This is your cryptocurrency update and, in this video im going to show you a real show, stopper of a metaverse really seriously and also a very fun nft. The reason why im kind of pulling out these two sectors of blockchain is because gala is a token that is up 33 percent and, yes, they are touching into that space. They are about to flip sand. Its very very exciting also were going to hear from jed, mccaleb and danelle of stellar those clips. I dont think you want to miss, especially the one where they talk about moneygram and then matt hamilton of ripple. He is schooling, another so called coin expert. Yeah im a follow up with this video with a little schooling of my own when it comes to fluff, but i really think its important all right money is flowing back into the market. It is up just about one percent over the last 24 hours sitting at 2.64, trillion bitcoin trading up 58 823. At the time of this recording, and when we look at the top gainer among those 100 by market cap, gala is just killing it like. I said up 33 on the 24 hour ‘6 up on the seven day. This is a. This is a token that is touching successfully already executing nfts gaming earn to play and they have their own metaverse, which is the galliverse coming at 45 cents. When you compare them among others in the same sector of crypto, i think it just got started, meaning when you compare other projects like axi infinity, decentraland sand, weve got price points that are 129, 3.

92 and 4.21, so at 45 cents. I think this particular project has a lot of runway still by market cap um at 3 billion and ranked 55. You can see that it is just about to flip sandbox. Now, if you go to coin market cap and you put in gaming, you will be able to search the top 100 gaming tokens by market capitalization and, i think theres a lot of sleepers here. But you must do your research, you just dont, throw a dart – and i know youre gon na think im a little crazy, but that old fashioned research needs to be at least five hours on articles 25 hours on videos and 20 hours on reading. All the sns platforms and im talking about for each project, you, research, thats, really what it takes and if you want to go super deep, then search in multiple languages as well. Now, when we talk about metaverse well, weve got nike diving in deep. Theirs looks very, very fun, but the one i really wanted to highlight for you is coming from japan. This is so special. There is a castle in okinawa called the surety castle and it burned down on the 31st of october in 2019. It takes a lot of money to restore it and it takes a lot of time, but in a metaverse starting in spring 2022, theyre going to hold virtual offense on the ground and youll be able to participate in festivals and in music.

That wouldnt have been done for years in real life, its going to let people from all around the world enjoy the unique architecture and culture its just pretty amazing that all of that will happen among the inside the walls of walls that basically dont exist today. How cool is that? I think this is wonderful. It really touches my heart because i know it was a huge, huge loss for not only the country but most especially for the people of okinawa, just a great loss and the fact that its going to be able to be enjoyed through a metaverse. I think it is very cool, and here we have macys um the theyre, a department store here in the united states. They will celebrate its uh 95th year of having a thanksgiving parade. This thursday and theyre going to launch their first nft series to celebrate, and i want to show you also an nft on open c. That is pretty fun. This is one of the 22 trading cards, im number 18. That is in this set, and i just think its really fun. Never in a million years did i ever think that i would find myself in the form of an nft being sold as a set, as in in a trading card series. Only 22 are available and uh its pretty fun stuff. If i show you the uh full version there, it is there. Oh, how fun is that i just didnt i just it just is never imagined.

All right were going to look at this article here. Im really happy to have seen it published by anjali giant because uh we dont always get the well rounded videos in the media. Xrp prices suppressed due to sec lawsuits lawsuits, strong fundamentals, driving interest. What this is is an article that covers my joining on the on chain analysis group sentiment. Just two days ago we talked about xrp, ada, gala and brian and dino showed me how the daily active addresses on the xrp ledger have had an 11 x in growth. Over the past six months, this is higher than any other top cap coin. Well, there is a lot going on, despite the lawsuit which i want to tell everybody will eventually end and that suppressed price is not forever, but you can see that xrp is just moving and grooving with nfts weve got songbird, we have airdrops, there is odl growth, Theres, the creators fund, there is just a lot happening and anjali jain. Thank you so much for writing this article, all right, jumping to an article that was sent to me from xrp australia. This is in protocol and it is about uh well a lot of uh opposition coming by the way of many many people in the crypto space against gensler. This was presented by the mastercard developers and it is really an offensive move of anti gensler comments and recent horowitz thinks that the sec is outdated. Weve got coinbase wanting a brand new digital asset regulator.

Ripple is pushing for the cftc, the commodities futures trading commission to play a bigger role and theres a veteran legal observer in the silicon valley that teaches at the santa clara university who says that the lobbying offensive is unprecedented, but gensler is not backing down. He has warm buddies still in congress, and, most notably one of those buddies, is senator elizabeth warren. The two of them make a very strong alliance against crypto companies who want to switch the referee in the middle of the game but ill tell you. We just dont quit fighting, remember john deaton, the attorney whos, giving us a voice in the ripple sec versus or the sec versus ripple lawsuit has the link to be able to continually bring your communication to the representatives from your state, and you want to take advantage Of that, by telling your story giving your concerns – and i think filling out that form more than once is perfectly okay – all right lets jump to this fireside chat with jed and danelle. It was uploaded on the 19th of november and it was where theyre trying to dispel the rumor that stellar is a fork of ripple. So i want to play this for you. Let me make sure ive got everything in place all right here we go. Okay, i have this new section im going to start questions here. I want to uh im, calling it misunderstandings and misconceptions, so i want to hit on some things that come up now and again and that people just either are confused about or dont really like fully understand so jed.

