But when it comes to bitcoin, everyone says to buy every single dip and eventually most people run out of their dry powder, leaving them not being able to purchase the tastiest dip of them all. So in this video i want to take you through finding one of the tastiest dips that you can with your bitcoin or cryptocurrency purchases, that, of course, always in crypto leads to that life. Changing generational wealth that were all here for so before we dive into the tasty dips, smash the likes, subscribes, bell, notification, icon and, of course, use the links in the description down below. So you dont get scammed by those pesky scammers on twitter and on instagram. I only have one official account: those links are down below and, of course, if you want to learn more about trading and investing long term for that life, changing wealth check out our patreon link down below in the top of the description, limited places available. Okay, lets click, click on and kick on with the video im going to start with bitcoin dominance because were trending underneath our 50 levels. So we want to get to the point of looking at these dips for bitcoin and its going to lead into some wyck off accumulation and distribution patterns and understanding the different bars and the volumes. And of course, i like to look at the total market caps as well, so the dominance here is sitting at around 43 percent and at the moment were sitting underneath our 50 percent level.

So these are our 50 again 50 levels, which means, if its on the underside here its weak. If its on the upper side, which is up here, then its stronger and you can see, we had a small double top here at around that 44.5 and weve just been rejected from that point and now were under the major 50 and the minor 50 as well. So until bitcoin can get above that point, then it looks like we might get some strength over into the altcoins, so you know were looking at which dips to be buying here and at the moment bitcoin is looking a little sadder than most. If we look at the google trend, words, ive got us in this case. Normally i look at worldwide were looking at the last 90 days and the really the first time in history crypto is becoming more searched than bitcoin, so im leaning towards more of the cryptos to be buying in this dip, and i want to go conservative and well Look at that in just a second, so crypto is becoming more popular. You can see from the last call at five years. Raiders crypto blue is bitcoin and when this pops up weve always been bitcoin dominant, but now crypto, the search term crypto is becoming far more dominant and its looking like. We might overtake uh the bitcoin search term, which just leans more towards more retail. Coming in. To look for those massive cryptocurrency gains, we look at the total market caps and weve just dipped, underneath the previous all time high set back in may, but were on a double bottom here.

This is all of the market cap, so provided bitcoin and everything sits up where it is if bitcoin stays where it is, then were going to get that flow on into all coins as well. So when the market dips, we want to get those tasty dips on some of those all coins to get those bigger gains. Of course, if we want to get that life changing wealth, the way it works, so the previous top 2.57 trillion were sitting above that at the moment and potentially forming a base and thats. Of course, what i want to see in order to get this flow. On effect and more money feeling comfortable flying into altcoins and looking the dominance just going back, we saw this with old coins. Over the last few days, many of the strong old coins werent losing their btc value. Of course, they lost their usd value because bitcoin dropped, but they were holding up against their btc value, which leads me to believe, of course, in my opinion, that people are still not running for the hills when it comes to their altcoin portfolios. So thats still holding up pretty well total looking alright were still above the previous all time high. We could grind away here, which is fine, and if we look at total 2, which is all the market caps except bitcoin. Of course this includes ethereum uh. Then we can start to see some of this money float into the old coins total three.

Now this is all the alt coins except bitcoin and eth, and this is also looking pretty good were just underneath. The all time highs at the moment. So what we want to see in the next few days to a few weeks is for this to start to climb above and close above, so that we see the strength return. The meaning of this is, if were closing above previous resistance levels, then that just means that theres strength in the altcoins, at least in the major altcoins, because the majors are going to make up this. This total market cap, before we dive into the dips on bitcoin. Of course, what im looking at on eth those low dip buying opportunities, todays sponsor, is marjex. This has been a sponsor of the channel for the last couple of weeks, and these guys have got a black friday special at the moment, now bring them up because they do have a a trade anonymously, no kyc exchange. So some people are looking for these places to trade cryptocurrencies without inputting their personal data, because we are seeing many of the centralized systems. These centralized exchanges getting hacked and personal data being leaked. Emails addresses names phone numbers, so these guys are no kyc. So, if you want check them out, link is in the top of the description. What they have going on is a 50 000 giveaway prize pool. This, of course, is for black friday, so check out the links to see the dates of when all these prizes are given away and youve also got a 20 bonus.

If you just deposit not talking about trading, because you definitely want to have a trading plan, if you were trading on leverage uh between the 26th and 28th deposit around say: 2 000, you get your 20. So an extra 400 bonus now make sure you check out the terms and conditions when it comes to these promos again ill leave the link in the description down below and youll get your signup bonuses. If you use that link down there now lets take a look at bitcoin and well look at the wyckoff schematic here. The important part is looking at each of the pieces of the puzzle getting into the dip buying now ive gone through and labeled up. The current schematic on bitcoin and youre not going to know until the whole round or the whole play is over, but ive got my levels here, which i like at the moment im using these areas. To give me signs of weakness, the reaction weve got stopping volume and supply volume. So if we come back here, have a look: weve got automatic reactions, uh secondary tests, sign of weakness. Last point of supply, basically weve, been told to buy the dips october and october and again in early november and again in november, but which ones are the tastiest and looking at this, and then i can take into consideration the total market caps as well. Just to give me an understanding of where we currently sit overall, the market seems pretty strong, so i dont want to be falling catching a falling knife on the way down into a bear market.

