In fact, they make the key mistake of focusing on too short a time frame. This is actually the one thing in crypto that messes most people up is focusing on short time frames. Instead of longer time frames and the people who are able to zoom out and understand how crypto functions, how it ebbs and flows are able to completely maximize their gains. So this video is going to be decoding the most important lesson on time: analysis that most people mess up and if you get this right, youll most likely be in a position to take advantage of the storybook gains. The 100x gains the thousand x gains, and then you will avoid most importantly, the negative eighty negative ninety percent losses. Now crypto is a game of emotions, its you against. You make no mistake about that, because the long term destination for crypto of a web 3 world a new layer on the internet, where money finance data can be protected. Creative works can be monetized in a seamless way direct to consumers. This is the world of the future. Theres, no doubt about that. The destination is so painfully obvious, especially with i dont know, every single major brand in the world declaring their intention to start a metaverse, a digital world for their users, in which, of course, the products will be nfts. Now, because we know that eight billion people are going to come into crypto and nfts its, not a question of how big these networks will grow, the question is: are you going to be able to stick around and play your stack properly now? Crypto is extremely generous.

As we can see here by this eth chart and, of course, this tweet by horn harris is saying, i will not be bearish on crypto when eth is giving us the most textbook high time frame retest in months. So what hes saying here is that this green area weve broken above it, which was our prior high here and now, were coming back to test it now theres something called a retest in crypto, where once you break through an overhead resistance, thats what they call it. When the price doesnt quite want to go over a certain level, they call that a resistance once you break through resistance. The way to confirm youve broken through is to come down and test it and bounce off of it. Thats called flipping resistance into support. You can also do it the other way, its more bearish when you break through support and flip it into resistance. So the chart works like this now. What youll, also notice is that we came up here, formed a top formation and came down over 50 percent here. So this is what happened just in 2021 and everyone who came in with big green dollar signs in their eyes here at the top of the market, got completely crushed. As we came down the people who waited and fought against their fomo here at the top of the market and got greedy here at the bottom of the market, those people are up sitting pretty right now.

So, even if we nuke from here theyre doing okay, so whats the lesson here. The lesson here is that crypto is a game of emotions and at every single step, crypto is trying to fool. You convince you to betray yourself by giving in to your own sense of greed fomo or give in to your fears that effectively youre gon na lose all your money. So, if youre able to fight against those and buy when things seem really bearish weve actually brought up this particular metric, the bitcoin fear and green index, and every time it gets to that rock bottom lows of extreme fear. Those are typically amazing, amazing buying periods. Today we have what can be described as a bloody blood red day in crypto, a crash, a doomsday feeling here in bitcoin and crypto land and most people are going to react to this in complete fear and usually the wrong way. People either panic sell or they panic by here, and both of those are the wrong answers today were going to give you the way. I see the next few weeks its going to be really easy. Most of the advice i see floating around this industry is chaotic at best, but today were actually going to give you what i think of as actionable and important steps. These are my strategies, my opinions and how i choose to navigate this crazy market. First and foremost, what are we looking here? We need to get to a real point where we can be honest with each other.

I want to be straight up with you guys, which is we need a level headed, rational approach to what the market is doing right now now im trying to do this on a super non technical explanation for you guys, because i dont want to muddy the waters. The point is, we could bounce pretty low here under 50k and still be macro bullish now take this and understand that one of the most incredible things that crypto gives you is second chances. Third chances. Fourth chances: fifth chances, because people get emotional when things look like theyre, topped up, they dump when things look like theyre bottomed out, they pump, and so when you get these wild whipsaws of volatility, it allows for people who miss the boat the first time to get Back on the boat, it allows people who jumped too far ahead on the boat to sort of rewind time and get better prices, or it allows for people to take profits really quickly, so whether youre short term minded or long term minded. This is just like a paradise of sorts. This crypto market this cycle, if were coming down here and were correcting again significantly, we could be seeing this cycle stretch out and out and out into the middle part of 2022, which would allow for bitcoin to reach some of these astronomical price targets. Of a few hundred thousand dollars and in the process, alts are going to go wildly wildly up in value.

