I just took a bunch of other miss baby because its about to get caught in the kitchen now lets come in hot. The first banger on the list is, she being new, then were going to talk about whats, going on with amc and this new robin hood case that just got dismissed. This looking like and then were going to talk about a cryptocurrency that i see has a lot of future potential long term, but lets talk about it baby and, i hope youre having a good saturday. Now she being new, is currently four zeros and then four seven. Its down three percent on the day is now down seven percent on a week and its up over sixty percent on the month. Remember anything i say is not advice to buy, hold or sell. I want to give you the facts, and then you be the judge. I just dont have it in my heart to leave you on informed, and i trust you to make an informed decision based on information now lets talk about the call options like we always do. You know recently we got into a lucid call. I want to say a week or two weeks ago, over on a discord im looking out for more lucid call options, and we talked about how you dont get out of a play on a support line now well get into that more but notice. We went up 153 on a call option, but on the discord we loaded up on the stocks too and thats up over 200.

So i love to see it if you want to be up on a place as early as we are or see how to buy options or even stocks. For the first time family hit. The discord link in the top comment were gon na. Welcome you with open arms, now lets go over she being new and then were gon na cover amc and then were gon na cover that cryptocurrency. I was talking about later on in the video, so check this out she being new. We have some indicators and statistics that we need to cover. First of all, the market cap is still in the 26 billion dollar range, thats, pretty good right, but notice the volume and dollars thats been trading back and forth is actually down 43 family. In the last 24 hours, theres been basically a 50 almost drop in how much dollars are basically being traded of this play, but notice. When you look at the trading activity, youll see that its 71.5 percent of it is buying. However, the typical hold time is now 23 days, basically every single day its showing that the people who are holding sheba new have been holding on strong and not letting go. But i do want you to see this. It has dropped in popularity. It was number nine and now its number 10 of all cryptocurrencies, the 10th popular of all of them. But why? I want to tell you this is because ill tell you the truth, whether its good bad or ugly again, because i trust you to make an informed decision so now lets check this out.

Shibley knew they said this is an article. It says sheba knew in danger from a topping signal, as she priced loses 50 in three weeks so now. What is this article about? Lets cover some of it, and it says the price dropped by almost 55 from that high of many many zeros and an 88 right now again. Remember its 47. so check this out and they say an independent analyst. Whos been studying this. Basically suggests that a sell off is ahead. Does this mean that a sell off is ahead again? I want you to be prepared, not surprised, now check this out. They were looking at the technicals and then they said on their technical analysis. They have a resistance line. A resistance line is when it comes up and it hits this line, and then it continues to fall down and theyre saying that currently it broke under the resistance line that they had and then theyre also using it as supports right theyre, using their resistance lines. As supports so when it breaks under a support, family usually supposed to bounce off of a support, but it has broken under the support too now lets check this out. Weve been talking about this time and time again how these 40 levels are important, but whats really important if youve been rocking me for a long time. You know what level is really important and its the last support level of about 37 or ‘.

As of october 24th – and we talked about this again – you see this red line, just horizontal line straight across again, if we break under that family, we headed into the 20s, but take a look at this all of the mainstream media theyre coming back out like, for Example, the one the only the mildly fool and now that she be new, is showing weakness. They are trying to add more pressure, more fear, uncertainty and doubt to those who are not necessarily doing all of their research and they just read the mainstream media but check this out. They said seven valid reasons to sell shiba new right now and they posted this 11 hours ago and they are just pumping them out. The mainstream media is pumping out, sell, sell, sell they pumping out all kind of articles. However, i did find another article. That was the exact opposite of it, and it said this and again remember make sure youre doing your own research, because its important, because the mainstream media will just try to feed you whats best for their narrative, so check this and its from fx street, and they Said the dogecoin killer, sheba new bulls, basically going wild as post double digit gains overnight. Now lets see these points. They got blue green orange and red lets start from blue. They said they had 13 percent gains overnight right, but then in green it says the whales who are buying shebay new are accumulating tokens through the dip.

Now i want to tell you this: there are not many whales as there was who are loading up on shibenu, but remember thats, not a bad thing, thats, actually a good thing, even though this article is telling you that the whales is straight up, loading, the boat, Its really the retail investors, the small investors, who have been loading the boat now they said unique addresses, is getting close to that one million, because right now we have like 900 and about 80 000 unique addresses that have shebay knew, but again, one of the next Catalyst that she being new has, if no news catalyst come out, is basically that the one million addresses. However, there is a news, catalyst and its this. This is what helped it to pump up just yesterday, and it was this shibley new shiba swap 2.0, which is a new addition to the sheep ecosystem right. Basically, they announced it not too long ago, and that was one of the catalysts that people are just catching on to and they say. Oh, this is a great thing, theyre still developing and moving forward with the ecosystem, the ship in the ecosystem. So now they continued on with this article and they said that basically theyre starting the next bull run. They said specifically, she post double digit gains and start second leg of the bull run, so the first ball run was to 88, but then theyre saying that this is the second leg of the bull run, but again dont just feed into your confirmation bias of what You want to hear make sure that you seeing things for what they are right, be prepared, not surprised.

