 350 million now so this chart Was from a bit earlier in the year, regardless were going to go from around 300 million users. Now up to 3.7 billion users of cryptocurrencies by the end of the decade by the end of the decade, were going to the 3.4 billion people coming into the market. That is mainstreamed option. My friends when we get up to 3.4 billion people, crypto is going to be boring. Theres always going to be opportunities, obviously, but not like being here now in crypto last year was a better time to be here earlier this year. Also a good time to be here now also a good time. Maybe the gains wont be as big for people just buying bitcoin and ethereum and stuff like that, but you find the next big things.

The opportunity, of course, is incredible, but even just holding onto bitcoin and ethereum those things are gon na go so much higher 3.4 billion more people trying to get their hands on bitcoin 3.4 billion more people trying to get their hands on ethereum its going to be Absolutely crazy: we are going towards mega adoption. This is the macro trend of your lifetime, right here to be riding this incredible wave of cryptocurrency investing right now now that does not mean that were only going to go up in a straight line. Obviously, not the market is incredibly volatile. You need to get used to this if youre a cryptocurrency investor, if you can ride out the volatility and hold on to those bags long enough, you are going to make it youre going to make it its true now thats the big picture short term. We also have a lot of big stories coming up that are really just showing the growth of crypto currency mania slowly growing up. But you look at statistics like this as well. We have 16 of americans according to a recent research saying that they have invested in cryptocurrency thats. A huge number four in five americans have at least heard of crypto currencies. Awareness is spread. We see people actually putting their money where the mouse are and look if you take this country by country, youre gon na get very, very different, um numbers right. If you look at some countries its going to be only one, two, three four five percent of people have invested.

If we look at adoption curves, sixteen percent is kind of the number where we move from the early adopter phase to the sort of the going parabolic mainstream phase. So youre going to get a situation where that 16 percent will go much much higher, be 60. 70 percent 80 percent by the end of the decade, simply because all these people be playing playing play to earn games and getting free, nfts free, crypto, cashing out trading for stuff, paying online using cryptocurrencies theyre going to be buying bitcoin on paypal and in cash. App theyre going to have exposure to cryptocurrencies through the retirement funds thatll be a big way that people end up owning cryptocurrencies that their pension funds will actually be investing in it weve already seen stories of that happening. I want to share this chart as well from wrecked capital here and what he said is that bitcoin has already experienced its first sell off this past may thats. The bear trap down here. Bitcoin is slowly preparing for transition into the mania phase. The reason you cant spot, the current retrace here is because its insignificant in the grander scheme of the upcoming macro uptrend, so this chart here weve talked about this chart before but hes right. This was our big first selloff. That was that was june july. That was the bear trap. Everybody thought bitcoin is gon na, go down to five thousand dollars, ten thousand dollars or whatever, and it of course did not do that.

Thirty thousand was an incredible buying opportunity. Then what do we have? The price starts going back up, media attention starts coming in enthusiasm, greed all that stuff before recording, get our blow off top and then onto the bear cycle and rinse repeat: build up for a new bull market cycle. Continue investing throughout the next decade make more financial freedom and wealth intergenerational wealth for your family. You can possibly imagine if, of course, you can stay invested in this market, but we are coming up to this media attention phase as a short term thing right. We were talking about two things. We have the macro picture which, by the end of the decade, is whos fading, that whos fading 3.4 billion more cryptocurrency investors coming only crazy people thats, who then short term for this cycle were moving into a media attention area. We have so many stories of just musicians, celebrities, all these people getting into crypto jimmy fallon, the comedian guy. He bought a board ape the board. 8 yacht club has just gone totally crazy, absolutely im, just the minimum price for a board ape right now is like a quarter million dollars its absolute insanity. We see a lot of celebrities buying bored apes using them as their profile pictures thats spreading a lot of main stream awareness nfts as a global search term for the past 12 months hit an all time high last week. People are going absolutely crazy for them.

