We look for gold in every single aspect of our lives and we always find it now today were gon na start with altcoins. Instead of starting with bitcoin, i think this is a good uh way to start. Definitely people want to hear more about all coins, but i want to start off with some of the best motivation ever okay, this sentence right here. We need to talk about this sentence. Okay, because this is going to burst your motivation or its gon na blast, your motivation off so lets start. The video with some motivation make sure you drop a like. Also, this motivation is coming straight from my twitter, so if you also want a fountain of motivation, go follow the twitter right there take a look at this always keep in mind. That 1 000 is only 10 doubles away from 1 million yeah. You heard that right watch this 1000 times two thats one double times two times two times two times two times two times two times two times two times: two: okay, now youre a millionaire, so you would only do you guys know how frequent doubles and 2xs are In crypto its so frequent, you double your money all the time in crypto, so if you can only hit it like this, this is easier said than done, but that shows you how close that actually is just that millionaire title right. It is so close. Just some motivation to start off the video man, because that that blew my mind when i was when i was told that im like oh wow, okay, what have i been doing wrong? Because this seems easy? Okay, but lets get into it.

59. 000. Bitcoin make sure you drop a like on the video if you want to become a crypto millionaire, because there should be 30 bajillion likes uh. Here we go bitcoin 59, 000, ethereum, 43, 000, so whole market whole market. Going like this pushing up the whole market is pushing up again the crypto bubbles, man, all green, all green. I love how i kind of popularized this method of looking at the charts uh. I see a lot of tons of people using this on tick tock on youtube. I love it. This is my favorite way to visualize. Look at crows, quiet build all the way to 70 cents. Are you serious take a look at take? A look at cro were going to talk all coins. Then we got some important, important, bitcoin stuff and some more stuff, so stay tuned, cro 70 cents, its gon na get to a dollar its gon na get to a dollar um wow thats. My my manifestation completed right from back in february or where, whenever that video was, i said, 70 cents um and i said it was gon na get to a dollar that is insane manifestation complete. We also have lets check out um self key. Take a look at self key ive been holding this forever, like ive, been holding this forever its up 83. So if anyones been following that on the self key wave, we just absolutely mooned yesterday, it looks like – and i didnt catch that, but we we just went all the way to two four two.

Four right there volume is up twenty five hundred percent in 24 hours. Um, okay, thats kind of insane. We also have radix that is killing it. I love these little small gems that i got into pretty late, but theyve still pumped um as for radix. If youre thinking about getting in it now just wait for the wait for a big correction like this one. You could have picked up at 38 cents uh. That was a recent one a couple days ago, another recent one 41 cents. This still has a long way to grow same with self key wait for a big correction, because obviously this is a brick wall chart thats. What i call it brick wall chart its gon na come back down. Okay, we can also talk about hero so right here we dont have much data to work with, but this is the four hour hero chart on kucoin. We could see this is when my tick tock videos went out and those tick tock videos both of them – have one million views each of them right. So we brought a lot of attention to meta hero and a lot of people caught on that. This is one of the strongest uh metaverse coins that wasnt really included in the pump, and then we came all the way down and now were pumping a little bit back up were at 11 cents, and we have a nice update im going to save you.

The time of watching this 10 minute video, you can watch it still. He has. He has a lot of if you want to see how the ceo talks and how he is about his project. But these are my notes on it. The business models changing they pay. You to scan you, instead of you paying for the scam, go theyre going to try to scan a hundred thousand people next year. Theyre gon na pay a thousand dollars to each person who actually gives the consent to use their scan. They dont want the blocky weirdo metaverse. They want great graphics uh. This is like what facebook does with your data, but with your scans. Okay, staking mechanism is coming and you can make passive income actually off, giving them the rights to your scan, because, if thats used in a game, youre gon na get a payment in hero token, of course, my favorite part about this coin is everything is done in Hero token so theres the altcoin update, we also got xyo doing an exclusive campaign with crypto.com xyo has ramped up their marketing and uh. I was looking at if it can become a one dollar coin, because that is the the dream right. So, first for xyo to become a one dollar coin. It would have to sit right up here between algorand and chain link. Is it possible? Yes, i dont know if its gon na happen this cycle. That would be absurd.

Okay, btc, okay. We see this thing once again trying to get above trying to get above this uh. This sixty thousand, like we bounced off of it right here, were trying to get back above that sixty thousand were still above the bull market support band, obviously um. But let me check on the one hour we can see. The one hour looks messy messy messy messy for bitcoin. Look at this. This is all messy. We got money flowed going into the green right now, so it could be some long opportunities or something uh, but it is sunday so keep in mind. The weekly close as we can see down here, the weekly close, is in about uh eight hours, so eight hours until the weekly close so whats going to happen. Usually, during the weekly close people try to push it up to a certain amount or drop it down to a certain amount, its a big battle in the last hour, if you ever watch it like, if you have an hour to burn just watch the last hour Of a weekly close, its pretty cool because youll see like a pretty volatile battle, we have stochastic rsi and rsi um above the 60 line, heading up heading up into the uh oversold or sorry. The overbought territory here like this is just messy. Like you see red and green dots everywhere on the one hour right, if we zoom out to the 12 hour, it looks a little bit less messy um, but man bitcoin is just in a weird weird position.