So my macro view is that were still going to go up in the longer term, so even if we get this wrong, its probably not going to be too bad in this point of the market. However, i want to be that maybe a little bit more clever and get something a little bit lower, so weve seen time frames of one two three days down one two three four days down and now were into our fifth day here and were getting the the Reversal on lower volume, which is not the best sign, however, it looks like weve gone through a bit of this wyckoff distribution test already, so we can see the preliminary supply on the peak here so were going up, and then we have the bc. That is our buying climax. Then we have our automatic uh yeah automatic reaction, our secondary test, sign of weakness, thats the one, the main one that i look out for our up thrust: the ut up thrust. This is after the distribution, so its up thrust after distribution and the last point of supply. So we come back over the chart. Ive got this on a smaller time frame as well, because they happen on all time frames, but you want to be looking at for them on the major time frames. So once ive seen a lot of these wyckoff distribution patterns play out, then i start to look for time counts and then i start to look for times or dates in the market as well.

Weve been looking towards that 19th to 22nd of the month, which weve talked about plenty of times on the channel, and of course you want to overlay your your moon cycles. Here then, our moon cycles are also starting to line up with some major turns, but i know a lot of people dont like to use these. We just look at the dates. The dates are really important here and weve got a pretty good range playing out. Now. We havent confirmed that this is the final low, but its a better low, its a better dip to be buying than the previous dips up here now, of course, the difference here is about 10 and were looking for the uh life. Changing wealth, thats, apparently abundant here in cryptocurrency. Of course, i do believe that theres definitely the possibility to get this life. Changing wealth, thats going to stop us from buying these ridiculous dips, which are only a few percent, and then you see the secondary test. You can see the volume getting smaller thats. What you want to see when it comes to the wyckoff pattern, so secondary test volume and spread should thus decrease, as the price approaches the resistance area of the buying climax. As an example, you can see theyre starting to approach the buying climax again. Youve got the buying climax on the on the bigger time frame here, the secondary test, its just getting into that buying climax, and then you see it drop into the sign of weakness.

This is the trading range of the distribution, and then we wait it out, so the dip the tasty dip to buy is, if we can be patient, were currently 30 days from the first buying climax into this sign of weakness with multiple supply. Last point of supplies showing up on the chart and then we can start to get into our position of buying talking of buying im, putting this out to our patreon members and, of course, ti premium members as well. Putting trade alerts about my ethereum buying, and this is where i was buying ethereum in over the last few days. This is all posted to the members there as well, and i was using this using the patterns on bitcoin using whats, going on with the total market caps. More importantly, using what i see on the dominance and how this is also playing into the altcoin versus the bitcoin pair and im, seeing the strength in eth btc also posting this on twitter and instagram, so youre not following over. There use the official links down below as well. Of course, i can be wrong, but i need to use what i can see in the market because, as with all traders and investors, we do not have the information on the right hand, side of the chart that that side is still blank and we are trying To understand where this is going in the future – and we just have to use the past to give us an idea of whats happening in the future.

So i like the sign of strength – and i, like the strength in the 8th btc chart bitcoin, looks a little weaker to me than ethereum. However, its still holding up pretty well using the uh, the wyco, schematics and, of course, the gan analysis when were looking at the uh. The swing ranges, so we still have. The major swings are up and at this point slightly undecided, but the major trend is still up as well. Our fifty percent levels are holding in play. You can see we bounce off our first fifty percent, our next fifty percent is down at around forty nine thousand dollars, but if i bring it back to our 21st low were sitting around that 54 weve come quite close with that. So a lot of these pieces are lining up, which gives me the uh the strength and the understanding in my plan to then go and buy the conservative old coins that im interested in in this case ethereum on these dips. Now, of course, if im wrong and we dip lower, then ive got my next 50 levels. I come back to my wyckoff schematic charts and i come back to the dominance to see whats going on. Overall, whether the market is starting to crap the bed and everyones fleeing altcoins or, if theyre, looking to remain in their strong alt coin positions, obviously not the weak stuff, but remain there, so that we continue to buy those those more tasty, juicier dips, rather than every Day that the market goes down generally thats what happens in cryptocurrency its one day down people freak out, dont worry, buy the dip another day down.

Dont worry by the dip, buy the dip by the dip, and eventually people dont have anything left so, hopefully thats. Given you an idea of what to look for when it comes to buying a good, tasty dip, the way i like to bring in time i bring in price, i bring in chart reading volume and the pattern of the chart piecing all those together. So im not caught out buying every single dip on the way down and im, just looking for the tastiest dips, of course, like i mentioned, i can be wrong, but over time this has proven to be a far better method for my style of trading. So if you want to learn more about that check out the link to patreon down below and of course, join us in tia premium to learn more about trading links are all in the description down below ill see you guys at the next video make sure you, Like share subscribe until then have more fun to get more done.