Its just nuts people are going absolutely nuts for nfts um, particularly the board. Apiac clubs have been very popular on crypto punks courses to be very popular lots of other collections too, but nfts this digital collectibles digital profile pictures all this kind of stuff, its a gateway drug for people to invest in the cryptocurrency markets. If you want to get aboard ape, what do you have to do? You have to download an ethereum wallet? You have to buy, ethereum, have ethereum for gas fees and use ethereum to pay for it, and then you can have your board ape. This is driving adoption. Its getting people interested you know just from an investment perspective. Obviously crypto has been absolutely insane, but from a fun perspective, nfts bring the fun gaming brings the fun metaverses bring the fun it makes. People actually want to use this technology because its enjoyable to do so, whereas, like you know, taking liquidity into a a d5 platform, taking your liquidity protocol token and putting it over here. Above all this stuff, its not as much fun as like. Getting a sweet, nft and then bragging to your friends. Look at this cool picture. I bought for a quarter million dollars. People love that stuff people love that stuff. So this is mainstream adoption happening. We see burger king as well the guys who burnt my burger when i was like five burger king man anyway, burger king burger king massive cryptocurrency promotion, going on right now, where theyre, giving away a few million dollars or something worth of crypto currencies.

I think theyre giving away 20 bitcoin 200 ethereum 2 million dogecoin, or something like that and you get a chance to win one coin. I think that was the promotion anyway. Besides the point, this is getting crypto to mainstream audience and you dont get much more mainstream than burger king mcdonalds, whos also doing nfts by the way mcdonalds also doing fts but burger king one of the most mainstream food places. Well, i could necessarily call it a restaurant but a place to get some kind of food in the world and theyre promoting crypto right now, its massive its absolutely insane. The level of media attention were starting to get and its not its, not the the end of media attention were getting a lot more media attention, a lot more big companies, doing stuff brands, celebrities, its just gon na keep, building and building and building a building, also See this week we had paypal announcing the new paypal app will give you more ways to explore crypto whether you want to buy, sell, hold or even use it to check out at the millions of different paypal merchants. Paypal has 180 million customers globally or something like that. Absolute payments giant, obviously their crypto play was a massive news story late last year and they just keep moving forward. They keep developing new products for crypto. So now you can see you know: theyve got their exchange product and their payments product, which that is just such a big big part of the picture, because the ability for people to make that real to buy stuff online in an easy way and paypal enabling.

But i think they have 28 million merchants on their network paypal enabling 28 million merchants to be able to sell stuff using crypto thats massive mainstream adoption thats massive right there, so the new paypal app making that even easier. Then we have this. This blew my mind. Crypto.Com apparently has way too much money on their hands, so they spent 700 million dollars 700 million dollars to rename the staples center into the crypto.com center thats crazy man thats crazy. Now crypto.com has been spending a lot of money. They spend 30 million on psg 175 million ufc 100 million on f1 10 million on the 76ers uh. We got the canadians, austin martin other stuff, theyve spent. You know uh over a billion dollars at this point on buying up sports teams and arenas and all this stuff, you know sponsorships right and uh its absolutely incredible. Its absolutely incredible. Of course, ftx theyve been thrown a lot of money at sports teams and stuff coinbase. Other exchanges, even you even have some cryptocurrency companies. I think anchor um theyre a liquid staking platform for ethereum for ethereum, 2.0 and stuff, like that they sponsored a football team or maybe a basketball team. I cant remember some team. They sponsored some team recently. This is mainstream adoption right here. This is incredible. Crypto.Com such a smart company name says it all in the name. Where do you need to go? Go to crypto.com to buy your crypto and now, of course, sponsoring all these major teams.

Sports, of course, is a pretty big deal. You know in case youre not into sports im, not super into sports, but i know that sports is a pretty big. Damn deal globally. People, love sports, people, love baseball, they love football, they love basketball, they love soccer and kryptos everywhere, and all that stuff now and beyond racing cars fighting all this stuff. Crypto companies are just plastering the names everywhere. This is the exact kind of stuff that helps crypto. Get to the next level, because what do you need for a bull run to continue? What do you need for the prices to go higher more people to come in the more money comes in the higher the markets go and if you keep having the money come in, the markets will keep going higher. The mania will keep building and the higher the prices go, the higher the prices go because it becomes a virtuous cycle. People keep pushing up the prices, other people see wow everythings gone up a lot in price i should buy and they push the price up higher until of course reach a crescendo point where we enter a multi year bear market again, but you know lets not talk About that right now, well talk about that later. We also see crypto.com being the number two downloaded app on google play so its here. Its happening, mainstream adoption in front of your eyes very, very exciting stuff again, who the heck is fading.

Crypto at this point, like youre, crazy youre, crazy 3.4 billion people coming massive massive awareness going on media attention, sports teams all over the place, its nuts, its nuts anyway.