So now lets talk about amc, the beast, the big dog, the banger and again, in the comments, let me know how you are playing shibei new. If it breaks under that lets, call it 37 support line. How are you playing? Are you holding something long? Are you getting out of it if it breaks that, because its headed to the 20s or are you loading up? You tell me so now lets check it out, amc, entertainment. We got some news baby here we go and it says this basically theyre up. One percent on a day, theyre up one percent on a week but theyre up over 17 in the last three months, now check this out family because im telling you these billionaires these trillionaires these all these crazy companies family. I swear they do not have your best interests at heart, in my personal opinion, check this out and even the legal justice system, sometimes the justice system, the court system um come on now lets take a look at this. It says robin hood and again we dont want to just throw the baby out with the bathwater. Sometimes it is helpful, but in things like this, it seems more geared towards the people who have versus those who have not or the institutions who have versus the retail investor. Who has not so check this out. It says, and you know what im gon na take my opinion out of it. You tell me if you feel like this is fair or not so check this out robin hood.

It says others win dismissal, robin hood others when dismissal of meme stock short squeeze lawsuit right – and here it goes. It says a u.s judge dismissed a lawsuit, accusing robin hood and other brokerages for wrongfully, preventing retail investors from buying the fast rising. They call it. Meme stocks triggering a sell off, so basically they said that the robinhood was being sued right because they took the buy button away and it triggered a sell off and we all know thats the case. Everybody knows thats the case. Even robin hood knows thats the case. Allegedly, supposedly hypothetically, however citadel one of their main partners again said that this was the case that robin hood did cause this sell off based off of what happened with the buy button in a margin, call watch this. They said again on 9 30, 20, 21, and they said this robin hood. Restricted trading in response to a three billion dollar margin call from the nscc, which is like a big fraternity of all of the institutions, but they got a margin called aka. They were in debt and they had to cover their margin. Family had to basically just clear that account up, and it was three billion dollars right but understand this lets say that you dont even believe that they did it because of the margin. Call well guess what family you could hear it straight from the horses mouth. If you go check out, let me see if i have it real quick, because i might have it right here on twitter here we go.

Let me turn this up for you to hear you can hear right out of the horses mouth and its kind of its nasty people operating officer basically said. Look lets call up the higher ups at the nscc and kind of figure out whats going on maybe theres. Some way we can work with them and um. Basically, there was another call and they lowered it to something like 1.4 billion dollars. They had a margin, call, they took the buy button away and then at first it lowered to about 1.4 billion right thats. What he just said, let me play that back really quickly, so it was three and they took away the buy button and then theyre, seeing three that taken and we were making some progress right. They were making some progress to get it lower, but its still a high number and then um we basically proposed well lets lets explain how we plan to um lets, explain how you know well manage risk in these symbols. Throughout the day, uh we proposed um marking these volatile stocks that were kind of driving driving the activity position. Closing only position closing only means all you can do is close your position out and just totally sell out of it. You cant buy anymore and add any buying pressure. This is according to them. You can sell, triggering a sell off right, they got sued for this, but then they got away with it. Who is this speaking family? This is vlad.

Who is basically the leader of robin hood and hes, telling you exactly what they got sued for and got away with, check this out again and then um at about uh an hour before market clo market open so 5, 30 or 5 in the morning? They came back and they said: okay, the charge is, or the deposit 700 million, which we then deposited and paid promptly, and then um everything was fine um so that that essentially explains why we had to um. We had to mark these symbols position closing only. He just told you we had to mark the positions position, closing only all of those symbols, amc gamestop, all of them right all of the what they would call meme stocks back in january. They just got sued for doing this, triggering a sell off, and then it just said that you know what the judges they said, no were dismissing the case right but again, im sure theres more to it. When you look into the laws youll see, oh, they got away with it because of xyz were not going to get into none of that, but we will say that they, literally according to themselves, have reduced the margin from 3 to 1.4. All the way to 700 million and then promptly paid that off so again they were clearly incentivized to do it, but again they always get away with these kind of things, but lets get to that cryptocurrency. I was talking about at a minimum.

I want you to put this on your watch list now, if you are not on the discord with us, come and join the discord with us family. The link is in the top comment: well, teach you how to do options, and you can see the cryptocurrencies that we buy or whatever, but check this out its crypto.com and its ticker symbol, c r, o its crypto.com coin now, currently, its up three percent. Basically me and the discord fan, we got some skin in the game when it was closer to 50 cents right and its pushing up its up 45 in the last week. Its up 200 in the last month lets check this out. Crypto.Com chain is an ethereum token that powers crypto.com pay. Why is this important? Take a look at this theres a lot going on crypto.com, but theres a comparable coin to it, not exactly the same, but comparable in nature that i want you to just think about where this one could potentially go so check. This out, cnbc, said: crypto.com buys the naming rights to the lakers staples center right. So now theyre going to change the crypto.com center right for 700 million, but check this out. Binance coin family binance coin versus crypto.com lets. Look at it when you look at binance coin. Finance coin is basically a 100 billion dollar cryptocurrency family. If you look at you, add them all up. What is the market cap 100 billion? Why is that important, theres only bitcoin and ethereum, who are currently worth more than crypto, not crypto than binance coin, but now, when you compare it to crypto.

com coin, which is basically 14.73 billion, what you have to think of is these two things are very similar where Theyre in exchange – but this is the main coin that you can use on their exchange to transfer things out. So then it gets that inherent value. So again me and the discord we picked up on this.