In fact, that extends my price targets for a lot of these altcoins to be much higher, so im. Looking at this as an amazing opportunity where we go down and we revisit some low prices and those low prices end up being these amazing re entries before the boat picks back up into the right, and so its just like this amazing opportunity. I see this makes me. I know this is crazy, but this makes me more bullish. The most important thing i want to reiterate here is the longer the cycle, the better it is because the slower we grind up, the less likely it is to have these unhealthy pump and dump effects on the market, so longer cycle equals good, and this shows that We might be in a mid cycle correction for several more months, and that is fantastic for eventually extending those price targets way higher with much healthier underlying market dynamics. Super super good stuff. Almost everyone comes into crypto for rocket ride 100x gains, and this channel has specialized in bringing you those opportunities as early as possible and right now the markets crashing. So everyone is screaming by the dip, but the reality is that everyones doing it wrong because buying the brand name coins on the dip might give you. I dont know a slight edge in getting a couple of xs on your money. Realistically, if bitcoin goes to 200 000, its only a 4x from here for most people, starting with crypto with a few hundred bucks, maybe a few thousand bucks, its not gon na change, your life that money, youre still gon na, be working the same job.

You wont have any more free time, so the point of this video is to outline what i see as the biggest opportunity for the biggest gains in these particular coins that are going to absolutely crush it. So when we look at the top metaverse coins, the top gaming coins um jumping back here, you can see um, we have axi, we have sandbox now sandbox is one that ive been pushing on to you guys for quite some time. I think i made a really big push to get people into it around 50 cents here this wasnt ancient history. This was like weeks ago so now the people who did that are up almost 10x and you can see it just continues to crush. It render token jumped out of nowhere, because people think that this is going to render the metaverse, maybe um, im more into gaming projects, im more focusing on like game ecosystems, where the game itself forces token velocity. So thats, like the main characteristic im looking for, is a place where people can play to earn and that they need to trade and force token velocity through the token to enjoy this ecosystem. Sandbox is a massive check box for that. Axiomfinity is literally the leader of that decentraland is good im, not a big investor in decentraland. Elluvium is a big checkbox on that ufo big checkbox on that uh vulcan, forged big checkbox on that. So, if youre smart, what youll do is youll dig into all these games on the gaming category here on coin gecko, youll look at the ones that you think are cool to play that might hold players and youll be able to jump into those with that said.

Lets dive into some ideos that ive bought into some new projects coming up that ive brought into. I just want these projects on your radar because i think they offer something to the ecosystem. Now the first game were gon na be talking about. Is monkey ball? The game is set up a little bit like fifa street, as you can see, uh its got this sort of raw aesthetic to it. Look i like it. What can i say i invested into this one and i think its going to crush it, but of course, if you want to get into this one re watch my segment on ideos just make sure that youre doing this smart and then, if its up 100x, you Want to buy the dips by the dips thats it im invested in and excited for monkey ball. Next, like i said, we have sidus heroes. Now this one is really really interesting. Its got like a star atlas feel its actually really really high quality um and they have a browser game experience. You can play this right in the browser without needing to download anything. So this is something that i think is really really a step forward. Again. You dont get the full immersiveness, but i think more people care about access than immersiveness, so i met with the team. They have some really interesting tech and a shocking amount of people like 150 people working on this um. So i think the token for this one will come out sometime in january again dont fomo, but this is one that i could see making a challenge for that star atlas type of game.

The point is that gaming is going to pump during the bull market during the bear market and during the bear market. The fact that gaming isnt going down only for three years, thats going to be where everyone focuses so to me whether its rain or shine im in gaming for the long haul. I know its going to be the most transformative investment opportunities, its also going to be, in my opinion, the most transformative for the industry as a whole, its going to transform the internet into a place that serves its users. That pays its users with the alchemy.