Okay, if you are a vr, a holder, this is not the video to miss. This is not the news to miss. Ive got multiple things to drop right here. Im gon na get it out as quick as i possibly can all right, a theres, something big going on on the charts b theres. Some big news that came out before we dive in channel sponsor is enola dot. Io you can use usdt staking or you can also do like ada, uh, bitcoin and eth. I personally do usdts taking i have 35 000 staked. You can add to a staking pool at any point in time. I get 385 dollars every single day, five 11 dollars a month. If you want to get the same rate as me and lock it in use my link in description, jrcrypto20. All right lets get to vra, okay, the big news ill drop at the end and if you, if youve ever bought vra and then sold it and youre no longer in you may want to check this video and full disclosure. Vra is my largest holding equivalent to vector space a i v x v, and i am upfront about that. So, of course i want the price to go up, but i have 9 000 coins to choose from. Why would i make this my largest holding of all now im gon na blow this up, for you guys? Okay, this is market cipher b and its very accurate information, and, in the past year its shown this signal this low only once twice three four five times: okay, each of the times doing a very large move.

One of the times was all the way back over. Here which, obviously you have some huge moves here, but then you have a 417 percent gain in 32 days, then a 579 percent gain okay and then this one it did the signal exactly right here and we had a 233 percent in 30 days. So, at minimum end of the year, i guess 20 cents, but there is some catalyst coming for vra that there will be the point, the absolute point of no return, and i think that these catalysts can do this kind of move for vra. Okay. I think that this kind of move is coming for vra and please remember that my price predictions are for the end of the bull run. So no im not saying its going to four dollars, but it can hit some insane levels in a relatively short amount of time and i think the 20, the 30 cents area is just going to be getting us started. You have a multitude of factors that are coming into play. Yes, some exchange is coming. Yes, there is a million things on their road map. I highly suggest that you go to veracity.io and check out their roadmap. Okay check out their roadmap and there is so much stuff to still come in this quarter in every single quarter. They go above and beyond, literally above and beyond. They always add a little bit extra. There was just the rebranding of the esports flight family theres.

So much stuff going on so yes, you have this juicy chart to look at and i understand i totally understand that looking at some guy drawing a fractal like ooh cool, obviously im not saying its going to four dollars in the next 35 days. But please remember: okay, remember it did go what 8 000 percent in 78 days so dont be a doubter okay. I understand it had a lot smaller micro cap at that point in time, but you know my a dollar fifteen, two dollar, twenty five. At the end of the bull run, not at the end of the year its whenever the end of the bull run happens. I do not think it is out of the question okay, so we have all of this bearish stuff going on, even though, even though like when you look at bitcoin its still pretty up okay and you look at all these corrections that happened in the past. Bull run, this is 100 percent normal. This is its business as usual. In my opinion, theres also some very bullish signals flashing on bitcoin as well, and then vra for the past week has done nothing actually like the past. Nine or ten days has done nothing but drop bullish news after bullish news after bullish news and then they go on telegram, and someone asked a question and im gon na read what they said here. Thank you just read it. What does it mean? Quotes vera views ad fraud, detection with proof of view with partners, big capital with partners, does it mean vra already doing collaboration with some partners who already interested with this product? What does the word with in quotations mean the largest enterprise video distribution platform will integrate before year end stay tuned, mike dropped.

Vra is at a dollar its just not there yet. Okay, in my opinion – and that is what im holding my portfolio to – i cannot wait to see what comes. I will read it for you one more time, because i know it is so sweet to hear the largest enterprise. Video distribution platform will integrate before year. End stay tuned, hallelujah, all right. I like it. I love it. There is so much more stuff to come for this project. If you got rid of your vra, i would highly suggest rethinking your decision. Please dont over extend yourself into the market, but this is the gym of 2021 right alongside vxv i cant buy one without the other and again i got 9000 coins to choose from and im sure plenty of them are gon na make plenty of money. I believe this one will make me the most money, all right guys well, thank you so much that all of you that support my channel. I appreciate each and every one of you. If you have a moment, please dont forget to like subscribe, set the notification bell. Im jr: this is junior crypto.