This video were going to be talking about why you need to buy eth before the date were going to mention this video, because eth is about to become hyper deflationary and you dont want to miss out on these insane gains. Well be talking about towards the end of the video stay tuned, whats up everyone randall here from crypto love, todays video were talking about why you need to make sure you own eth before this date we are talking about and some insane gains that are predicted for Ethereum by some of the biggest people in the industry now before we get into it, guys make sure to like subscribe click. The notification bell also come join us over on twitter at the crypto love where every week we give away one of these sweet shirts, and if you head over to dot money, the ultrasound awakening, you can track eth to becoming ultrasound hyper deflationary. As a matter of fact, over the past 106 days, 961 thousand 732 eats have been burned now. This is something that not a lot of people are focusing on, because right now, people are focusing on nfts theyre, focusing on metaverse theyre, focusing on gaming theyre focusing on defy. But if we take a look at the burn leader board, look at whats happening from these crazes that are built on top of each. We have the nft craze on top of each guess. What open sea has already burned? 106 000 each.

We have transfers 93. 000. We have uniswap people just buying ethan eath tokens 88 000.. Not only that, but we have people using metamask swap router. 21 000. We have people gaming on axey, infinity, 15 000. Other swaps. We have shiba inu itself, just nine thousand strong block nine thousand as well, and because of all this eth is getting burned up. As a matter of fact, we can actually take a look and we can project the supply to see when eth will actually become ultra sound, and if we take a look at it right here, well, potentially could be around the state. You see, i was doing some research now. The actual date of eath going to eat 2.0 is unknown, could be anywhere from january to june, but this article right here was saying, with 10 million each staked at an average gas price of 20 grey. The total supply of eth will flattened a 119.3 million, and inflation should stop around february 2nd 2022 and go deflationary at that point now that in itself just speculation, nobody knows not even metallic, i doubt, but this date right here – 2. 2. 2. 2 for eth 2.0. I mean it makes sense. It would be like what a coincidence and not only that, because also coming up in the beginning of the year january february march, we have a ton of hedge funds that are going to be entering the cryptocurrency markets with new money that they have theyve been working.

A long time to get this money allocated so they can put it into cryptocurrencies in the beginning of the year, ethereum being one of the most popular ones that they can put it in now. Those things combine saying that hey this date here february, 2nd 2022, could very well be a day worth paying attention to, but thats all speculation lets actually take a look at the data on chain for whats, going on with eth and see some realistic price predictions for Where each could head first thing, if we take a look at the daily eath supply chain, in fact, on a total of 15 days since early september, eath has been deflationary. Its all ready deflationary were not waiting until next year. Its already happening 15 days already its been deflationary where more supply was burned than issued. We could see an acceleration of this trend if the burn rate continues to increase over time as people get more into nfts and defy and gaming guess what the burn rate goes up. Eath becomes more deflationary. If we take a look at the issued, versing circulating each supply, look at this the issued supply. This green line straight line hasnt changed. But if we take a look here, the circulating supply has definitely changed trajectory its actually flattening out to where its about to turn down. And if we take a look here, the eath network is close to reaching a total of one million burned eath, since the london hard fork today its worth about a billion usd.

So if we take a look at the burn supply going straight up, if we take a look at the price going down, here is a divergence between the supply burned and the price. Well, generally, divergences tend to catch up, and this little pickup in the price right here might go back to reflecting, because if we take a look here all the time, this was going up. If price was pretty much going up somewhat slowly there, and then it dropped again and picked up a lot more quickly and then a little bit of a drop, probably like what we saw back here in september. Before again, it picks up steam, because the market is the most illiquid it has been in several years with the most detention its ever had. Nfts are exploding burning, billions of dollars worth of eth. At the same time, layer two networks are beginning to flourish. Remind me: why are people bearish if we take a look at the balance on all exchanges, has never been this low? You cant get ethereum anymore theres, going to be a day when you just cant get ethereum anymore. However, we see the price going up really not taking up that much, which brings us to some price prediction models: ralph paul for a long time. This is from january. So a while back but hes been saying, hey the ethereum is tracking what bitcoin did four years ago, basically tracking it to a t and, as a matter of fact more recently, he was saying the same exact thing: where ethereum ticked down exactly like bitcoin did i Mean the white is bitcoin, the blue is ethereum.

You can see, it follows pretty much exactly. He called the price drop hes. Calling a 300 rally potentially could very well happen, and this log chart here is showing a huge upside potential for aetherium, potentially up to 40 000. This cycle thats insane a 10x from where we are right now still possible on east. I know some of you want faster games, but this is like 10x, pretty much very, very limited risk now. That being said, thats reasonable, reasonable gains to expect but unreasonable gains to expect. I want to go over this one article right here. I highly suggest you read this article. Yes, i read the white paper by arthur hayes and if you scroll down here, he takes a look. He basically goes over the banking system, how its like a messed up system. It doesnt really work anymore kind of like how blockbuster video doesnt really work for movie rentals anymore. Well, he talks about all the money thats going to banking fees and different things like that. He talks about how ethereum pretty much solves all of that and if ethereum lets assume that ethereum can capture some of the percentage of the five year. Earnings of banks and the big four audit firms now thats an assumption, but lets assume with just some numbers that it could capture some of that. Well right now, if it captured point one percent, not even one percent, a tenth of one percent well thatd, be a four thousand eighth, where we are right now, but thats like thats, it barely anything thats, a thousandth of the money guys did netflix capture a thousandth Of blockbusters market cap, no, it captured a hundred percent.

Now a hundred percent may be realistic, but ridiculous, but lets say ten percent realistic, ten percent well, four hundred and five thousand dollar each and mind you guys this was before eath became deflationary. This article was published before eip 1559 was passed, so it was not calculating any of the deflationary nature of ethereum that we talked about previously, and i just wanted to say: netflix took over all of blockbusters business. There is a possibility. It could be crazy, but its certainly possible that ethereum could take over all of the money from the banks and the top four audit firms. If that happened, a four million dollar eth, not even counting deflationary nature, so guys.