I dont know where this rumor ever came from or originated. Maybe you know, but its definitely stick around. Can you set the record straight? Is stellar a fourth of ripple um, no, its, not a pokeball. I mean obviously theyre theyre somewhere at a high level. When you describe them to somebody, they sound very similar uh, you know im, seven handed both of them, so you know the code is totally different. The consensus algorithm is totally different. Um yeah theres two totally different networks at this point so yeah. Thank you. Thank you. For showing the record straight hope, everyone heard that one, not a four okay, all right now, the second i think, theres a lot of people. Matt hang on matt, hang money youre coming youre coming, but not not. Quite yet now were going to listen to danelle shes. Talking about moneygram and uh, this is this is interesting. As we all know, moneygram was working with ripple, but when the lawsuit came uh that relationship with their um moving forward with xrp was paused and uh. Now it looks as though they are doing a pilot with stellar. So here we go listen to this portion. How soon were partnerships like circle, moneygram and the likes be open for every wallet to integrate yeah thats? A great question i mean circle is like you: can integrate within use utilize usdc now, like anybody can do it uh. You know you just have to use the circle apis and then, in terms of the moneygram stay tuned right like i am so excited to get moneygram out there as soon as we like, the pilot is going to help us to determine like where are the other Bugs and or features that we didnt know about that.

We want to be able to get through and then once we get it out there to the world. The whole point is: if your wallet is stellarized or stellar enabled you should just be able to get into the process, so thats the the value of the global network that we have. That could be able to do that, so stay tuned, hopefully really soon. Okay, so, hopefully, really soon theyre going to do that pilot and now were going to listen to matt, who is just an angel fighting the good fight in making sure that the misconceptions about the company ripple and the digital asset xrp are straightened out its this job Is never never done and he just has patience that i uh completely am amazed by and do we not always hear this nervous laugh when there are discussions about ripple and xrp, and this video had a lot of those okay were going to listen to just one Minute and 56 seconds here, but it is its rich matt – is good. Here we go, i think, theres a lot of people that think that you know they call. You know xrp the banker coin right if you call xrp the bank of coin that bitcoins the drug dealer point right, because i mean you know: theres no theres, theres, no difference right banks using some banks choose xrp um. I would actually probably hazard a guess that theres, as a percentage of total supply, more bitcoin, is held by banks than xrp is held by banks at this exact public time right.

So perhaps you know, i dont know exactly its a gut feeling. I i wouldnt know how, to you know a very difficult qualifier, but you know you, you see the the bitcoin community jump up and down every time you know sailor buy some more bitcoin or another etf comes out or another bank lies in the bitcoin. Yet, for some reason they deem xrd as the banker coin right so theres theres, some stereotype theres. A lot of i think double standards being applied. There theres a lot of people that think that xrp is centralized. So the xrp ledger is centralized thats, simply not true. Theres, no central authority, uh ripple owned and operated about five percent of the nodes on the xrp ledger. Uh, the xp ledger is not proof of stake, so the amount of xrb so whilst ripple do hold a large amount of xrp that doesnt give them any power. On the xrb ledger in, in fact, if the community decided to the community could actually vote an amendment on the exotic ledger that would effectively burn ripples, xrp right, so the community could decide to effectively. You know right. They think that its probably better that ripple has the xrp, because they are a good person and they have been doing. You know good work with xrp now stella went through a similar thing and stella burned 50 of their supply, and it hasnt really helped stella right. If youre in it for the price – and you think that its going to increase the price – well, it hasnt increased the price of stella right.

So why would you do the same thing with xrp? I dont think it would be any different yep. Why would you do it with xrp? Definitely did not help the price of stellar all right. We are going to jump to a little fluff and this is uh. This is interesting. This got a really interesting back story. You might recognize these two young guys and they are giving the peace sign, which is flipped the wrong way, but we wont concentrate too much on that. I want to tell you where this came from, because it did originate from japan. No, it didnt necessarily start with photographs from world war ii, when winston churchill gave the victory sign and it wasnt either. The peace sign that jane fonda flashed in 1971 when she was giving her silent communication through the very symbolic trying to to give a message against the vietnam war. No, it was all about the olympics that took place in sapporo in 1972. This is peggy fleming, and this is janet lynn. Peggy received a gold medal in figure skating and janet lynn, a bronze. But what happened is that when she was practicing, she actually fell and she just smiled and flashed a peace sign to the photographers and she ended up on the front page of the sahih shimbun. But also she was flashing, the peace sign all throughout her stay and was being caught by a lot of the media. Doing this and the japanese interpreted the peace sign as that, even though she got a bronze and even though she fell during her um during her free skate, she still felt like she was victorious and they interpreted this as the victory sign, but in actuality in 1972.

This was very much part of the protest. The silent protest against the war in vietnam and she was at that time, very, very vocal about about being being against the war, so it just wasnt a misinterpretation and after it was picked up on the front page of the asahi newspaper, all the young girls in Japan started to do this when their photograph was taken, and now, if you go to japan all these years later, it doesnt matter. If you are young or old, or a bro boy or a girl youre going to see everybody flashing, the peace sign when they get their photograph taken, and so you just want to know, though, if you want to do it correctly, you have to turn your hands Around and do it like this, that is maybe what i would say the correct way all right.