Right now, its in a weird position. I ho im hoping we can pump back up heres your official warning right here when we pump back up. Ive said this before when we pump back up 70k 69k. If we even attempt that 69k level and all the all coins follow, im gon na be exiting the market, meaning like taking a lot of profit, not completely exiting the market, i dont think, and i will obviously let you guys know, probably if i do that right. Im just warning you now like you, have to actually get the mental toughness to leave this because we are going to have some kind of crazy crash like thats gon na happen, um and im not trying to be wrecked by that. Moving on, we have crypto senorita crypto total market cap. I see big moves. Coming. Look at this just like a rainbow arc going right here, starting from 2015 on the total market cap. She sees it bouncing off this level right here, man thats insane. I, like those macro heres another macro, chart ethereum on the weekly perfectly retested its cup and handle. This is from matthew, island breakout zone on the weekly time frame, so we can see pretty clean cup, definitely clean handle and its retested. It right here its retested, the top of the cup uh, that is, that is pretty insane right there. So i mean ethereum, im still confident on 8 to 10k ethereum, actually yeah yeah 8 to 10k ethereum actually 6 to 10k ethereum.

I think i think there needs to be a bigger leeway right there. Another tech dev chart im realizing these tech. Dev charts are kind of like a religion or like a brainwashing uh echo chamber, but it is the best echo chamber to be in because this gives you a lot of just opium almost. But this is just all facts. Look at this 2017 and 2021 on the eight hour chart. We can see that were five days ahead, but look at this. This is like the exact same stuff playing out. This is like the exact same stuff. Man – and we know bitcoins price – is all algorithmically like that thing is controlled dude. So look at this exact same pattern. 2021 continues to run five to eight days behind. Oh sorry, behind 2017 since july super interesting another tech, dev tweet right here i am bullish because every historically validated signal i have seen says that were in a bull market. When i see one that says otherwise ill turn, bearish drops alone, dont count their prima their. Yet their primary reason most dont make it to the top. That is absolute facts right there. All of the all of the macro indicators are saying still bull market. Look at this. This is from rum of the horse, and this is hes saying that uh hbar has 14 more governing council members to be announced heres all the announcement dates that theyve already done right. They have 14 more 14 more so that those are gon na.

Come quick at the end of the year, i think i dont know. Maybe those extend because remember like people get rotated or companies get rotated off the governing council uh like every three years. I think it was or two so gabor girpax says the top 20 coins on june 2 uh 30.. This was in the telegram group. Look at this man. These coins, like you, cant, even recognize any of these. This is what will happen to the meme coins. They will get phased out. All of these are gone except bitcoin and litecoin theres, even a coin called meme coin at the bottom, phased out, fray coin, what the heck is barbecue coin world coin. This is all got phased out in a period of like eight years or something okay, thats, most likely whats going to happen to the meme coins. We got charlie, saying uh showing the: u uh the global inflation rates. We can see that uh usa is at 6.2 percent right here. Look at these, though mexico, russia, eight percent turkey, twenty percent, venezuela, one thousand five hundred percent, so very interesting right. There global inflation rates. Oh somebody added bitcoin here or something bitcoin nano. Oh my goodness! Look at these people in the comments trying to like talk up their coin. Thats crazy, jp morgan agrees to pay 60 million to settle a massive class action, lawsuit jp morgan. All this always happens, theyre, manipulating the prices of pressure, precious metals and futures and options.

This always happens. Look it up. Theyve been manipulating the market for years. They just pay the fines and keep it moving its the dumbest thing ive ever seen in my life. They pay the fines and keep it moving. Once you once youre of this stature of wealth, you just go through the rules. You just break the rules and then pay the fine. Now el salvador is creating a bitcoin city, using 500 million of planned 1 billion bond, offering to buy more crypto theyre building the uh so heres the theres, the announcement video heres, the announcement. Video look at this who, like what is this guy dude hes like turned into just a bitcoin influencer? I dont, know man, i love this. I love it but come on bitcoin city. Look bitcoin city, like i dont, know man. This is weird stuff, but who well? Who said that this was gon na happen? Look my video! Nine months ago, i said bitcoin only countries bitcoin only countries. I went for countries theyre going for a city very interesting right there. That is the daily market, update reminder when this market pushes back up. I think itll be that final. That final push, so if i got to get my mental strength together to be ab to actually be able to take money out of this right, looking at your portfolio sitting at a high number, thats unrealized gains, those could go to 50 dollars in a second, like Literally in like a couple minutes in crypto right, so you got to really think about that.

How youre going to do that, like i realized, like the diamond hand, thing is actually very toxic, like its pretty bad for you, except if youre, holding something like xrp or hbar or quant right, but the rest of it. Dude get rid of it at the top and and stack a big bag of usdc right and put that back in in the next bear market and do the double strategy like the next bull market. All im gon na be looking for. Is that double strategy on a bigger scale, though right like what, if you could use fifty thousand, what if you could use a hundred thousand and do that doubling strategy? Thats, all i must say to end the video off make sure you drop a like. Follow me on twitter right there. My username make sure you spell it correctly.