I want to just quickly educate you on something that you know some people have experienced and i think you need to seriously be aware of it and you know, were talking about scams. You know, kryptos pumping people are getting excited, people are making gains and some people might be getting scams like. I want to really try and stop that happening to you. If it sounds interesting, please drop that, like give me a subscribe if youre watching before i dive into this as well, i need to let you know: im, not a financial advisor. These are just my own personal opinions on the market. Please do your favorite research before you invest your money gon na try and do this quick. One of my patrons recently got caught up with an exploit or scam whatever you want to call it, and it was to do with going on to poo coins. Now, when you come on poo coins, poo coins is a place where you can look at uh charts. You can see what prices are doing and stuff. This is not a scam. This is simply a platform where you can trade, just like your pancakes swaps and everything else. But if you look on the side here, you can have your wallet address and and on your wallet address, it usually shows other coins and you may come across coins that show website things like this swap7.org blah blah blah blah. These are where the scams happen, because you see your coins, you see the prices of what coins you have and then you might click on this thinking.

Oh ive got loads of money just sent to me now you have to think to yourself. Would anyone ever send you? You know i clicked on this swap7.org it opens up like this. It says i have a huge amount of these tokens and it also says its worth. 23. 000. Almost 24 000 dollars. Now you got ta say to yourself. Why would anyone send you twenty four thousand dollars just saying you know, why would anyone do that? You can click trade well, this ones not active right now, but theres. Many like this and youre gon na see them. If you connect your wallet and you scroll down, i think guys you, no one would send you 27. 000, if you didnt physically yourself. Do your research to invest into that coin? In the first place, its likely, if someones sending you it its a scam because you didnt physically go on, let me check in there yeah thats cool 8p or whatever it is that youre, looking for and uh yeah ill. Invest in that, if you didnt do that and you magically see coins there guys its likely a scam, please be careful, because what they try to do is fish. They fish for your personal info, your private keys, your seeds and i bring you to this pancake because pancake swap has also been experiencing phishing scans, where people make fake websites to look just like pancake, swap they tell you to connect your wallet and when you connect Your wallet it asks you to put your private key seed in guys.

Please never ever ever put your private seed keys into any of these sites. Please dont do it. This is why i use a ledger because, with a ledger, its the safest way, the keys are offline and never stored online. I have no reason to put my private keys on any website at any single time with this ledger. If i ever come across a site – and it tells me to put my privacy keys or c keys in and i scan, if im going to a website where they send – ah, i can claim 27 000 pounds or whatever it is, but its saying that theres an Impact fee and the fee is stupidly, high im just gon na ignore it, because why is the impact fee so high its not high like that on pancakes? Well, why is it high on yours? I dont trust it and thats. What youve got to be youve got to be really aware of these scams, and i want to make sure, because you know new people are coming into the space new people watching my channel many other crypto channels, and i dont know if theyre educating you, but i Want to make sure youre prepared for this things like metamask. If you have a metamask, if you dont have a ledger, because i always say get yourself a ledger, but if you dont have one, when you first set up metamask, they give you a wallet, see luna private, key and thats these these words, these wallet seeds, you Can see them here, youre supposed to write that down with a piece of paper some people copy and paste it and you know, put it into your emails.

I wouldnt do that. Put it into your. You know your documents, i wouldnt do that. I would physically write it down even still like i dont like doing this just like here, because because its you know youre connected to the internet. You dont know right now, if someones watching your uh, your laptop or your your pc or your phone, whatever youre doing it on you, dont know if its being watched right now, so just that alone. The fact that you can see on the screen means other people could see it again with the ledger. No one can see it, so i might drop a link to the ledger if you want to grab one, because this seriously is the safest way, because you can connect your ledger to the meta mask and you know you dont have to worry about private seeds and Whatnot, it may still ask you to set up a privacy, but you dont need that you can just you know, ignore it and because thats just for the the one that they give you right, but once you connect your hardware wallet to it, all your seeds are On your ledger, so just be prepared guys for whats happening right now, cryptos, looking good everyones getting excited, people are making nice gains, but please dont fall for this stuff, be prepared, be aware of whats going on and how moneys been taken from people from these silly Scams and just try and stay on top of it.

Okay, um again, if you didnt, buy something yourself. If you didnt physically do the research, you know then obviously thats not uh money, thats. Rightfully yours thats someone trying to scam you out of your money and they do it by doing the high impact fees, theyre going up were just charging four thousand pounds or two thousand dollars to receive 20 grand back so im gon na leave. It here super quick, super simple, just wanted to educate you on that. If it was helpful to you, please drop that like give me subscribe if youre new, watching. Thank you for watching pick up your. If you want to pick up my patreon talking too fast, i have some tears. Take your pick. I recommend i think theyve got it up. Where is it here? I recommend my exclusive vip partners here, because that one will give you my exclusive buy, sell stake alerts. You see it all, let me open it and scroll down here, real quick, so you can see this one here, my exclusive vip partners here you can see all my posts, you click on the post and you can see it all. Okay, if you want a little bit more go for my ceo partners here, uh this one – oh, i cant even find it. I havent got it up. It gives you my super alerts. Let me find that i need to get it up. Let me just grab it hold on uh super lots.

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