I want to share with you my top six lower cap, metaverse altcoins on my radar. The three things to keep in mind number one – i am not a registered financial advisor. Investing in cryptocurrency is very risky. This video is for informational purposes only number two just for today we will be excluding the more established projects, the higher caps and focusing more on the medium and lower cap, newer projects, making progress in this space and number three. If i miss a metaverse crypto project that you really like that, you really believe in comment down below checking the comments section right now and lets jump in first coin. I want to put on your radar is decentralized video, streaming infrastructure platform, theta network and by the way i do understand this is more of a high cap. We will get to the lower cap altcoins in a second, but i dont think theta network really gets its due when people talk about metaversus theta network, an essential infrastructure for metaverse development and lets explain why as metaverses metaverse based virtual live events and gaming continue to Grow theta is positioned as the key infrastructure to power them across the technology stack their high concurrent user counts of metaverse live events are a perfect fit for a peer to peer video and data delivery and showcase the need for the theta protocol. So we know theta at its base, is decentralized streaming and decentralized peer to peer video content, thats one aspect of theta well, many of the technologies the theta team has developed over the years are key components in the coming metaverses being built today, number one rendering virtual Reality worlds in real time for vr based metaverses right.

I totally get that videos have to render in a quality sense if you want a quality. Metaverse number two: another technology developed by theta: the theta video api as the building block for devs to integrate video into metaverses, pretty self explanatory and number three video based nfts – that can capture meaningful moments in the metaverse. So what theyre saying is theta has this metaverses need something like this meaning quality video streaming capabilities to make these live concerts and live gaming events good by combining these elements into one suite of decentralized services, theta network will become an essential building block for metaverse development And, as you can see, theyre already doing this, maybe some of you even attended this last month, theta partnered with decentral games to host the live stream of their metaverse nightclub, hosted by ibizas real life, amnesia nightclub, the biggest virtual club night ever real djs performed. I hear it was an awesome experience, but generally speaking, theta and the infrastructure they cant provide to metaverse is something to keep on the radar. Okay and next crypto project that could be a major player in this metaverse world is realm. Realm is the next big metaverse project you can create and explore an infinite number of microverses from art, galleries, in space to underwater auctions, etc. Amazing concept, clear road map, quality partners. We can see some of the backers of the project right here. We have alphabet constellation, sl2 capital, definitely vc names.

I recognize you can see the broader list right here and actually just for a visual. Some of you have seen this before if you subscribe, but this is realm one aspect of the realm virtual reality metaverse and it looks legitimately awesome and, as you can see, there can be real life nfts in the game like friendly little cryptokitties that you can engage With or other people can bring, other slash engage with other people in the metaverse as well pretty cool, and why is this on my radar well number one top gaming projects with the highest social volume axis number one realm coming right up there at number, two beating Out ferocity, decentraland, sandbox, etc. Even though realm is much newer and a much lower market cap, so the excitement slash engagement is there for this project number two: we can see some of the micro verses right here, different worlds. You can jump into play to earn gaming virtual land sales, nfts, etc. So this will be very immersive and they are having ongoing land sales, different buildings of different sizes and utility up for grabs in this metaverse. I actually own some realm. I did try and buy a piece of land, but it sold out – and i think literally minutes here is an example of somebodys art gallery in space im guessing looks quality and there is so much more that we could go into, but generally speaking, realm metaverse something To keep on the radar and next up lets talk about a metaverse backed by polygon.

This polygon based multi region, fantasy game, gaia, everworld closed a 3.7 million dollar seed round and before we get to the specific names that are backing this project, we have partnered with gaia everworld for today. So i can give you the broad strokes on exactly what gaia. Everworld is gaia: everworld is an immersive multi region, fantasy world, where players are able to build their own kingdoms. It is inspired by classic games like pokemon clash of clans, age of empires, etc. So great inspirations – and you know what let me show you – the game ill play you a clip of just a highlight reel as i list out some of the major in game components. So here it is heres. The game looks pretty cool whether you are fighting it out in player versus player battle mode adventuring. Across the diverse and mysterious expanse of the everworld in the mmorpg or exploring and conquering mythical kingdoms in the player versus environment, legion mode players will be able to experience engaging entertaining and interactive gameplay, while also earning tokenized rewards in the process. Give me your thoughts on gaia, everworld down below just your initial thoughts, but the final two things i want to point out that make this metaverse unique are one the technology and two the strategic investors. We can see some of the big names backing this project right here: polygon, au21, capital, bull perks, engine starter, etc, etc. Definitely a differentiator and also a differentiator, the technology they have unity; 3d.

They have the unreal engine and, of course, built on polygon and what this technology means for you. First off unity, 3d, gaia, everworld will first release a 2d 3d player versus player, whether thats 1v1, all the way up to 5v5 battle arena built on unity. There will be a ranking system and a matchmaking system that will find you a worthy opponent anywhere in this metaverse. Based on your current rank, which honestly sounds like a whole lot of fun, you can battle it out with people all around the world in this metaverse. They will also be utilizing the unreal engine gaia, everworld mmorpg will be built on unreal engine where players can get a true immersive experience in the metaverse, so unreal engine basically means that the graphics will be super quality and, of course, like ive, said many times, theyre On the polygon blockchain, so for the technology, these three reasons, along with their land sale that is currently going on right now, thats, why youre hearing so much noise about gaia, everworld, all right next metaverse crypto project to put on your radar star atlas. Welcome to the next gen gaming metaverse powered by the solana, blockchain and nfts, as well as real time, graphics powered by unreal engine 5, which is always a big green flag. For me, this is a galaxy of opportunities powered by you. I think many of you have probably already heard of star atlas, but for those of you that havent, what is star atlas really on its face? Star atlas is an mmo set in the year 2620 thats massively multiplayer online game.

The universe has been colonized and vulcanized. Three factions split control were somewhere in the deepest most dangerous sector of space, something extremely valuable lurks, so that is star atlas and players can earn in game currency atlas and polis and buy anything from ships to space stations to land and go on missions. All right sounds pretty fun, and one of the big reasons that i feel star atlas is a metaverse to watch is because of how fast the community is growing. The star atlas discord server has just reached 100 000 members. This is a great achievement for the community. For the team and for me personally, many hours of effort were put in by many people to build the great community that has formed and continues to form in star atlas. So do not ignore milestones like this. Obviously, a big deal and very quickly just for a visual here – are some of the spaceships nfts that people are accumulating in this metaverse right now. So give me your thoughts on star atlas down below in the video comment section and next metaverse i want to put on your radar is called moonscape. This one obviously also has to do with space only this ones more of a strategy, game and more age of empires, age of mythology. Esque moonscape is a resource strategy management defy game that takes place on a futuristic moon players, scramble for limited resources to develop their own burgeoning cities and in a quest for domination, players can either plunder rival cities or collaborate with friendly ones and when youre building your City city building, uses tried and tested defy mechanics some employing the use of nfts.

I was a big fan of age of mythology back in the day, this is a project im invested in and one step that they take a little farther than those classic games is after you build your city, you can then sell it trade, it profit off it. As an nft, or just keep it and hold it for yourself, how are nfts used in moonscape, rovers and cities can be minted, turning them into nfts and traded in marketplaces. Hard working players can be rewarded for their efforts, while players with less time can benefit by purchasing pre made cities in which to start earning. I, like it, obviously theres always more that we could go into, but generally speaking, moonscape a metaverse crypto project, making progress and next up a metaverse project that we have mentioned on this channel before weve talked about. This is sandbox. The sandbox metaverse alpha is launching. On november 29th, after four years in development, so obviously a very big deal. Weve all heard of the sandbox and anamoca brands, virtual property and gaming firm. The sandbox is opening up part of its metaverse to players for the first time via a multi week, play to earn a pde alpha event. Now, for those of you who may not know what the sandbox is, the sandbox virtual gaming world enables users to monetize their time spent in the metaverse via a play to earn model players can purchase land and create non fungible token nfts within the game and earn The sandbox token sand by completing various quests.

They can also stake the token and just to give you a visual. This is the sandbox metaverse which snoop dogg has already entered, and this is just a visual of what average people experience as they hang out with their friends go to concerts in the sandbox metaverse. All right give me your general thoughts on the sandbox metaverse or any of the metaverses that we highlighted in todays video. If i miss the metaverse, please comment down below, i will be checking comments, and that is the video. My name is austin.